How To Last Longer – 8 Simple Tips For You To Try


It is always one of those frustrating things in life. Fun moments are always short. This is applicable to most men who always wish they can always last longer in bed. Use the following tips to improve your sexual endurance and overcome premature ejaculation.


(1)   Masturbation training for ejaculation control


You masturbate without your mind thinking about how to last longer. When you are quite near to the point where you think you are going to ejaculate, you stop for at least 15 seconds to cool yourself down. You do this start-and-stop motion for a few times in each masturbation session gradually increasing this to 6 times in subsequent sessions. Initially you may lose control and in this case do not make any attempt to stop ejaculation. This needs a bit of patience and practice and therefore do not let this initial loss of control to discourage you. The main objective of this masturbation practice is to control your sexual response.


(2)   Squeeze to cool down yourself


There is an area which is below the tip and on the underside of the male genitals which is very sensitive to sexual stimulation. When you feel you are about to let go, you apply direct pressure on this area to push blood out of your sexual organ and momentarily repress the ejaculatory response.


(3)   Give your scrotum a gentle pull


The squeeze technique can be quite disruptive because you need to pull out after penetration. A way to overcome this is by pulling your scrotum (the pouch of skin enclosing the testicles) away from the body. You can do this by yourself or you can get your partner to do it gently. This pulling action can cool you down and gain you extra time in bed.


(4)   Use Kegel exercises for training PC muscles


A Kegel is an exercise that helps to tighten PC muscles. PC muscles also known as pelvic floor muscles, is actually a group of muscles that support the pelvic floor and surround the internal genitals. These muscles are involved in urination and ejaculation control. When you stop half-way when peeing, you are using your PC muscles. You can train your PC muscles by cutting off the flow of urine and then starting and stopping it repeatedly.


(5)   Make her orgasm first


It helps a lot to distract yourself from the worries over premature ejaculation by focusing instead on spending time and effort to pleasure your partner. This means devoting about up to 15 minutes on foreplay to get her properly aroused and stimulated before penetration. The most effective method is to stimulate her clitoris using your hand, mouth and tongue. For a woman, sexual satisfaction is not about how long you last inside her. As long as she receives her orgasm, the amount of time you spend penetrating her does not matter at all.


(6)   Go for the second round


It may be due to certain temporary psychological factors that you let go too early in the first round of lovemaking. Rather than tormenting yourself on your performance, it will be more constructive to shrug off this disappointment to go for the second round if time allows both of you. You continue with your foreplay on her until both of you get equally aroused. You should be able to last longer than the first time.


(7)   Shallow penetration


You press the tip of your “little brother” against her clitoris and remain at the vaginal entrance. This can arouse her much faster because her entrance is where the most sensitive nerve endings are located. You do shallow penetrations of 2 to 3 inches inside her vagina. As long as you do not trust too vigorously, you should be able to last longer.


(8)   Let her ride on you


This is the best sexual position to help you last longer. If she is on top (facing you or facing away), you should be more relaxed and less stimulated than the normal missionary position. You get her to go slowly because fast thrusting can hurt a man’s sexual stamina.


Learning to control premature ejaculation without the use of drugs or desensitizers involves greater understanding of your sexual responses and learning to cool yourself down to extend your fun moments in bed. For more ideas on how to improve your sex life, you can click on Last Longer and Extended Pleasure.

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How To Avoid Premature Ejaculation – Are These 5 Myths Spoiling Your Endurance In Bedroom?

Have you ever wished that you could have lasted a bit longer to allow her to climax 1st? If you have this thinking, you are not alone because about 30-40% of men at certain times in their lives are faced with this occasional embarrassment of “game over” so soon in bed. The 1ststep to solve your own case of “coming too quickly” is to identify the myths of premature ejaculation (PE).


(1)   PE is an incurable disease


PE is not a disease or illness. Research is ongoing in trying to ascertain the real causes. However it is often considered to be the result of psychological issues, rather than physical ones. The good news is it can be curable without the use of drugs. What you need is patience and discipline because you cannot see immediate results. The way to treat PE includes a natural, time-tested training routine that conditions your body to withstand sexual stimulation and prolong your ejaculation.


(2)   If I try to distract myself into non-sexual matters, I can last longer


The best way in managing your ejaculation is to pay closer attention to your body. Try to distract yourself into other things may work for some people but it is not the best solution because it denies you the pleasure of enjoying sex. All you need is some practice to allow you to both experience full sexual pleasure and control ejaculation.


(3)   Some men have this in-born capability to control ejaculation while others do not have


No one is born to have some special capability to control ejaculation. They appear to have this is probably due to their early masturbating experiences and sexual experiences with certain partners that allow them to have greater awareness in how they can control their ejaculation. What is needed here is greater knowledge of own sexual responses and how to train your body to cool down slightly when about to reach climax in order to prolong the lovemaking time.


(4)   If you “release” a few minutes after entering, you are suffering from premature ejaculation


A lot of people based their definitions of PE based on a certain limit which can range from 30 seconds to 2 minutes after penetration or in some cases even before entering. Whereas others within a period too soon for them to satisfy themselves or their partners believe they have PE problems. As can be seen here this is quite subjective because PE may mean different thing to different people. The question here – is lasting longer always better, last longer for you or for your partner, which part of the lovemaking you want it longer? In fact, spending too long time up to 30 minutes inside her can cause pain to your partner. If your motive is to pleasure her, you only need to last just long enough for her to feel sexually fulfilled. Most women will not care how long you can last once they have their orgasm.


(5)   Taking pill is probably the best way to treat PE


There is a recently approved prescription drug called Priligy which works by increasing the serotonin level, a chemical that inhibits ejaculation. This allows men to better control the timing of ejaculation. This drug only relieves the symptom but does not cure it. At best, it provides a temporary quick fix without addressing the underlying psychological causes of PE. Getting into the habit of using drug besides enriching the drug manufacturers and hurting yourself financially also fosters drug dependency on your part. Behavioral methods to treat PE by working on the mental triggers of ejaculation are very effective. They have the benefits of allowing you to have better understanding of your own sexual response and to get you to look deeper into your sexual desires and motivations as well as helping you to tune in to these desire and wish.


I have listed out the myths of PE and if you need more inspiring ideas to jump-start your sex life, you can click on Last Long and Cure Premature Ejaculation.

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