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Oral sex is in fact the greatest gift that a guy can give to a girl. This is because most women do not reach orgasm through intercourse. The easiest way for a girl to achieve orgasm is by way of stimulation of the clitoris. Due to this reason, most women love oral sex. But not everyone can do cunnilingus well. Here is how you can give your girl the best oral experience.


(1)   Be Enthusiastic


Most women want to be assured that you are totally comfortable with going down on her. Most important she must feel that you are enjoying it. A woman’s pleasure will be higher if she can see her man is enjoying it as well. Do compliment her about her genitalia. This will boost her sexual confidence. This will also help her to relax so that she can come more easily.


To be enthusiastic means you must have the patience to learn and observe in what ways your partner likes to be stimulated orally. Let her guide you. Every woman is different. What is good for other woman may not be so for your woman. Communication is the key here. You have to pay attention to your partner’s moans, movements as well as suggestions.


(2)   Be Gentle And Sensual


A lot of guys make the mistake of being too enthusiastic to the point of being too rough. You should not, because the clitoris is very sensitive and you cannot treat it the way you want your penis to be treated. At the beginning you have to be gentle and this can be the biggest turn on to a woman.


You also have to be patient and not to rush. This is because it normally takes a woman longer to come (or cum)  than a man, on average. It is only in porn movies that women can orgasm in one to two minutes, which is not a reflection of the reality. You have to understand that women need more time to get into the mood, to build the tension and finally to release that tension in the form of an orgasm.


(3)   Try Various Positions


Oral sex can get boring for a woman if she is always lying down to receive. You can actually spice things up with different oral sex positions. In fact, when you go down on your woman in different positions, the same moves and techniques can actually feel totally different to her.


You can have her sit on a counter top, a couch or chair and spread her legs as wide as she can. This will give you access to the whole genital area for you to pleasure her with your mouth and hands. This will also allow her to watch as you perform oral sex on her which can be quite arousing for her.


You can have your girl stand up either with her feet apart or one leg on a stool or chair. This position allows her to feel like she is dominating you as your mouth has to reach up to lick her.


You can also position your head in a perpendicular position to her body. You will kneel at one side of her body and give her oral in this position.


You can have her lie flat on the bed, lift her buttocks up, and bring her knees close to her chest. This will give you easy access to lick her.


You also can have her squat over your face. This can be incredibly erotic to a woman especially if she is into domination.


You can get your girl to lie on her side and lift up the leg that is not on the bed and hold it high either with your hand or some kind of restraint. You will rest your head and neck on the other leg and eat her out.


(4)   Try Various Techniques


There are few women in the world that can resist the temptation of a good oral sex. The stimulation is intense if done properly and will highly increase the chances of your girl coming back for more. You can put that magic on your tongue by trying out some of the following techniques.


You can suck a mint in your mouth (not too strong or weak flavor) for a few seconds and then you begin to lick/suck her clitoris. You can then do that to her nipples too. You can blow on those areas that you have licked on. This can produce a tingly effect on the clitoris and nipples.


You can give her hot and cold treatment. What you need for this technique is something cold such as a glass of ice water or some ice-cubes and something hot such as hot coffee. You make your mouth cold by taking in some ice water or ice-cubes and let it linger in your mouth for a while before you swallow it or let the ice melts in your mouth. Then you perform oral sex on her with your cold mouth. You can lick/suck for a minute or two before you do a switch by taking in hot coffee to make your mouth hot. You can then perform oral sex on her with your hot mouth. You can switch between hot and cold for a few times. These two different sensations will feel terrific to her.


You take a straw and blow light, concentrated air on her nipples, vaginal lips and clitoris after you wet these areas with your licking. The straw allows you to be very precise about where the air hits. It also condenses the air into a small space, thus giving you greater pressure with your precision. If you want an even better effect, then you can do the same technique with mint in your mouth. You get her real wet with your mint-flavored saliva and then lightly blow on her.


You can use one or two fingers of each hand to fence in her clitoris. In this way, her clitoris will be nested right in the middle of your fingers. This will allow you to lick on the clitoris without fail. This technique is especially applicable if you are giving her oral sex in the dark.


From these tips here, you can choose which is most comfortable to you to take your cunnilingus to the next level. You may not do it right for the first time. But it is okay because practice makes perfect.


Do come and take a look at Dirty Harry’s Secrets and Endless Pleasure to get more inspiration and ideas to improve your oral sex performance.

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What Can Make Her Cum



Find Out More From Here The Sexy Ways To Give Her The Best Orgasm


How to turn a girl on? What are the things that can make her orgasm? There is no real road map for a woman to get an orgasm, but these directions are as close to a guarantee as they come.


Differences between Male and Female Orgasm


For men, the most important thing to take note is female orgasm is not a mechanical thing, as it is generally for men. Most men can ejaculate quickly when they ‘play’ with the extra load between their legs, even if the circumstances are not very romantic.


Another big difference between male and female orgasm is after the 1st climax, she can have the 2nd or 3rd one, often within a minute or two. This ability is very rare in males. Very few young women can achieve multiple orgasms because it is an ability that usually has to be learned. However, with the help of a skilled lover, most women can eventually achieve the capacity for multiple orgasms.


Although every woman is different, many women need the following to increase the likelihood of getting an orgasm:


(1)   A conducive and romantic atmosphere


If you want to help her get in the mood, you have to make sure that everything is comfortable and nice for her. Treat the place of lovemaking as a performing stage where you need the right lighting (dim lights), right mood, right props and costumes. You can set the scene for intimacy with soft and sensual music, scented-candles (or fill the room with warm, relaxing odor), soft fabrics and sexy toys


(2)   A feeling of being wanted and appreciated


She needs to have this feeling in order to feel and act sexy. At all times, you have to be an understanding and supportive partner to help her cope with the daily stress. This will increase your intimacy with her and get her to be more connected to you emotionally and sexually.


What better way to do this than to ask and observe her. Do not assume that you know everything about your partner and that your technique is flawless. If she does not come, then you think it must be her fault. Lots of guys think that because a previous girlfriend always came in a certain way, the same should apply to other girls. Women are not all the same in their likes or dislikes. The best sex tip is to treat your partner as an individual.


Ask her an open-ended question and be supportive of whatever answer she gives or she will never open up again. Always let her know that you are willing to pleasure her. If you are not sure about how to please a woman sexually, you should ask and allow her hands to guide you.


You can learn a lot by watching how she stimulates herself or by listening to her when she suggests a sex position, or a particular way of touching. Even if she does not clearly express it, you can judge her level of arousal by her breathing. Short and rapid breathing means that she is excited.


(3)   She needs plenty of hugs and kisses


Women like much more foreplay than you can imagine. Unless she is real horny or you are going for quickie lovemaking or outdoor sex, you cannot skip this step. Every woman wants to feel that her man is very keen on giving her pleasure and not just in a hurry to finish his job. The worst thing a man can say to a woman is: “Haven’t you come yet?” This can make her feel very inadequate and will ruin any build-up of sexual pleasure and tension that may have been happening. So, do give her lots of kisses and hugs before you even think about making any approach to her sexual area.


(4)   Gradual and indirect approach is the best


Please keep this in your mind – contrary to what many men think – sexual intercourse by itself is not likely to produce an orgasm. This is because intercourse alone is not very good at stimulating a woman’s clitoris. Most women need extra stimulation of the clitoris by fingers and/or mouth. Stimulation of the clitoris is the key to female orgasm.


When you do start to kiss, rub or stroke her genitals, do not rush for her clitoris. You need to 1st stimulate the area surrounding her clitoris especially at the 10 o’ clock and 2 o’ clock area, her inner thighs, her buttocks (which have lots of nerve endings), the outskirts of her anus, etc.


This is necessary in order to create the tension and anticipation as well as letting her clitoris to be prepared for your final assault. It is only when you observe her breathing gets more rapid, her body starts arching towards you which is the green light for you to offer direct stimulation of her clitoris. It is also a good idea to use her natural lubrication to moisten her clitoris so that the delicate female parts do not get sore. If she is over 40, you can use some additional lubrication from a chemist or sex shop.


So, do take note of these essential orgasm-triggers. The key is to be respectful towards your partner as creating a bond of intimacy can go a long way. If you need help on this journey of love, you can click on Hot Sex and Great Lover.

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Oral Sex – How To Spice It Up

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Do You Want To Make Her Cum Faster? 


Are you looking for ways to spice up oral sex? Figuring out how to enhance the pleasure of oral sex is not difficult. All you need is an open mind and a little creativity. You can bring in sex toys which can add an element of surprise and pleasure during oral sex. Think about it. Going down on her is always great, but imagine how much better it would be with the help of a vibrator or dildo to enhance her pleasure? And, that is what it is all about – enhancing her pleasure! Remember, being creative is the way to get her to higher and higher levels of orgasmic bliss.


Here is how to use sex toys to give your lover amazing orgasm during oral sex.


Discuss With Your Partner


Communication is the key to understand what your partner likes so that both of you will be in a win-win situation. You will feel good if you see her in orgasmic state and she will derive awesome pleasure from the toys add in to the oral session. You can accompany your partner to an adult toy store and let her pick out some of the things she will like to use during cunnilingus. If she is not so keen on the idea of using sex toys during the oral session, give her a little bit of time to get her warmed up to the idea first.


Communication doesn’t stop inside the bedroom. When you are performing oral on your partner, you need to read her body language. Moans are a good thing. Heavy breathing is a good thing. If she is lying there like a piece of wood, then you need to change your activities. You can also simply ask her what she likes as well. She shouldn’t have a problem sharing the information. Especially if she knows you are willing to use that information to get her off.


Variety And Creativity


Using oral sex toys and learning to get your girl off in general, is an ongoing process. It is always a good idea to spice things up and giving her wholesome fun and pleasure by using a variety of toys to stimulate the various parts of her body simultaneously.


For example, you can stimulate her clitoris with the vibrator or bullet toy, while licking on the nearby areas. You can also switch it up. Slide the toy inside her while you apply your tongue and lips to her clitoris. You could even go as far as stimulating her butt with the bullet while giving her pleasure with another toy on her clitoris.


The tongue vibrator is a wonderful choice that you can consider in the oral sex toy realm. You can also use a chin strap-on and/or chest harness to give her pleasure in a way that she has never experienced before. To give her extra pleasure, you can use flavored lubricant. Flavors range from chocolate to cinnamon or shockingly sour. One of the best is the cinnamon warming lube which warms when it is blown. It is also one of the more tasty varieties of lubricant.


Be creative by looking for new ways to use the toys to stimulate her. For example, you can use a massager as a vibrator too. You can choose a combination of maneuvers that are tailored to her pleasure in order to help her reach orgasm. It is up to you to keep an exploring mind while in the bedroom with her. Keeping that open mind will help you figure out how to better please your woman.


Foreplay Is Still Necessary


Though certain types of sex toys are designed to stimulate a specific part of the body, it is always a good idea to introduce the toy slowly during cunnilingus. It is never good to rely solely on a toy when you are performing oral sex on your partner. The vibration produce by some toys can be too powerful for her to take it initially. Too much stimulation too soon will cause a woman discomfort. First, make out and caress her body. Next, manually stimulate her clitoris and/or give her cunnilingus. Keep doing this until she lubricates.


When she is “hot”, then it is time to bring in the toy. Even then, you should start with using the toy to stimulate the surrounding areas (inner thighs, outer and inner vaginal lips and the base of the vagina) before moving to the clitoris or g-spot. If you are using the vibrator, start with low speed before you accelerate the speed when she is highly aroused. Once she reaches this stage, you can bring the toy to stimulate directly on her hot spots. The key to giving great oral sex is moving slowly and building anticipation.


Oral sex is a limitless way to give and receive pleasures. There are wide range of toys that allow for extra stimulation, as well as others to assist with oral sex and lubrication. It is important to find which products work the best for you and your partner and then build on those products.


Go to Dirty Harry’s Secrets and Endless Pleasure for inspiration, ideas and tools to have the most pleasuring oral sex that both you and your partner want.




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A Quick Way To Turn A Girl On And Make Her Orgasm

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Making Her Orgasm Fast Is Only A Click Away From Here 


Is your gal having difficulty in reaching orgasm lately? Are you looking for ways to spice sex up?


Have you ever considered using sex toys to add more fun into your bedroom? You may ask why there is the need to use sex toys.


Well, if properly used, sex toys can provide consistent and intense stimulation which sometimes our fingers, tongue may not be able to. Sex toys can also help to reach certain parts of the body that fingers or tongue may not be able to, such as those anal toys.


For women, a clitoral vibrator can help reach an orgasm much more effortlessly and quicker than manual or oral stimulation. For men, cock rings help facilitate and enhance erections and many men also enjoy the feeling of a vibrator used on them while with a partner.


If you are aiming to please your woman or to help her reach orgasm easily, a vibrator will be a good start to achieve this. The first thing to do is to find out which kind of vibrator is suitable for her.


The right shape, size, speed, or other variation can make a huge difference from woman to woman. Some like the small bullet style vibrators that have speed variations while others may like the slim g-spot vibrators that get straight to the point.


Other factors to consider are whether she wants a vibrator that offers an intense stimulation or one that offers slow stimulation. Some vibrators are made of metal, plastic and jelly. Metal vibrators tend to be the most intense; jelly tends to be the least intense; and plastic falls somewhere in the middle.


Ease of cleaning should be an important factor when choosing a vibrator for your woman. Cleanliness for sex toys is a must. Any germs on the sex toy can easily enter her body if it is used vaginally or anally.


I should mention that all rubber and jelly sex toys are impossible to sterilize. You can clean them with bleach but proper sterilization is impossible because of their physical makeup. Both hot water and bleach will actually break them down, so that they can become unusable with time.


This means that if you plan to use jelly or rubber sex toys on more than one partner, or if there is both anal and vaginal use in play, you will be putting your partner at risk without using a condom on the sex toys.


Though the vibrator can be designed to stimulate a specific part of a body, this does not mean you should go direct to her clitoris or g-spot. You still have to start out with some normal foreplay. Kiss her and play with her nipples. Spend enough time to make sure she is really wet.


You can also use the vibrator as a foreplay tool to tease your girl. Use it on her nipples, between the thighs but just above and around her vagina. This will drive her nuts with sexual desire and make subsequent intimate events a lot better.


The circumstances and stimulation under which orgasm will occur differs between women. Some can easily have g-spot orgasm while others require very specific placement, speed and pressure to orgasm.


Therefore when you want to please your woman with a vibrator, hitting the right spots is important. Try different areas on your woman with the vibrator. The nipples, the thighs and the vaginal lips are great places to start with until you figure out what spots work for her.


If possible, ask her what she likes or even to demonstrate how and where she likes to be stimulated. Once her hot spots are located, use the vibrator on them will send her into euphoria and give her pleasure beyond her wildest fantasies. Nothing turns a woman on more than her man pleasing her like she would do herself.


Once she gets used to the vibrator being pressed against the non-sexual parts of her body, you can place it directly over her clitoris. It is best to start very slowly and on the lowest vibration and work it up to the highest speed.


You can slide the vibrator into her vagina, starting with slow in-and-out movement and then to do this movement at a faster pace. Turn the vibration up so that it is vibrating harder as you are thrusting into her deeper and faster. This could mean a mind-blowing orgasm for her, along with the possibility of more than one orgasm.


However, this does not mean you should use the vibrator as the only tool to pleasure her during the whole session. You can alternate stimulating her clitoris with your mouth, fingers and the vibrator. The change in sensations will drive her wild. Once she has had enough, you can get in there and finish her off.


During intercourse, you still can continue to use the vibrator to make her orgasm again. When she is on top of you, slide the vibrator between your pelvis and hers. The vibrator will hit her clitoris just right while she grinds on top of you. When you enter her from behind, you can get her to use one of her hands to place the vibrator on her clitoris. If you have an extra vibrator, you can place it over her anal opening.


To get more ideas and help to please your woman sexually, do come and take a look at Dirty Harry’s Secrets and Uncle Ben’s Arsenal to see what they have prepared for you.


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