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Every now and then, your sex life may need a little spicing up to keep it exciting. If you have already tried the various sex positions, role-playing, have sex outside the bedroom, it is probably the time for you to try something else. How about sex toys? You may ask why you need to use sex toys. Adult toys are a great way to break the sexual rut. They make sexual efforts easy, while maximizing pleasure and creativity.


Toys can be used for masturbation or to enhance pleasure from intercourse. They can make foreplay or even post coital moments fantastic. For many women, vibrating sex toys are the easiest way to help them achieve orgasm. Couples that use sex toys tend to have a strong level of open communication, trust and unconditional love for each other.


There are so many ways people use toys to enhance their sexual pleasure. Because they are available in various shapes, sizes and functions for pleasuring various parts of the body, you and your partner can do many creative things with just any of them. But which toys are suitable to you and your partner? What is it like to really use these toys?


(1) Vibrators


They are designed to stimulate the nerves for a relaxing and pleasurable feeling. They can be used alone for self pleasure or intercourse. A vibrator will often bring a woman to orgasm in as little as a few minutes and is a great way to start off foreplay. There are various types of vibrators with each of them offering stimulation to a certain part of the body.


The clitoral vibrator is used to stimulate the clitoris. The penis-shaped vibrator is used to stimulate the g-spot or for anal penetration. The rabbit vibrator offers simultaneous stimulation to the clitoris and vagina. The vibrating cock ring which is attached to a cock ring provides clitoral stimulation during penetrative intercourse.


Men can also use vibrators to discover new ways to feel sexual pleasure. A man can use a vibrator to explore the various parts of his body to discover any new pleasure spots.


(2) Penis rings


These sex toys can help the penis to look bigger. A penis ring can also help an erection last longer. When a vibrator is attached to the penis ring, it can help to enhance clitoral stimulation during sexual intercourse.


(3) Ben wa balls


These are a set of metal balls that are placed inside the vagina and vibrate when the two balls come into contact with one another. Ben wa balls can be used by women alone, or by couples together.


(4) Nipple toys


They range from anything from clamps, vibrators to pumpers and suckers. They can allow a woman to enjoy hands-free stimulation while engaging in sex with a partner or for self-stimulation.


(5) Novelty condoms


They are also known as French ticklers. These condoms can stimulate the inside of the vagina for better sensation during intercourse.


(6) Wedge


The liberator wedge is used for deeper penetration. It is placed under her pelvis region to hoist her hips up while you are in the missionary position so that you can hit her g-spot and go even deeper. When it is placed under her tummy, it can help to prop up her body for doggie position.


(7) Creams and oils


They come in different scents, flavors and textures. They can also be used as sensual aids. They can make the skin feel smooth and soft and flavor the skin for oral sex or body kissing. They may also be used as lubricants.


These are some of the commonly used toys which can definitely heat things up in the bedroom. Open your mind and try them and you may have a great experience. When you and your partner are ready to experiment them for a better sex life, you can click on Dirty Harry’s Secrets and/or Pleasure Kit.

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Where To Make Love If You Don’t Want To Do It At Home





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Sex can become mundane if you keep doing the same thing. Therefore it is important to make some changes from your normal usual ways to spice things up. Changing the location where you have sex maybe what your relationship needs to bring back the flavor.  Here is a list of alternative places you can consider in trying to add a little bit of fun, excitement and craze to your sex life.


(1)   In a car stuck at traffic jam


Living in Asia, I am aware of many major cities (Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Bangkok, Beijing, Shanghai) experiencing traffic jam everyday. Cars on the road hardly move or moving at snail pace. If this occurs during hot weather, this can make people’s temper getting hotter. Why not channel this anger into lust and catch up on the sex you may miss on certain busy days?


What you need is to get your car ever ready for sex, packed it with the stuff you need for sex such as condoms or maybe something to cover your half-naked body or even some clothing which can be easily put on or removed.


With the car stuck there, your choices of what you want to do it much more than a moving car. You can have oral sex or other forms of quickie sex. The possible downside will be the car behind honking you and probably being caught by passengers in other nearby vehicles. Whatever you do, never obstruct the driver’s view. Choose a soundtrack for the moment, which can help to cover any moaning sounds.


(2)   On your boss’ desk


Won’t it be a bit comical if the desk where your boss scolds you is also the place where you have sex? He/she screams and yells at you for years and now is the time to return the favor. You can do this on weekend which will guarantee no one is around. If you like, you can leave a little “souvenir” that is untraceable. Also make sure you block out all the CCTV cameras that may be installed in the room.


(3)   At the cinema


Choose a cinema that films those rather unpopular movies so that the place is almost all yours. When the lights are off, you can do any sexy things you want under the cover of darkness. Or, better still, you can choose a cinema that often shows X-rated movies. Other people in the cinema may not be able to differentiate between your moaning and the moaning that comes from the screen.


(4)   Public transport


The ideal time to do this will be the bus or subway taking the last trip of the day. This means it is most likely to be quite empty. If it is a bus, it will be best to choose a double -deck one where you can get to the top and totally out of the view of the driver.


(5)   Clothes-trying room at departmental store


This is quite good when you accompany your lover or spouse to the shopping mall. Those clothing department stores usually have rooms for people to try out the clothing. Your girl can pick a few clothes to try on and you can follow her into the room to do some naughty and sexy things inside.


(6)   Staircase at office buildings


With the elevator conveniently stopping at every floor of the building, it becomes a habit for most people to take the elevator even if it is only from ground floor to first floor. Therefore, you can be quite sure that most of the time the staircase of the building is hardly used. This can be quite a convenient place for you to engage in some quickie sex with your lover or your colleague.


(7)   Revolving wheel or Ferris wheel


The capsule or gondola at the revolving wheel gives you enough privacy and time for you and your lover to engage in different kind of sex. While enjoying your lovemaking, you can at the same time admire the scenery at a high level, giving you those top of the world feeling.


The choices of place you can take your girl for a quickie fun is numerous and only limited by your imagination or creativity. The thrill or risk of getting caught or doing something in a place you are not supposed to can be quite arousing to some couples. Sometimes this is the extra thing or element that your love life needs to have in order to make it interesting and exciting.


If you need fresh ideas to add spark to your sex life, you can read on further at Hot Sex. If you need some ideas to experiment with wild or kinky sex, you can visit Naughty Ideas

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Read This If You Want To Have More Sex





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There is no exact science in the game of lovemaking. But there are some things that a guy does that can turn a woman off. If you want to have more sex with a woman, this is definitely the last thing that you want it to happen to you. If you want to become a better lover, you have to make sure that you do not make any of the following mistakes.


(1)   You assume you know everything


Men like to believe that just because their usual ways of lovemaking work on their previous girlfriends, they will also work on other women as well. The fact is every woman is different and this is especially so when it comes to sex.


Every woman’s body responds in different ways to sensation. What feels great to one may do nothing or even cause discomfort for another. When it comes to intercourse, some may like fast and deep thrusting while others will like it slow and shallow. Or, some may like to mix it up with slow and shallow initially and later on fast and deep. Also, every woman has her own favorite sex position. Differences between partners’ body shape and height may make some positions better than others.


To avoid making this mistake, it is better to pay attention to her reactions and better to get her feedback when you are in bed with her. When you want to experiment with some newly-learned techniques after reading a self-help sex guide, it is better to discuss them with her and better still to read this guide together with her.


(2)   Keeping quiet about sex


For certain unknown reasons, some people are quite embarrassed and hardly talk to their partners about sex. If it is hard for your partner to say what she wants sexually, try asking specific questions instead of open-ended questions such as “What do you like?” which may not get a clear answer. While you are trying out certain moves with her, you can ask her which one she likes better.


Not only do some men refuse to talk about sex, they also feel that it is better to keep quiet during sex. This is not a good thing. Because saying something or making some noises at least can show your partner you are enjoying and this can turn her on. Keeping quiet may give your partner this feeling that you are not mentally with her. Many women want this mental connection with their partners first before they can get turned on. Men should not hold back their moans, grunts and sighs because the sounds of sex are sexy and great turn-ons. Making these noises can help both partners get into the experience more fully.


Couples should give each other verbal cues during sex. A woman should use words like, “harder”, “slower”, or “right there” to help her man know what she likes. Men can engage in dirty talking which can make sex highly arousing for women.


(3)   Treating sex as a separate matter


Sex to many guys may just be something that is very mechanical – penetrate and ejaculate. But for most women, love and sex are not separable. A woman needs to feel loved before she feels sexy and gets turned on. Many men do not seem to be aware that sex does not happen in a vacuum. A man may not know why he is unhappy with the sex he is having and not connect that with how he and his partner are getting along.


A woman will not open up sexually with a partner if she does not feel safe emotionally with her man. Your recent behavior will set the mood in the bedroom. She will still be thinking about how you have treated her the week before, the day before and the hour before.


Most women crave for romance. They appreciate the sweet little things their men do for them outside the bedroom. They want their men to be caring partners. Putting your arms around her, giving her your shoulder to cry on, listening to her, maintaining eye contact with her are counted as part of good foreplay which will work wonders on her after the lights are off. Foreplay begins not in the bedroom, but outside the bedroom.


(4)   Too dogmatic


Some men view sex toys as a threat, or competition, thinking that using them can cut down their partners’ desire to have normal sex. The fact is though many women are interested in using, or have used sex toys, they also realize no matter how good the sex toys can be, they can never replace the intimacy and love from their partners. Proper usage of sex toys can broaden a woman’s pleasure.


A vibrator can deliver focused, consistent and intense stimulation that is impossible for a human to provide. Many women need that kind of stimulation to have an orgasm. There are also sex toys that can stimulate both partners at the same time. Instead of totally rejecting sex toys, embrace them, get used to them and go along for the ride to ultimate pleasure.


It is all up to you. You can determine the type of sex life you want and have. Watch out for these mistakes, is the first step. If you need more ideas to jump-start your sex life, you can click Hot Sex and Eternal Flame

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How To Rekindle Her Interest In Sex





Are you looking for ways to spice things up and reignite the fires of passion in your relationship? Has sex begun to lose its sparkle and getting so monotonous that your bedroom life has almost come to a standstill?


It is natural to start getting bored of sex beyond a certain period of time in a relationship. The demands of everyday life, the novelty in the relationship no longer there; inevitably this act of intimacy can become a predictable routine. We all get into these ruts. But that is not an excuse to just sit passively and let your sex life continue in this mundane manner. Read these tips to bring passion and sensuousness back into the bedroom.


(1)   Give her good compliments


She probably has heard enough of those ‘nice eyes’ or ‘sexy lips’ compliments and even more crude comments like ‘nice bottoms’. Most women have heard too much of such compliments but quality ones are rather scarce.


Try acknowledging how intelligent your lady is, she will appreciate it. Compliment on the things she has achieved. Men tend to overlook the uniqueness in their women. Take some time to notice the little things she put into getting dressed. Saying she looks great in her jeans is not enough, but noticing how her earrings match her clothing and shoes is a much more effective compliment. It shows you recognize the effort she puts into creating an ensemble to go out with you.


Quite often, guys take for granted the things their ladies do for them to make them feel comfortable. Men can never fully understand how involved with a child a good mother has to be, but you can make sure your wife or girlfriend understands just how much you appreciate her as the mother of your child. Compliment her expert parenting. Make sure you acknowledge the things she has done for you by complimenting her, and then follow it up by spoiling her in some ways.


(2)   Give her tender loving touch


What women want in bed is for men to discover every part of her body. If you gently move your hands all over her body when both of you lock lips, it will definitely get her senses tingling for more. Remember that kissing signifies adoration and admiration and nothing can be better than being adored and admired while lying naked in bed. When you kiss her, you focus on the kiss itself and not the end result. Slow down and savor the softness of her lips and the sweetness of her breath. Enjoy her body and make sure you run your fingers all over her body. Notice how her skin feels and how she reacts.


(3)   Give her pleasant surprises


Do not under-estimate the element of surprise. It is thrilling and gratifying and the effort of arranging one will show her how much you care. Do something unexpected such as coming home with a special gift. Surprise dinner always works wonders. Restaurant reservations are an easy way to accommodate one. You make the reservations and then call her to meet you at a location near the restaurant. When she arrives, be there with a special gift or a bouquet of flowers and reservations in hand. If you have enough confidence in your cooking skills, make her a romantic dinner at home. The key is to do something unexpected and she is much more apt to be touched by your gestures.


(4)   Set the mood


It is important to create and set a light and romantic scene. Think about what is in your bedroom that reminds you of sex. It is often the small touches that make a difference. Warm vibrant colors like red, pink and orange enhance sensuality. Replace fluffy toys and old blankets with arousing aroma such as lavender and rose to stimulate the senses. Lay out clean bed sheets and pile your extra pillows on the bed.


Play her favorite songs, preferably the ones that can get both of you into the right mood. Light up a few scented candles. Reposition the mirror to get a more exciting view. It is really sensuous to make love while watching each other’s bodies in the mirror.


(5)   Try something new


Anything novel or exciting is likely to drive up the levels of her sex-related hormones in her body. You need to know about the sexual techniques to make sure you have all the required knowledge. You should take the time to read self-help books and watch great movies about sex. When you are using the best sexual techniques and are not afraid of doing a little extra work, you will have a better total experience. You will be able to keep both of your libidos where you want it to be.


For more tips on sexuality matters, you can read on more from Hot Sex . You can visit Dirty Harry’s Secrets if you want to look for something extra to enhance the pleasure of sex.

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What You Should Know About BDSM





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Once in a while, you may hear something about bondage sex. Your lover has indicated he/she is okay with the idea of introducing some kind of bondage play into your lovemaking. To spice things up, you also want to try something different. Here are the things you should consider or look out for when you try bondage sex.


There are basically 2 different types of bondage sex –


(a)   Restraint


This can include spanking and whipping or just providing different types of sensational stimulation on your lover’s skin and genitals. A great way to start this is to restraint your partner and experiment with the different kinds of items to touch and massage your partner. This can be feather dusters, feather ticklers, ice cubes, warming lotion, comb, brush, fur massage mitt, vibrator, massage ball, paintbrush, leather belt, etc. Feel free to find items around your house. But make sure that whatever you use will not injure your partner. Do exercise caution.


(b)   Restraint with sensory deprivation


Besides restraining the submissive party, you will include depriving him/her of one of the 5 senses. The most popular sensory deprivation device is to use a blindfold. When a person is being blindfolded, his/her sense of touch becomes heightened. If this is to be combined with a little restraint, the anticipation of where you are going to touch him/her next is enough to get your partner totally turned on. Therefore when you do touch your lover, he/she is going to be very stimulated sexually.


When You Should Take Note


(1)   Only engage in bondage sex with someone you can trust


This is not to be tried in a one-night stand affair or in any short term flings. Think about this. You are going to totally surrender your body by being restrained and maybe even blindfolded. The trust you have in the other person that he/she is not going to do anything against your wishes is very important. This is unlikely to exist with someone you do not know or with someone you have not yet discussed your expectations and boundaries.


(2)   Safety


Always practice safe sex. Do not jump into any unfamiliar activities such as caning, whipping, candle wax dripping, etc. Some of the more severe acts require you to have an extensive amount of knowledge or you can severely injure your partner.


Always proceed with caution by starting with some light action, and then you can gradually increase the intensity or force of your strike. Doing this too strong too soon can only hurt your partner. Do rest after spanking to allow the sensation to get into your partner’s mind and skin. Rub your lover’s skin that has just been smacked with your hand or some other soft object.


Practice with your sex toy or tool before using it on your lover so that you will not accidentally hit a sensitive part of your lover’s body. This is especially with whips that can easily get out of control. You and your partner can practice together. Strike him/her while fully clothed in a non-sexual setting, just to test them with the power of your striking.


Whatever tools you choose, do not strike directly on any bony part of the body (spine, collarbone, elbows, knee caps and chin), neck or head, the lower back where kidneys are located and the back of knees. Do not tie anything tightly around the neck. Make sure the nose and mouth are not been covered. When you want to tie anything on any part of the body, make sure it is not too tight as to cut off blood circulation and that it can be removed quickly. Also make sure that the restraining item will not get tighter if he/she pulls on them.


Do not leave your partner’s arms or legs suspended in the air for too long because this can cause numbness due to the lack of blood circulation. When this is going to take a long time, allow some intervals when your lover can move his/her limbs to get the blood circulating. Never leave your partner alone when his/her movement is being restricted.


(3)   Communication


You have to know beforehand the limits of what you can do on your partner. These limits must be respected and abided by. Most people involve in BDSM have a safety word or words or any gesture that is being agreed upon to mean that you should stop all activity. Your partner will use these safety signals when he/she is uncomfortable to something so that you can stop what you are doing immediately.


(4)   Consent


The whole point of BDSM is for both of you to have fun and mutual enjoyment. You should not do this just to please your partner, or else you will never enjoy it. You also should not force your partner into it.


Keep these words in your mind – trust, safety, communication and consent – before engaging in any act of BDSM or light bondage. If you can keep the safety and comfort of your partner in mind when doing this, you can both have a wonderful time. Want to find out more or want to try something different in your sex life? Click on Fifty Shades Of Grey and Fetish Fantasy

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