The Mistakes To Avoid When Giving Oral Sex To Men



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As a guy, I enjoy a great blowjob. It is an amazing form of foreplay for me. It helps me a lot to get an erection quickly, especially at times when my sexual desire is hurt by stress. However, I also have my fair share of unhappy experiences due to some half-hearted and lousy blow jobs. Read on to see if you are committing any of these classic blowjob mistakes and learn the tips to please your man by giving him a blowjob in the right way.


(1)   You use your teeth


Unless you really hate your guy so much that you want to bite him off, do not use your teeth to grip tightly on his manhood. Though it looks hard and stiff as a rod when erected, it is actually as fragile as glass, which needs your tender loving care. Instead, you hide your teeth behind your lips and use your lips to hold and glide along the length of your guy’s sexual organ.


(2)   You give a boring blowjob and treat it like a chore


You can add more fun and pleasure for your guy when giving him blowjob by changing the sensation using your mouth rim, tongue, lips, fingers, hands and breasts – individually or in combinations. Go for the extra mile to pleasure your man, means you should not neglect the rest of his body.


The scrotum (the skin enclosing the testicles) and testicles are particularly sensitive and most men like them to be stimulated. During oral sex, you can gently lick his testicles or hold them in one of your hands. You can also apply pressure to the perineum (the spot between anus and penis) with one or two fingers, as this can also feel good. I particularly find it a great turn on when my girl keeps licking on my anus, which is a commonly neglected erotic spot.


If your man is not circumcised, you can insert your tongue into the foreskin and circle around the tip with it. You can use your fingers to gently massage the tip through the foreskin, alternating with deep tongue licks.


Men can get easily aroused by what they see. To drive him wild, you can touch yourself as you play with him, change the position so that he can get a different viewing angle, or look at him seductively as you glide your mouth and tongue over his penis and testicles.


When giving blowjob, you should adjust the tempo and intensity such as hard and fast, slow and hard or fast and light. When your mouth feels cramped, you can switch to using your lips to rub against the shaft while holding his testicles in your hand.


(3)   You do not find out what he particularly likes


Some women assume that a guy will automatically feel satisfied after receiving a blowjob. They do not ask for feedback to find out their guy’s preferences. You can learn where and what his hot buttons are by asking him to masturbate in front of you or to let him guide your movement and show the rhythm and motion that will drive him crazy with desire.


(4)   You only use your mouth


Giving oral sex does not mean you limit your action to the mouth only. You can use your hands to help in your stimulation effort. Teasing the rest of his body will create major anticipation and appreciation. Use your hands to caress his nipples, inner thighs, buttocks and pubic area as you lick and suck his penis.


Combining oral with manual stimulation is a great way to enhance intensity and increase variety. Place one hand around the shaft while you move up and down along the top half of his penis. Try coordinating your movements so that your hand and mouth are going up and down in unison. Or, you can do the same action by using only 2 fingers, the thumb and the middle finger to wrap around the shaft of his penis. These 2 fingers will help to create extra stimulation as they slide further down to the lower end of his penis where your mouth is not able to reach.


There you have it – the fellatio mistakes to avoid and the basic to giving him oral sex. If you need more amazing ideas to spice up your sex life, you can click on Blow By Blow and Oral Kit.

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How To Cope If Either One Of You Want More Sex

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It is pretty normal for every couple to face with this situation in which one of them has a higher sex drive. The one with the higher sex drive may not necessarily be the guy. What can cause the differences in sex drive? How to cope with this discrepancy in sexual desire? Read on!


What can cause the difference in sex drive?


(1)   Relationship problems


This happens as a result of differences on matters such as who should contribute more for household expenses and who should pay for which item, child rearing and relationship with in-laws. When couples cannot resolve conflicts over these matters, one of them will bear a grudge against the other one. This bottled up anger can cause the aggrieved side to lose sexual interest on his/her partner. This can also lead to him/her using the withholding of sex as a weapon to punish his/her partner.


(2)   Insufficient knowledge about sex


If one or both of you are raised in societies where there is no sex education or where sex is a taboo and being looked negatively as something dirty or immoral, this can prevent you from looking for ways to enrich and spice up your sex life. You or your spouse may think that sex is just meant only for procreation and cannot see any relationship between sex and pleasure.


(3)   Psychological issues


Stress over work or child rearing, performance anxiety, lack of sexual confidence, past histories of sexual abuse, physical or mental ailments, drug abuse, medication (drugs such as those for hypertension can hurt sexual desire) can leave either one of you to lose interest in sex.


(4)   Differences in the way you and your spouse look at sex


You and your partner may have different baseline sex drives and/or may prioritize sex differently. This may not be any serious relationship problems, only mere differences in the way how each side thinks about sex.


(5)   Not enough passion


Absence makes the heart grows fonder. Not enough space for each other, with both sides sticking to each other like a piece of chewing gum can be stifling and hurt passion in the long run. The pressures and expectations we put on our intimate relationships may kill the passion in lovemaking.


How to cope with discrepancies in sexual desire?


(1)   Avoiding blaming your partner


It is always very easy to blame others when problems crop up. This can only cause the other side to get defensive and discourage your spouse from working together with you to come up with solutions. Even if you feel most of the problems lie with your partner, it is better to find out what the causes are or how they arise.



(2)   Talking to your partner


When relationship problems crop up, it is best to find the space and time to talk to your partner. If you do not talk to your partner, you will not be able to discover the roots of the problems and he/she may not be aware of the existence of problems or your concerns.   Before you talk to your spouse, make sure you think before you talk, avoid putting the blame on him/her, begin your statements with “I” such as, “I think…..” or “I am concern about ……..” and always remember to listen. However if the situation deteriorates to the point where both of you cannot talk to each other without ending up in arguments, you will have to find a counselor or therapist.


(3)   Working towards a compromise


It is very unrealistic to expect everything to go according to the ways you want. A relationship is a series of constant adjusting to each other and involving lots of give and take. Finding sexual compromise is much easier when you lay down all your sexual options on the table for both sides to review over them in the process of working through the differences in sexual desire.


(4)   Looking for self-help resources


There are many books you can find in book shops, libraries or online that touch on issues like sex drive discrepancies in long term relationship. You can find them here by clicking on how to have more sex for Him or Her.

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How To Get The Sex Life You Want

Like the trees and flowers in the park, your sex life needs care and attention if you want to keep it in good condition. Great sex is not just about sexual techniques. You need to talk and listen to each other as well as close observation in order to understand fully your partner’s sexual needs. If you are keen to get the sex life you want, these tips are a good way to start.


(1)   Building up sexual tension


Sex is best when there is no expectation of anything in particular happening, when there is no actual goal. You just allow the pleasure of lovemaking to gradually unfold. Hold off from penetrative sex for a period of time (probably for a few days). You just only need to go into kissing and holding each other, then into massaging, stroking and caressing each other. By doing this for a few days without sex, you will build up the tension that help to sharpen your senses to all the wonderful feelings you can share and experience when you are having sex.


(2)   Bringing up the various sensations


Sex is not just about orgasm and penetration. You can spice up your sex life by enlisting the help of various sensations. To turn him or her on, you can use your look, voice, words and touch in a seducing way. You can look at him or her in a flirtatious way. You can seduce him or her in words by dirty talking or sharing your sexual fantasies, by telling your partner how much you love him or her character, cheerfulness, or by leaving a romantic note to him or her at somewhere that your partner can see it. You can increase the effectiveness of your words by talking in a seducing voice or tone. You can tease your partner by just simply touching her in a playful way but not at the breasts and genitals yet.


(3)   Pleasuring yourself or your partner


Exploring each other’s body and understanding each other’s sexual responses by means of masturbation by yourself or with your partner as well as masturbating your partner can help you to discover what really turn each other on. For men with premature ejaculation problems, this is also a good way to help them last longer as they gain greater awareness of their sexual responses.


(4)   Finding out your partner’s sexual preferences


Every woman is different. One woman may prefer rough sex more than another woman who prefers a gentle approach to sex. To find out what can turn her on, you have to talk, listen and observe her. You need to pay attention to see how she responses when you are applying any sexual technique. In this way, you can optimize your rhythm, speed, stroke, etc. to match what she likes best. If your partner is a bit shy to speak her mind you can opt for non-verbal communication methods, such as squeezing hands or observing how she masturbates herself.


(5)   Creating a conducive atmosphere for your bedroom


Your bedroom should be decorated or arranged in a way that is conducive for you and your spouse for rest and relaxation as well as for romance. It will be very hard for you and your partner to get into the mood if the bedroom looks more like a storeroom. Clear away the dirty laundry or throw away those things you no longer need. Paint your room in color that matches the furniture and the color should not be too bright or glaring. Creative arrangement of the furniture and other items can help to give your bedroom some space. Get some nice linen for your pillows and bed sheets and change them regularly. Lighting can make your room sexier. Consider installing dimmers on any overhead lights or placing red handkerchiefs or colored shades over lamps to give your bedroom a more romantic vibe. Avoid using fluorescent lights because they contain mercury which is toxic and may cause headaches. Place objects in the room that can remind you both of your love story and the fond memories you have with your partner.


Besides the above tips, there are many books that have ideas to help you achieve a fulfilling sex life. If you have never thought about buying a book about sex, why not do it now? To find out more, you can click on Hot Sex and Eternal Flame

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How To Keep Sex Alive In Your Relationship

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How often do you have sex with your partner? Do you feel bored in your relationship? One important finding from a survey done by the University of Michigan on 123 married couples, who have been married for 7 years, is that being bored in the relationship led to less closeness which in turn brings about reduced satisfaction in the marriage. So how can you keep things exciting and improve sexual intimacy in your relationship especially when career and family responsibilities weigh you down?


Here are some ways to improve intimacy and keep sex exciting in your relationship:


(1)   Recognize that sex is not all the time perfect


You have to face the fact. At times your sex life may not be up to your expectation and satisfaction probably due to stress and heavy family responsibilities. That is perfectly normal and it does not mean the end of the world. Sexuality like the tide of the sea ebbs and flows. It is better to accept this as a natural fact of life so that you will not get overly concerned about a possible crisis in your relationship.


(2)   Talk and listen to each regularly


Even if both of you have been together for a long time in your relationship does not mean neither one of you can read each other’s minds perfectly. Therefore you have to talk to each other about your likes, dislikes, fears and concerns on sexual and non-sexual matters. Sex gets better with intimacy and improved communication. Besides talking, effective communication also requires the patience to listen to each other. Sometimes your partner only needs to vent his/her own emotions. He/she does not need you to fix his/her problems but just to listen and show you care.


(3)   Never stop discovering and exploring each other


You should not assume that you know everything about your partner. Getting involved in what your partner is doing and spending time together (e.g. having a date night once a week) can help you to discover or uncover certain not-so-obvious aspects of your partner. Talking and understanding each other’s sexuality will help you to learn new things about your partner’s body and personality and lead you to discover the kinds of touch that arouse him/her a lot and the types of sex positions that bring her to orgasm quickly.


(4)   Keep an open mind and be willing to experiment


Be adventurous in bed and out of bed. Take a trip to a lingerie store, step out of yourself and try to be someone or something else for the evening (role play). Dress up and play sexy games with your partner or introduce sex toys during lovemaking. Try watching an adult movie with your partner to learn some new moves. Go and see a stand-up comedy, go for hiking or horseback riding, watch live music, try new and exotic food and take dance classes together. Go and do the things you have not done before. This will show your partner how much you care. You will be surprised at how much your partner will appreciate you for considering their needs and desires. This will also help to relieve stress and boredom in your relationship and allows you to grow together at the same time.


(5)   Remember that there are no hard and fast rules on matters about sex


Making love is not just about mastering the mechanical aspects of sexual techniques. You can pick up a lovemaking manual or read from the online sex guide to learn about the various techniques or sex positions. But sexuality is very personal and every woman has different sexual preferences. Before you unleash your newly acquired sexual knowledge you need to pay attention to the erotic messages behind her various body reactions to your touch and to tailor-made your moves to her individual needs. The goals like what you and your partner would like to get out of having sex and how often do you want to make love will probably change over time and no sex guide can give you any specific guidance on this matter. If you and your partner are happy with having sex once a week or once a month, then that is perfectly fine. There is no connection between sexual frequency and your sexual happiness. But if one of you wants more or less sex than the other, then you have to work things out together. It is normal to have different level of sex drives in a relationship and you should not get overly concerned and bind yourself to some commonly held thoughts.


Following these steps can help you to improve your sexual intimacy and satisfaction and lead to an overall improvement in your relationship. If you are keen to find out more on the ways to spice up your sex life, you can click on to Hot Sex and Eternal Flame.

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8 Ways To Pleasure A Woman

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Women can be quite unpredictable. For this reason, some men find sex intimidating. However, this does not mean you need to memorize all the complicated lovemaking techniques from self-help sex guide in order to please a woman. You can still bring a woman to orgasm if you are able to master the simple things that give her pleasure. The more you can give her what she desires, the more you will get her sexual trust, gain increase sexual confidence on your part and also get turn on by her high state of sexual arousal.


Here is what every woman is asking for from her partner:


(1)   Stimulate her clitoris orally


Most women can easily reach orgasm when you flick your tongue quickly along the length of her clitoris. The clitoris, which is solely for her to get sexual pleasure, extends deep inside a woman’s body. Therefore when you do this, you are bringing her sensational pleasure way beyond your tongue’s reach. The proper way to do is to pull the clitoral hood back gently and then make quick, darting motions with your tongue as far down along the shaft as your tongue can reach.


(2)   Teasing her


Teasing works effectively to get her aroused because it keeps her guessing. Predictability can often dampen her mood. Women usually are not able to respond well if from the starting, you zoom right in very aggressively to her sensitive areas.


Most women love it when a guy teases her by making circles around the breasts with his finger or tongue before going for the nipples. This is because the area surrounding the erogenous zones (nipples in this case) is normally very sensitive to sexual stimulation. You start at the point where her breast starts to rise from the chest. You then use your fingertips to circle slowly inward around her nipple and when you are about to reach it, you pull back for another tantalizing spin before you suck and gently bite the nipple.


It will be best if you can combine the nibbling of her nipples with touching her sensitive spot(s) between her legs. For many women, lightly biting the nipples produces a tingle in their genitals, especially the clitoris.


Another effective way to tease her is to penetrate her slowly. You can be inside or halfway in or very close to getting inside; you go in super slow, suddenly pause for a few seconds and resume entering her inch by inch using this start-and-stop motion.


(3)   Stroking her very lightly


Women like it a lot when you can show appreciation for her body. After you undress her, you take her hand and stand facing her. You brush her hair back and using your fingertips you move your hands all the way up and down over the surface of her skin before you make love to her.


(4)   Applying firm pressure on the area right under her belly button


When you are thrusting, you gently press the heel of your hand onto her belly button. Bury inside her body under her belly button is actually the location of her G-Spot. The reason most women are not able to get orgasm through penetration in the normal missionary position is because the male sexual organ is not able to be in direct contact with her G-Spot. However, if you can press her on her G-Spot from the outside when you enter her, you are pushing her G-Spot forward to increase the chance of direct contact with your penis which can trigger orgasm from her.


(5)   Blowing over after you wet her


This is like blowing on a bowl of soup to cool it off. You lick on any of her erogenous spot (such as nipples, private parts, neck, etc), you moist the area either with your saliva or other form of liquid which can be alcohol or ice-cube. You then blow on the wet patch. The trick is if you can apply very contrasting form of sensation (such as hot and cold or hard or soft) in close succession on her pleasure spot, you can create those sexy tingles down her spine.


(6)   Combine thrusting with rocking


You choose a rocking chair that is comfortable for her and a footstool or low table that puts you at the right thrusting height. The back-and-forth rocking motion can intensify her sensation because this can increase the chance of hitting her G-Spot.


Any position or movement that can get the lower part of her body to be at a higher level than your genitals can easily bring direct contact to her G-Spot. One other easy way you can achieve this is to put a pillow under her butt before you enter her in the missionary position.


(7)   Applying push-and-pull sensation to her erogenous spots


You pucker up your lips and seal them on any of her erogenous spots (such as her nipple). Then you alternatively breathe in through your nose to create a vacuum and breathe out through your mouth to put pressure on the surrounding area. You repeat and keep increasing the intensity of your action.


This is applying the same principle of using contrasting sensation on her sensitive spot. You can do the same on the area near to or around her clitoris. Instantly your mouth will become like a improvised vibrator on her. Before long, she will enjoy this so much that she begs you for more.


(8)   Alignment of your hips slightly above hers


During normal thrusting, a woman’s clitoris is usually neglected. So, if you position your hips above hers, during thrusting your penis shaft will be able to remain in direct contact with her clitoris.


So, you have here the 8 simple ways to fire up her mood for sex. Both you and your woman will be so much happier and sex will be more fulfilling if you can do these to her from today onwards. For more amazing ways to spice up your sex life, you can click on Hot Sex and What She Wants.

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