How to Get a Larger Penis Naturally






Whether your current size is about average or well above the average you still feel like you need a bigger one. That is completely natural. After all, when it comes to our manhood down there, bigger is always better.

For one, a bigger package can give you a natural boost in confidence that comes from you knowing you are head and shoulders above the competition. Women love bigger packages. They may not come right out and say it, but you can bet that they do.

This female preference for a bigger size penis has just been confirmed by a research done by Brian Mautz, formerly of the Australian National University in Canberra and published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Based on the survey done on 105 young Australian women, Dr. Mautz and his team of researchers found that male attractiveness is significantly influenced by penis size.  More specifically, they discovered that large penises are rated as relatively more attractive than smaller ones.

The results of the research may not be as superficial as they seem. Based on evolutionary principles, it could be possible that women look to penis size to judge a man’s appropriateness as a mate; the size of a man’s member may indicate an ability to sire and produce healthy and robust children (something that obviously tended to play a greater role before developed societies began wearing clothes).

Moreover, having a bigger penis will cut down worries about your performance in the bedroom. You will then be able to focus on the techniques that will make her orgasm. Another benefit from having a larger penis size is better control and stamina. These benefits are not caused by simply having a bigger penis. Instead, it is the results of exercising your way to naturally enlarging your penis size.

One of the proven and safest methods of naturally growing your penis size is through penile enlargement exercises. These exercises target both the PC muscle and the corpora cavernosa of your penis. By focusing on toning these muscles and chambers, you will build not only size, but also the strength and stamina of your penis, thus helping you to last longer in bed.

The PC muscle stretches from the pubic bone to the tail bone. If you want to feel where it is, you hold back your urination half way. The PC muscle is responsible for controlling both urination and ejaculation.

The corpora cavernosa on the other hand are the 2 chambers that run along the length of your penis. They are responsible for the length and thickness of your erect penis. When you are being sexually stimulated, the penile muscles will relax, allowing the corpora cavernosa to be completely filled with blood, bringing out a rock hard erection.

Based on the description of these two parts of your penis, I am sure you can now understand why penis exercises can endow you with a bigger package, as well as giving you a longer-lasting and stronger erection. In fact, men who have gone through these programs that teach them proper exercises that train these muscles report better stamina, better control of their ejaculation and stronger and harder erections. All these benefits should give you something to think about.

So in what way does this exercise help you to get a big penis and does the effect last only for as long as you exercise?

Of course, it will be much better if you can consistently exercise your muscles. This is because the more toned the muscles are, the better they will perform, and the longer they will stay in shape. But the gains from increased size of the chambers are permanent if you decide to stop this exercise.

What the exercise does is to stimulate the corpora cavernosa to produce new cells. This exercise will promote better blood flow into the corpora cavernosa and encourage new cells to form, helping you to gain both in the length and the girth of your penis. This is what makes exercise so effective and the results lasting

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What Are The Additional Benefits You Can Get From Penis Enlargement Exercises






Through your search online, you probably came across about some penis workout programs. You will probably wonder what can you get from these penis enlargement exercises, how do these exercises work to achieve the desired effects.


Here are the gains you can expect to get from penis enlargement exercises.


(1)   Achieve harder and longer erections


How does this happen:


One of the penis enhancement exercises is the Kegel exercises. The main objective of this exercise is to strengthen the PC muscle. The PC muscle is between your testicles and anus. The PC muscle is a group of pelvic muscles whose main functions are to control urination and ejaculation. By training these muscles regularly every day, you will eventually last longer in sex, get stronger and harder erections and can maximize the size of your penis as a result.


You contract these pelvic muscles as if you are holding back from urination, giving a slow count to five and then you relax them, also slowly counting to five. You repeat this contract-and-relax action for ten times in each session and you do at least three sessions every day.


By strengthening your PC muscles by means of Kegel exercises, you will be able to keep the largest amount of blood in your corpora cavernosa during an erection. The corpora cavernosa are 2 chambers that run the length of your penis which are also responsible for the size and the thickness of your penis when erect. This will not only help you maintain your erection, but also keep it at its absolute hardest and fullest without losing rigidity.


(2)   Achieve quicker erections


How does this happen:


Part of the reason for taking a longer time to achieve erection is due to poor blood circulation. Your penis depends on a large number of capillaries (small blood vessels) near its base which bring it blood to fill the chambers of your member with rich nutrients while it is hard.

When you have an erection, your brain is instructing your body to send a fast flow of blood to the penile area. Unless plenty of blood can reach and circulate around your penis, then your erection will take a longer time to happen. Therefore, it is entirely logical to conclude that improving circulation around the male sexual organ will allow you to achieve solid erections more regularly.

Penis enlargement exercises work to improve blood circulation to your member by increasing the capacity of the corpora cavernosa to hold more blood when you are sexually stimulated. This can be done by performing regular exercises to enlarge the corpora cavernosa.


One of the best exercises to achieve this is the Arabic Jelqing or Milking technique.  This should only be performed when the penis is 70 to 80% erected. To do this exercise, you use your thumb and forefinger to form a ring to encircle the lubricated, semi-erect penis at the base. Squeeze the penis with your fingers with moderate pressure and slide your hand down the length of the penis until you reach the glans (head). Each stroke should take around three seconds. When you reach the end of your shaft you should repeat the motion using alternating hands. The premise of this exercise is that the motion will allow more blood in and expand your corpora cavernosa and also as a result giving you a larger penis.


(3)   Achieve better ejaculatory control preventing premature ejaculation


How does this happen:


By using Kegel exercises to tone and strengthen the PC muscle, you will be able to have greater control over when you want to ejaculate. By doing this exercise regularly, you will be able to contract your PC muscle for a longer period of time. In doing so, when you feel you are about to ejaculate, you simply contract the PC muscle and hold it there until the feeling subsides. What contracting the PC muscle does is to constrict the passage way from the prostate gland (semen holder) to the urethra (penis shaft). When this passage way is being closed, ejaculation will be delayed.


(4)   Penis size increase is permanent


How does this happen:


Penile exercise is the most effective way to enlarge the penis with lasting results. This is the advantage of penis enlargement exercise over other methods like penis pumps which although it can give you a bigger penis within a short period of time but this size increase is only temporary.  If you want to continue to enjoy the result of a bigger penis, you will have to keep using the penis pump during each intercourse session. When you do stretching exercise on your penis, the penile tissue will get elongated, thus giving you a permanent increase in size.


The only drawbacks from penile exercise are – the results will be slower as compared to using a penis pump or extender and you need to be disciplined, persistent and patient when you perform the exercise routines.


How soon you can expect to see results will be dependent on how dedicated you are. Some men claim to see a 1/4″ to 1/2″ inch improvements as early as 2 weeks of exercising, and 1 to 3 inches within 3 to 12 months of doing the penile exercises. Aside from an increase in length, they have also noticed an increase in the girth and in the strength and quality of their erections.


One thing is definitely certain – the size of a man’s heart is more important than his penis as far as most women are concerned.  Still, since size is so important to men, you can learn more about what a high quality, trusted penis enlargement exercise program can do for you, by taking a look at How to Enlarge Penis Naturally or Penis Growth Guide.

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Guide For Couples – Best Way To Female Orgasm






How to turn a woman on in bed? How to please her sexually? How to get an orgasm for your woman in the most effective way? How to increase her chances of having an orgasm? Read on further for answers to these questions.


Click On This Video Link To Understand More About Female Orgasm


(1)   Encourage her to do Kegel exercise (to make vagina tighter)


Kegel exercise, also known as pelvic floor muscles training, is done to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, which support the uterus, bladder, small intestine and rectum. Kegel exercise is helpful for women who want a tighter vagina. The exercise is widely used as a standard technique to help women who have orgasm difficulty.


First she has to identify the right muscles to squeeze and let go. Ask her to slip one or two fingers inside her vagina. Get her to squeeze the vaginal wall muscles against her fingers. If she feels her fingers been squeezed, she is exercising the right muscles for the Kegel exercise. She has to do this squeeze and release exercises a few times a day. This exercise is very convenient because she can do this at any place and any time she wants.


Click On This Video Link On How To Do Kegel Exercise For Women


To help her in doing kegel exercises, you can get her some tools such as kegel exerciser, vaginal tightening cream, Ben Wa Balls or a dildo. You can also go online to get her a self-help book on vagina tightening.


(2)   Train yourself to last longer in bed


The reason you need to do this as a guy is because women tend to take a longer than men to reach orgasm. Here are a few ways you can go about in getting you to last longer than your woman in order to make sure she orgasms before you.


You can also do Kegel exercise which is good for your sexual health. This exercise is very helpful for men who men who experience premature ejaculation. Besides helping men to last longer in sex, this exercise is been used to achieve a stronger erection.


To do Kegel exercise, you will contract the muscles below the bladder that control urination. You do this for a slow count of five. Then you release the muscles to a slow count of five. You repeat this for ten times in each session. Each day you do three sessions, one each on the morning, afternoon and evening.


Click On This Video Link On How To Do Kegel Exercise For Men


Another way is to master the start-and-stop masturbation technique. You stroke yourself until you are quite close to ejaculation and then stop to cool it off. After another minute, you repeat this start-and-stop action. You do this for six times on a daily basis. You should start to see results after four to six weeks.


You can try the penis-grip method by squeezing the penis head with your thumb and forefinger. This will push blood out of the penis and momentarily reduces sexual tension and slows down the ejaculatory response.


You can also get a fleshlight (male masturbator sleeve) which is shaped like a flashlight, with its long handle and a wide base at the other end. To use a fleshlight, you insert your penis into the opening and simply stroke up and down. Because the fleshlight is designed to emulate a real vagina as much as possible, repeated usage can help to lessen the sensitivity of the penis tip. This will help you to delay ejaculation.


When you are quite close to ejaculation during intercourse, you can apply pressure on the perineum (the mid-point between scrotum and anus). This will stop ejaculation because this spot reaches through to the prostate gland which expands and contracts to force out seminal fluid.


Other ways are gently pulling down on your scrotum and doing shallow penetration (not more than three inches inside) during intercourse.


(3)   Clitoral stimulation


Most women do not reach orgasm through vaginal penetration. This is because the normal missionary position does not offer much opportunity for clit stimulation. The following are a few ways to stimulate the clitoris.


(a)   Manual stimulation


First, you get some lubricant to apply over your fingertips and clitoris. You place your index and middle fingers close together over the top of her clitoris and rub her in circular motion.


You can also squeeze the clitoral hood with your index and middle fingers and gently rub it up and down at a consistent speed.


You can also place a thumb over the clitoral hood. To secure this position, you insert tow fingers inside her. You massage her clitoris using your thumb in a circular motion.


(b)   Oral stimulation


For the start, you will spend more time licking and kissing her inner thighs, the lining along the vaginal lips and the area surrounding her clit. When she is quite highly aroused, you will concentrate more on licking her clitoris. You can also add a little more pressure by placing her clitoral hood between your lips and sucking on it. If she is able to take in more, you can lift up her clitoral hood to directly lick and suck on the clit. You can vary your touch according to her preference. Some prefer a light touch while others require a firm but gentle touch.


( c) Sex toys


You can also include the use of dildos, vibrators and butt plugs. Some sex toys are designed with clitoral stimulation in mind. These include the rabbit vibrator which has flap that can knead the clitoral region during penetration. The clitoral massager is also an ideal tool for offering the pleasure she needs for toe-curling orgasms. Other fun aids to use for oral sex are edible panties, tie and cuff set, flavored gels and role-playing.


For more ideas to get your woman the best orgasm, read on more from Hot Sex and Give Her Mind-Blowing Orgasms.

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