For Couples – 7 Ways To A Happy Sex Life





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Do you miss those sexy, curious, early days when you are newly in love? These 7 tips can sure help you to bring back and relive those good old days.


(1)   Pump up the adrenaline


Adrenaline can act as an aphrodisiac for a committed relationship. It can inject some oomp into otherwise stale and ordinary days which tend to happen in a long-term relationship. When you stimulate your body, this will have a trickle down effect of stimulating both your mind and emotions.


Do something extraordinary with your partner. This will show your partner how much you care. Give bungee jumping, roller-coaster riding or watching horror movies, a try, if you dare. If you find that this is too extreme, you may consider horseback riding, go-karting, sampling exotic cuisines, enrolling for dancing or yoga classes or travelling to some exotic places together.


(2)   Sexy talk


Whispering sweet words into his/her ears, sending sexy text messages to let your partner know he/she is on your mind when you are apart can increase the emotional connection between the both of you. Sexting is a great way for committed couples to flirt with each other and make each other smile. It is also a good way to build anticipation which is like mental foreplay that could lead to the physical kind, too.


(3)   Encourage 2-way talking


It is essential to have a real conversation at least once a week. This should go beyond the day-to-day type of topics. Couples who communicate well with one another and share activities together are often more active in sex. Before spicing things up with toys or sexy lingerie, work on your communication skills.


Besides talking, you also need to know how to listen to keep the 2-way communication open. Pay attention to body language too. When you need your partner to do something or to make some changes, you package your requests in the form of compliment such as “I really enjoy very much when you for an evening walk to the park with me.” This will avoid the request from becoming like a complaint which can trigger defensive behavior.


Try to detach your emotions from the conversation. In times of strain these will be heightened which could lead to further conflict as you will be hypersensitive to remarks. If you are particularly upset about something, it will be better to vent out your frustration on paper rather than blurting it out. This will allow you to release any negative emotions as well as giving you the time and chance to organize your thoughts so that you can present your issue in a non-confrontational way.


(4)   Show appreciation and support


Besides saying, “I love you”, do not forget to say “thank you” to show your appreciation for the nice, little things he/she did for you. Remember to give compliments to let your partner know you still find him/her physically and emotionally attractive. Volunteer to help out if you can, when your partner is overwhelmed with too many things on hand.


Such nice, little, thoughtful daily gestures can have a cumulative effect to strengthen the foundation of your relationship, reducing the chances of breaking up when the relationship is under stress by some unexpected happenings. The wonderful thing is these acts of consideration and appreciation do not cost you any.


(5)   More kisses


Do you still remember those days when you were dating him/her, you often kissed each other when you met or when you were about to leave? Besides being an act of intimacy, the way you kiss can make or break a woman’s feelings for you. Kissing becomes a forgotten act for many couples in long-term relationships, unless this occurs during foreplay. Couples who kiss regularly tend to have sex more often. Most important, you kiss not just for the sake of initiating sex, but because you love and enjoy the feeling of kissing him/her.


(6)   Maintain eye contact when having sex


Eye contact immediately raises the intimacy level of any sexual act. Closing your eyes can sometimes send the wrong message that you are only present physically, but not emotionally or spiritually. Keeping your eyes open and looking directly into him/her reassures your partner that it is he/she that is turning you on in the particular moment.


(7)   Trying new things in the bedroom


Most people would love their partner to suggest something new to spice things up. Couples tend to stuck into a few things that they know and stop experimenting. But the brain is the biggest sex organ and any time you try something new, you are stimulating the brain’s natural desire for novelty.


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How To Keep Him Interested And Want You More





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When passion wanes, women often find it difficult to keep their men interested in them sexually. Here is how to get him interested in you again.


(1)   Keep your man on his toes


Build a cloud of mystery around you. A certain degree of elusiveness and unpredictability will make him crave for more of you. Never reveal too much of yourself. Send him confusing signals by being dominating and pliable, and innocent and naughty, all at the same time. This will make him want to explore you more and keep him hooked to you.


(2)   Stop being overly nice all the time


An over dosage of nicety can put you in the risk of losing the power of seduction. Occasionally let out hints of dark shades in your character. Be a little bit mean or nasty if required at times, but not to be uninteresting.


(3)   Boost your sex appeal


Do not be too complacent after marriage. Make yourself visually appealing to him. Groom yourself by putting on a perfume, wearing clothes, shoes and make-up that suit your taste and personality. All these efforts will also make you feel confident and good about you.


(4)   Address his emotional and intellectual needs


You should know about the things he likes – his favorite colors, movies, songs, dishes, fetish, etc. Give him pleasant surprises by pampering him with some of his favorites. Adopt yourself to his likes, dislikes and moods. Once you are able to tune in to his needs, he will be unable to turn his back on you.


(5)   Make him feel respected


On top of every man’s wish list is to have the respect from his partner. Make him feel through your words and actions that you value his presence in your life.


(6)   Make him feel good


Boost his confidence by telling him directly or subtly whatever you like about him. Human beings crave for compliments and affection. Making him feel good should get him to open up with you.


(7)   Give him moral support


Tell him you will always be there behind him in all the things he does. Praise him for making an effort and wish him better luck next time when he encounters set-backs. Avoid using overly harsh words on him even if you disagree with him, as this may cause irreparable damage to your relationship.


(8)   Make him feel good in bed


The feeling of being unable to satisfy his partner sexually can hurt his morale and confidence. Compliment him on his performance and the things that he does that turn you on and arouse you a lot. However, this does not prevent you from offering some feedbacks on how to please you correctly. Faking orgasm can only make him feel being treated like a fool.


(9)   Seduce him


Buy sexy lingerie especially to seduce him. If he wants to try new things such as different sexual positions different places and time for having sex, let him do so. Of course, on certain things that you are not comfortable with, give him subtle hints or tell him how he can improve on them.


(10)Take charge at times


Do not behave like a dead fish in bed and expect him to do everything all the time. It is okay if you take the initiative at times. That will turn him on and make him feel wanted.


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How To Feel Good As A Woman Sexually

Everywhere she goes, people like to gather around her and all eyes follow her when she enters a room. She is comfortable of her body and appearance and confident with her sexuality. Do you want to be that woman?


You do not necessary have to have that supermodel look. Neither should you allow your beauty to be defined by others except by yourself. A female who feels sexually confident will be able to take responsibility for her own pleasure. She is able to feel relaxed enough to let go of her inhibitions and fully enjoy sex. She is not afraid to let her partner know her needs and desires and is comfortable with initiating sex.


The basic requirement to be a sexually confident female is to love herself and believes she deserves pleasure. Every woman can learn to cultivate her inner vixen. The first step in doing this is a change in attitude. Do not ask whether you are sexy. Instead you think you are. If you want to know how to get started to become a sexually confident woman, the following are some ways or self-training exercises you can try:


(1)    Pamper yourself all the time


You should throw away all those clothing to make yourself feel old, fat or not attractive. You should not even wear them at home. You do not need to blindly chase the latest fashion trends when you shop for new clothing. Most important you choose only those clothing that is matching your body as well as helping to project the positive/strong aspects of your body. For example, if you are of the skinny type, it helps if you wear loose-fitting clothes. Dress in colors that compliment your complexion. For example, if you have a fair complexion, you can wear darker color type of clothing as a sort of contrast to make the fairness of your skin stands out. Everyday you dress yourself in ways to make yourself feel good and attractive, not because of someone telling you what you should wear. Get a makeover, including hair, manicure, pedicure, makeup. For maintenance, treat yourself to one of these treats at least twice a month.


(2)    Wearing sexy lingerie


You should wear sensual fabrics that make you feel good against your skin. Wearing a pretty matching bra and party, silk boxes or throng set underneath your work clothes or everyday clothing will help you feel sexy and a little naughty. This will put you in the mood for sex and throughout the day will have you looking forward to the moment you finally get to have sex. It will also serve as a lovely surprise as he undresses you.


(3)    Block out all those negative sexual messages


Replace them with positive, motivating and inspiring messages. If you have been sexually abused and this unhappy experience causes you to feel ashamed or repressed about sex, you should seek professional therapy. Do not read all those magazines and avoid watching those movies and advertisements that belittle women and make you feel inadequate. Choose the type of people you befriend with. Stay away from those people who like to make negative comments about you and make you feel less beautiful. Dump your boyfriend if he is such a verbally abusive guy. Life is too short and you deserve to have a guy who can accept and love you as what you are.


(4)    Adopt a positive attitude towards life


You have to stop comparing yourself to others. Until you stop doing this, it will be very hard for you to feel comfortable about yourself. There is also no need for you to seek approval from others. You have to recognize that everyone is unique in his/her own ways and has different strengths.


Stand in front of the mirror everyday and say some positive things about yourself. Hilda Hutcherson, a sex therapist, suggests saying this: “I am a sexy, sensual woman. I deserve sexual pleasure. I, and I alone, own my sexuality. I know how to bring pleasure to myself and my partner. I love my body.”


Get to cherish your body. Walk around your home naked when there is no one around. Each time you walk pass the mirror, you look and appreciate the smooth curves of your body. When you walk, you hold your head high, back straight, shoulders back, chest out and let your hips sway gently from side to side. This will make you feel sexy.


(5)    Head to the gym


Exercise can improve your self image. It also releases the feel-good endorphins that lift up your moods so that you are “in the mood” more often. A sexy, toned body will give you the confidence to make love in any position even with the light on.


(6)    Create a romantic atmosphere in your room


Put in a little bit of effort playing with the light in your room. Do not spread light all over the room; lights that illuminate the specific points of focus are great for making a room look beautiful. Each space is going to be different, the furniture that is in the space, how it is positioned, the size and angle of the walls, the height of the ceiling. Avoid those glaring overhead fluorescent lights; instead install lights that shine from the side because this can help to highlight the shape of your body.


(7)    Read biographies and self-help books


Read biographies of successful people and see how many normal, everyday people like you can accomplish the “impossible” during tough times. Go and read some sex manuals and be willing to experiment and try new techniques. You can consider clicking on to Hot Sex and Her World.

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16 Naughty Sex Tips For Couples

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Sex can be fun. It can be boring if we treat it as if we are drinking a glass of plain water. The good news is we can sustain the fun in our sex lives by continuously improving our lovemaking skills.


Here are the 16 ways to spice up your sex life:


(1)    Connecting/talking to him/her often


Talk about the things that excite him/her. Knowing those things that arouse his/her mind will work magic for you when the time comes. In addition to talking about sex and sharing with him/her your sexual fantasies, you and your partner should talk more in general. Improving your communication and talking with him/her more often will boost your intimacy with him/her and help you to fell less inhibited when you have sex. You can also play romantic games with your partner that include questions of a private nature which can work wonders in opening up the lines of communications leading to greater sexual arousal later.


(2)    Pay attention to your partner’s signals in daily life


For example, she may give you the green light for sex by asking you to watch TV with her before going to bed. Knowing how to read your partner’s signals is something you need to learn over time. This is an essential element of communication the two of you must have in order to enjoy sex with each other.


(3)    Touch her regularly


Do not make the mistake of thinking that this is only for the bedroom. Physical closeness is a vital part of arousing her. Schnarch, a well-known sex coach, recommends hugging for about 5 minutes at least once a week. He says hugging will give you a more accurate picture of the state of your relationship. How does your partner react to your hug? Does she look distracted? The hug will give you the information you need to repair whatever is going wrong that can adversely affect your sex life.


(4)    Be romantic


Great sex is not restricted to what you do in the bedroom. At all times you need to make her feel loved and appreciated. You have to show her there is something more to your relationship than sex. Make statements expressing your love to her in the proper manner. Saying “I like you” when you really mean it, is very important to women. They relish hearing it and feeling the love that you have got for them. Romantic gestures such as candle light dinners, unexpected red roses or even an inexpensive gift with some sort of customization and tailoring to her need will represent how much you appreciate her.


(5)    Maintaining your sense of self worth


Be comfortable with yourself as a person, developing your own self-esteem will help you gain confidence in life and the bedroom. The more confidence you are, the better you will perform and the better you will feel about sex.


(6)    Set aside time for each other


Schedule dates and continue to court each other, the way you do before marriage. A date night is an effective way to build up to great sex. By the time you reach home after a fun night, both of you will not be able to resist the urge to have sex.


(7)    Exercises regularly


Sex is a labor intensive activity. Your heart rate and breathing increase rapidly and dramatically. Muscles clench and remain tense over a period of time. Your core body temperature rises significantly even if it is not a marathon session. Eating right and getting enough exercise will help you maintain your sexual performance. It also helps you to relieve stress and stimulate the production of endorphins – the feel-good hormone in your brain – which increases your sex drive and can potentially make your orgasms stronger. You don’t have to be a super athlete by any means, but basic physical health will improve your sexual functioning. Running, walking, swimming or any activity that can strengthen your heart, for 3 to 4 days in each week can help to increase your sexual desire as well as burning calories. Studies have shown that regular exercisers report a higher sex drive. This may be related to surges of testosterone (an essential male sex hormone) that can occur immediately after resistance training like lifting weights, or right after endurance training like running.


(8)    Eat testosterone-boosting foods


Yes, you read that right – “a surge of testosterone”. But exercising is not the only natural way to pump up your body’s production of testosterone. There is another more pleasurable way to do it because there are certain foods that will naturally build up your testosterone level. The ordinary foods with aphrodisiac effects are oysters, lean beef, beans, poultry, eggs, cottage cheese, broccoli, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, garlic, banana, celery, dark chocolate, ginger, honey, pecans, pumpkin seeds, chicken peas, nuts, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, wheat bran, wheat germ, cardamom, red wine, pomegranate, asparagus, sauerkraut, liquorice, oats, flaxseed, figs, fennel, avocado, almonds, basil. Proper dieting is important because low salt foods can help to increase sex drive and libido.


(9)    Spend more time on foreplay


Most women need lots of foreplay to help them get lubricated. Spending more time on foreplay by means of kissing, oral sex, a back rub, massage or other relaxing act can help you to build up the sexual tension, which is a sure way to make sex better.


(10)   Getting better at oral sex


When performing oral sex on her, men should refrain from making jabbing movements with their tongue. Slower and softer movements as though you are licking ice-cream are usually better. When performing oral sex on a man, women should keep their teeth away from his organ and use only their lips and tongue instead.


(11)   Be creative


Explore your partner’s body and find new and exciting ways as well as trying new sexual positions to arouse him/her. Watch facial expressions and listen for sounds of arousal. If you hit a spot that arouses him/her easily, concentrate your attention on that area will help to light up the flames of passion. You can also leave the bedroom and make love in a different room in the house. Your coach or the kitchen table may be better alternatives.


(12)   Be spontaneous


While some people have to schedule time for sex, it can be equally exhilarating about having sex with your partner unexpectedly. If your husband is in the bathroom getting ready for work and you rub against him, push him against the wall and give him a kiss, this can lead right to sex. Both of you will start the day on a good mood.


(13)  Dress for sex


Wearing sexy lingerie or silk boxers (or nothing at all) underneath your normal clothing will help you feel sexy and a little naughty. This will put you in the mood for sex and throughout the day you will be looking forward for the moment you finally get to have sex.


(14)  Use sex aids


It is okay to bring a vibrator to bed or use KY Jelly to make sex less painful or simply more stimulating. L-arginine cream can instantly work to increase clitoral blood flow when apply right on the clitoris before sex. A wide range of sex aids can be found in sex shops these days and you can shop with your partner to choose the kind of items that appeal to both of you. However, at all times, neither of you should feel forced to participate if you are not comfortable.


(15)  Occasionally, go for quickie sex


For working couples, engaging in grinding sex can be a luxury to some of them, though you should take time to enjoy this wonderful activity. A great quickie sex during rush lunch hour or just before you work can still leave you feeling refreshed, satisfied and fulfilling.


(16)  Keep on improving your sex life


The best part about sex is that it can keep getting better and better. If you are willing to put in the effort to practice, your sex life will get more enjoyable. If you are willing to work on this, you can visit Hot Sex and Endless Pleasure.

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Why Is Foreplay Important?

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At times “quickie sex” can be some of the best sexual experiences. However under normal circumstances, foreplay is an essential element of the whole lovemaking experience.


(1)   Why is foreplay important?


Foreplay is important that it can spice up the sex life of both parties. As age catches on, both partners need something extra to get fully aroused in order to reach maximum sexual pleasure. Not only woman needs foreplay to get properly lubricated, man may also need some extra stimulation to achieve full erection.


(2)   What constitutes foreplay?


Foreplay covers a wide range of activities which include hugging, fondling, undressing, kissing, petting and performing oral sex.


(3)   Effective foreplay needs effective communication


You need to understand what makes your partner get hot and doing all the necessary things so that she can enjoy intense pleasure. Each woman gets turn on in different ways with some being contented just by light kissing on their necks while others prefer more oral stimulation. No matter how you stimulate her, you have to begin with her brain first. Say something nice about her to make her feel desirable and good about herself.


(4)   Pay attention to the romantic details


You need to know how to set the mood. For example, ensure the room temperature is comfortable for both of you and the lighting is not too glaring. Once you get into the mood, slowly undress her because this action can itself be quite stimulating to her. Nowadays, a lot of women like to pamper themselves with nice lingerie because wearing it makes them feel and look sexy. Instead of undressing her totally, you can strip her bit by bit to prolong her sexy feeling that she experiences when she outs on her nice lingerie.


(5)   Patience is essential for foreplay


Do take your own sweet time to kiss and caress her. Besides her mouth, you should kiss every part of her body before moving to her genital area.


The bottom line here is to work on her mind first, understand what turns her on and after knowing this devote more time and effort on the things to get her totally fired up for action. Want to know more on how to turn her on? Go to Hot Sex and Explosive Orgasm

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