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How to please a girl and turn her on in bed? What do women want in bed? How to be a great lover to women? You may have heard about women being hard to please. Not all women are the same in bed and some are more difficult to satisfy than others. Well, have no worries; there are still some universal ways to please women. So, below here are some suggestions to improve your seduction power with women that can make dramatic changes to your sex life.


Be Sexually Confident


Women like men who know what they are doing and the best way to be sexually confident is to be knowledgeable and relaxed. Do not be overly anxious to please her. Instead of getting anxious about sex, you should bear in mind that this is a completely normal part of the relationship. So, you just stay relaxed and go with the flow.


Next you need to understand what sexuality is all about. This means you need to understand what really pleases a woman. If you can understand how and when to push her ‘hot buttons’, it will be very much easier to be a great lover and turn her on.


So, you should read up on sexuality topics such as how to give her oral sex, how to give her g-spot orgasm and clitoral orgasm, how to give her multiple orgasms and so on because once you have mastered these skills, she will want to have sex with you more often.


The next thing that you need to learn in order to be sexually confident is to delay your personal sexual gratification. What you should do is to give her multiple orgasm or at least one orgasm first before you have your own climax. In this way, you will be transformed into a great seductive lover.


In order to display sexually confidence, you also need to be sexually aggressive and not to be too timid. You have to take the initiative or to take control when having sex. This is a classic display of your male masculinity. Women love guys who are in command in the bedroom when having sex and this can turn them on like crazy.


Touch Her The Right Way


You can turn a girl on slowly by touching. Don’t just ram a finger inside her or go straight for her clitoris. If she is not yet fully aroused, touching her clitoris can be far too sensitive for her. Therefore, you should start at the top by softly kissing her lips and then going down to her neck. You hold her arm in your hand and kiss her from her shoulder all the way down to her hand. Kiss anywhere on those bendable body parts – neck, elbow, waist, bikini creases, etc. These spots tend to be highly sensitive to touch.


You can heighten the sense of your touch by blindfolding her. You then kiss on the unexpected spots, like her knees, her ears, or the inside of her wrists. Because she does not know where your lips will land next, her body will be in a state of constant anticipation.


Before you move to her lower body, make sure you trim your fingernails because the area around a woman’s vagina is very sensitive. It will be good if you can apply some amount of water-based lubricant on your hands to help them glide over her sweet spots.


You start by gently pressing both of the outer vaginal lip together and massaging the entire area with your fingertips. This will indirectly stimulate the clitoris which should be very pleasurable for her.


Next, you turn your attention to the inner vaginal lip and massage it, along with the outer lip and gradually apply more pressure. Feel free to use the different parts of your hand such as the fingertips or the side of the hand. You can also massage the whole vaginal area by using your palm or fingers to press on it. When her vagina begins to swell and deepen in color, she is aroused.


Once she is aroused, you can start with more targeted stimulation. Put your fingers at just above the clitoral hood and you either move your fingers in a circular or side-to-side motion depending on her preference. Build this up slowly for the start. As she gets quite highly aroused, you can slide one finger about 2 inches inside her. Continue to use your thumb to stimulate the clitoris while you curl your inserted finger towards the frontal wall of the vagina and massage the g-spot.


As ever, communication and feedback is very important, so you should take notice of both verbal and non-verbal cues. If her belly is rising and falling faster than usual, or she raises her hips and pushes into your hand, it is a clear sign she is enjoying your touch. Ask her if what you are doing feels good, ask for direction or even have her shown you what she likes.


These tips covered here are by no means exhaustive. But they should give you a good start to turn her on. You can continue your reading at Hot Sex and Make Her Orgasm

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8 Premature Ejaculation Treatments


Am I ejaculating too fast? How to last longer in bed to please her? Have you been asking yourself similar questions lately? If you do, there is nothing to be ashamed about. Premature ejaculation happens to almost 40% of men at some stage of their lives. Do you want to do what you can to prevent this from affecting your sex life? Keep reading as I discuss the ways to improve sexual stamina.


(1)   Using start-and-stop masturbation technique to control ejaculation


You can learn to control ejaculation like the way to control urination. One of the ways to overcome premature ejaculation is by mastering the start-and-stop masturbation technique. You stimulate yourself close to the point of no return and when you feel you are about to let go, you stop for 15 seconds before you resume your hand job. During subsequent sessions, you gradually increase the number of stops to 6 per session.


(2)   You squeeze the tip of your manhood


The area below the head of your “little brother” is one of the most sensitive areas when comes to sex. During your lovemaking session, when you feel you are quite close to releasing your sticky secretion, you pull out and squeeze on this sensitive zone for a few seconds. This will force blood out of your genitals and momentarily represses the ejaculatory response. As you cool down slightly, you then re-enter her.


(3)   You gently pull your scrotum


The scrotum is the pouch of skin enclosing the testicles. Sometimes it can be quite disruptive to some guys (including me) to ask them to pull out half way because the sensation may cool down too rapidly that it needs to take a bit of time later to get it up again. Therefore, instead of pulling out, you gently grab your scrotum which can help to delay your orgasm.


(4)   You train your PC muscle


The PC muscle controls your urination. If you can learn how to use your PC muscle to control your urination then you will have no problem in controlling your ejaculation later. When you are half-way in urinating, you stop the flow and count up to 3 before you let go again. The more often you practice this, the better you are able to control your PC muscle and your ejaculation later.


(5)   You pleasure your woman first


Most of the time when we have performance anxiety problems, it is because we focus too much attention on ourselves which is quite stressful. It is easier said than done if I tell you not to worry too much. A better way to handle this is to switch focus to your woman in order to divert attention away from your anxiety. What I am saying is you focus your effort to make her orgasm. One of the easiest and fastest ways is to give her clitoral stimulation. You can use your fingers, your tongue and the tip of your manhood to brush or rub against her clitoris. Actually most women do not care how long you can last after they have orgasm. Once a woman get her orgasm, even if you ejaculate quickly after penetration, she will still feel sexually satisfying.


(6)   You change the way in penetration


You press the tip of your “little brother” against her clitoris. During your intercourse, you focus on the small, shallow movements that penetrate the first 2 to 3 inches of her vagina. When you penetrate her, you do it in circular motion to avoid over-stimulating the tip of your manhood. During the lovemaking session, you breathe in deeply through your nose and exhale through your mouth. This will slow your whole excitement and put you back in control


(7)   You change your sex position


You ask her to adopt the she-on-top lovemaking position. She can either face you or her back towards you when she straddles on you. Ask her to go slow so that your “little brother” will not get overly stimulated and ejaculate too soon.


(8)   You masturbate before sex or go for the second round


Ten minutes before you have sex, you masturbate to let off some “body heat”. After your 1st ejaculation, it will usually take quite a while to get the next ejaculation. Alternatively, you can go for the second round of sexual intercourse. Most men can last much longer in the 2nd lovemaking session. But this method can only work if you have a short refractory period.


So, you can now try one or more of the above 8 ways to let you last enough to pleasure women in bed. For more amazing ways to perfect the art of lovemaking, you can click on to Last Longer and Greater Sexual Stamina.

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Better Sex – What A Man Wants

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Make His Wildest Dream Come True Tonight!


Wondering how to turn a man on in bed?  Do you want to know how to push all his hot buttons to get him fired up for sex? Do you ever wonder what makes some women great lovers? Here are some of the tips you can use to tease and please a man in bed.


(1)   Be Sexually Confident


There is nothing more putting off than a girl who feels awkward and embarrassed about her own body when making love. If you are trying to turn a man on in bed, you should behave in a confident manner. Because having a girl who can take control and dominate him in bed is a fantasy that all men dream of.


At times, take control; try new things with him to see how it works. An occasional romp where you play the mistress can work wonders in turning him on. Hold him, pin him down, spank him and command him to do your bidding.


(2)   Be Adventurous


You need to do something very, very bad and very bold occasionally. What guys want in bed is willing to experiment a little to spice things up. Variety is what keeps sex life interesting and exciting.


Try one tiny little thing differently each time you have sex. This can be as simple as in the way you kiss, how hard or soft, making love in a public place, changing sex positions, fantasizing about with whom, with what, where and when you are making love (role-playing), introducing sex toys, etc. The payoff of experimenting is it draws you two closer together.


(3)   Surprise Him With Your Wild Side


There is something about the cute and innocent-looking girl that guys like. But when a man is in bed with his supposingly innocent girl and get to see more of her sexual wild side than he could ever imagined, this can keep him hard down there most of the time for many days to come.


Play coy and shy every now and then and break free like a wild horse. Tease and seduce him with blindfolds and feathers like a shy cute anime. Let him take the lead into kissing you and then return his favor more aggressively than him.


Once in a while surprise your man with a few sexy tricks. Open the door for him with nothing on but your sexy lingerie. Strip yourself off for no good reason and ask him to make out with you. Shock him and surprise him and he will find you sexually desirable.


(4)   Give And Take


When he pleasures you, reciprocate his gestures. One of the ways is giving and receiving oral sex. Another way is to take turns to pamper each other with a full-body massage. Make an effort to explore each other’s body to find out both you and your guy’s hot spots and to take turns to work on these hot spots. Not only will this bring the both of you closer, it will also make sex mutually satisfactory.


(5)   Make Some Noises


Most guys dread having sex with a girl who behaves like a ‘dead fish’. She is so quiet that even a mosquito flying past can be easily heard. One of the ways to break the ice is to talk dirty to him. Guys love a girl who knows how to talk so dirty that they can get an erection by just listening to what she says. If you want to please your man in bed, you need to know how to talk dirty to him. Get imaginative and express your thoughts to him. Ask him to do things to you, really dirty things.


Guys feel honored if they see a woman enjoying sex with him. When you are making love with your man, moan softly as he kisses you or gasp when he penetrates you deeper. It will best if you tell him, “I am coming.” This will sure boost his ego and turn him on more.


By using these tips your man will definitely find you a lot more desirable and sexy. Keep things fun, be naughty, seductive and fulfill his needs and egos. That is the secret to making him happy in bed.


Are you ready for more ideas to make sex fun and exciting? Read on more from Hot Sex and Turn Him On.



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Sex Tips – How To Turn A Man On Enough For Him To Get Hard

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Want To Make Him Get Hard?

How to turn a guy on? What are the things that are hot and sexy to him? What can really get him excited about you? If you want him to get hard down there and become the best he has ever had, then put the following tips into practice.


(1)   Sexy Dressing


Guys get turned on by a girl who wears matching clothing that can accentuate her body curve. Just watching a girl’s breasts take shape in her perfectly fitting tight top is a definitely turn on for any guy.


The art of seduction is not about revealing all, but knowing how to cover it all and yet make a man feel like he has seen it all.  Guys love it when a girl wears sheer clothes that are so thin and flimsy that all they need is a light source on the other side to see every curve on her body through the light.


You can turn up the heat by adding some sexy lingerie. Pick up some really sexy lingerie in bold colors, like red or black. Bold lacy or satiny lingerie is an instant turn on for any man, just as long as you know how to bend when he is watching you.


(2)   Play The Teasing Game


Guys are surprisingly touchy between the sheets, and teasing a man makes every touch sensational. Begin by telling him that he cannot touch you, but that you can touch him. Instead of heading straight for his package, mix up your sexual touches such as hard massage, long nail strokes, surprise pinches, all over his body to pique his pleasure.

Slowly head downtown with playful licks that start at his chest and move down his stomach. Trace your fingers up and down his torso as you kiss in circles around his groin and inner thighs but do not touch his penis. To make this even more arousing, you can use the locks of your hair to stroke and tickle his hot body. He will soon be begging you to take him into your mouth.


You can take this one step further by wearing some clothing that is revealing, but that covers up some of your best bits. As things get going, leave on one item of clothing. Pulling your thong aside for him to enter you torments him because he cannot see every last inch of your body. It also creates the kind of have-to-get-you-now urgency that is just so hot.


(3)   Arouse Him Seductively

You wake him up in the morning by brushing your bare boobs against his back. Once in a while, you join him in the shower wearing a white tee and nothing else. Once you get soaked, he will get a front-row seat to a hot wet T-shirt contest.  


While you’re both at work, text him a picture of how hot your bare legs can look in your new heels, or you send him a text that says, “I want you in my bed when I get home”. 


When you are watching TV together, drape your body across his lap with your stomach facing the sky. Then, arch your back so that your boobs stick out. He won’t be able to keep his eyes away.  


When the TV show is over, you can sit on his lap. Try it. As long as you sit in the right place, you will feel something hard forcing its way up in less than a minute, even if the guy is trying hard to concentrate on losing the erection.


Cook dinner in a tight pencil skirt, heels, and a see-through blouse with a sexy black bra underneath. Do not let him touch you until after you eat. 


(4)   Surprise Him Sexually


Sometimes your man may feel like he wants sex more than you, so why not make him feel wanted by surprising him? Surprise your man with a few sexy tricks up your sleeve and he will love you for it.


Give him a good reason to get up in the morning. Wake him up with your mouth. No guy will turn down a morning blow job. When you and your guy are just relaxing in a sofa watching TV, surprise him by unexpectedly stripping and masturbating while he watches.


You can give him some unexpected cool treatment down there. You pop a simple pair of silky panties in the freezer a day before you are ready for action. Then loosely wrap the icy fabric around his package and gently slide it up and down. The coolness combined with the satiny smooth texture provides a surprising sensation.


But you have to act fast when you do this because the heat coming off from your man’s below-the-belt region can cause the panties to return to normal temperature soon. So once the panties hit room temperature, go the opposite route and really warm things up. Then use it to rub his member in an up-and-down motion. Not only is the warming sensation soothing, but it also brings the blood flow to his groin area, increasing his arousal.


When you give him oral sex, you slide a finger into your mouth and tickle his penis at the same time you are stimulating him with your lips and tongue. It is an unexpected new sensation for him.


(5)   Be Sexually Confident


A sexually confident girl is a huge turn on for any guy. Getting the opportunity to date a girl who can take control and dominate him in bed is a fantasy that all men dream of.


You do not need to do it all the time, but an occasional romp where you play the mistress can work wonders in turning him on. Hold him by his hair and push him down, spank him, and command him to do your bidding.


Take the lead in bed and show him your moves. Missionary is cozy and loving, but having other positions and tricks up your sleeve will only turn him on more and desire you more.


Gone are the taboos of having a vibrator in your bedroom arsenal. You can bring in some sex toys to spice things up. Many stores sell sex toys that you can see and buy in person. If you still are a little shy, thousands of online stores have these toys for you to browse and buy online with complete privacy. Whether you shop in person or online, there is literally an endless amount of products to choose from.


You can try one or all of these tips at the same time. The point is for you to choose what you like and what makes your love life better. Just by showing you care by going the extra mile will excite your partner. For more tips and ideas to turn a man on, you can click on Drive Him Wild In Bed




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