How to Really Get Deep Pain Relief the Fastest


How to Really Get Deep Pain Relief the Fastest  -  Read on to find out How the Sun HEALS Your Pain and Allow You to Get Deep Pain Relief.
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Want to get deep pain relief and take a permanent vacation… from your pain?


Right now, imagine lying back on the beach… soaking up bright rays of sun without a care in the world. You feel great… and for good reason.


Those wonderful rays of sunshine are warming you from the inside out. You feel energized yet relaxed as you absorb the soothing heat.


Aches and pains fade away like an old memory. Even dark clouds of worry and depression are chased away as the power of the sun takes over.

Wouldn’t you love to enjoy this vacation right now?


Well the good news is… YOU CAN!


How the Sun HEALS Your Pain and Allow You to Get Deep Pain Relief


Sunlight travels 93 million miles through cold outer space to reach our planet. Whether the sun appears bright in the sky or is shadowed by clouds, visible rays light up your side of the planet during the day. Other rays, unseen by the naked eye, accompany this visible sunlight.


You’ve heard of the very low wavelength ultraviolet rays like UVA, UVB, and UVC that can cause sunburn and skin cancer from overexposure.

But… it’s the completely safe, invisible rays of high wavelength energy on the opposite side of the visible spectrum of sunlight you need to know about…


These are the rays that provide the deep healing heat you feel right down to your bones on a bright sunny day… the rays of solar energy called “far infrared”.


Most sources of heat are ambient. This means they warm the air around you with heat that barely penetrates your skin. Or they burn your skin as you try to get warm by direct contact.


Far infrared is very different. The long wavelength of far infrared allows the energy to pass right through your skin – as much as 3 inches deep – and gently warms you from the inside out.


Aching muscles, creaking joints and hard-to-reach painful spots throughout your body get the full soothing effect of the heat. Pain that ordinary heat sources can’t touch is wiped away with mere minutes of exposure to far infrared.


And that’s just the start…


How to Switch Major Healing ON Fast


When you warm yourself with deep penetrating far infrared rays, it’s like “switching on” several major healing functions that may have been lying dormant inside of you.


First of all, far infrared expands your capillaries. Stagnant blood starts moving again. Crucial oxygen and nutrients are delivered throughout your body. And built up waste and toxins are carried away for removal.


Soon your muscles and joints start to relax. Muscle tension, joint pain and stiffness fade away. Gentle stretching after exposure to far infrared begins to enable greater flexibility and range of motion.


And in addition to its unsurpassed pain-fighting power, scientific studies show far infrared can even help you:


  1. FIGHT fatigue, pain and sleep problems


 After several sessions of thermal treatment using far infrared, patients at The Masuda Clinic in Japan felt more energized


  1. Promote FASTER wound healing 


Researchers at Kansai Medical University used far infrared treatments to see if it would heal skin wounds faster. It did!


  1. Keep your cells HEALTHY


German scientists in Munich conducted trials on over 2200 patients. They found far infrared effective for removing abnormal cell growth!




That’s right, as your core body temperature is raised by far infrared heat, your body burns off more calories as it works to keep your temperature equilibrium. It’s kind of like exercising… without the exercise!


Now Get Far Infrared Healing – Anytime, Anywhere!


As much as we’d love to hang out on the beach soaking up the sun all year long, that’s not always practical.


Unless you live in a southern state like California, Texas or Florida… or a country near the equator like Indonesia, Ecuador or Costa Rica… the sun’s rays simply aren’t powerful enough most of the year.


And even if you live in a warm climate, your pain won’t wait for the occasional storm clouds to roll away.


That’s why I’m excited to tell you how to harness the healing power of the sun – even if you’re stuck indoors in the middle of a blizzard – with your personal far infrared heating pad.


When you have your own far infrared heating pad, you’re only moments away from deep, soothing healing heat.


And when you have the only far infrared heating pad with the Healthy Back Institute’s Seal of Approval, you’ll rest easy knowing it’s…


  • Easy to use with adjustable heat settings for perfect comfort
  • Flexible so you can mold it to any area of your body needing relief
  • Constructed with real Jade stones for consistent far infrared distribution
  • Free of harmful electric magnetic fields (EMF) that plague other heating pads
  • Built to last with guaranteed quality


Isn’t it time for you to get deep pain relief and send your pain on permanent vacation?


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By Jesse Cannone – Creator of the International Best-Selling Back Pain Treatment Program “Lose the Back Pain System” and Best-Selling Book “The 7 Day Back Pain Cure”


Unlike most treatments which only deliver temporary relief, if any at all, muscle balance therapy delivers lasting relief to 8 out of 10 people who use it because it addresses the underlying cause of the pain, not just the symptoms.

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Here are 7 Black Currant Benefits for Absolutely Perfect Vision


Here are 7 Black Currant Benefits for Absolutely Perfect Vision - Black currants contain gamma linolenic acid (GLA), which is associated with improvements in skin conditions like eczema, premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and strengthening hair. Do you know that black currants are also great for achieving perfect vision?
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Nature’s #1 Way for Perfect Vision?


Move over blueberries… because black currants — another variety of small, deeply colored berry — are emerging as a modern-day powerhouse fruit for your health, especially your eyesight.


Black currants contain gamma linolenic acid (GLA), which is associated with improvements in skin conditions like eczema, premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and strengthening hair.


Plus, with more than three times the vitamin C as oranges and some of the highest antioxidant anthocyanin levels of any fruit, black currants have been found to help prevent joint inflammation and urinary tract infections, lower the risk of heart disease, boost brain and immune function and even slow down aging.


According to a study published in The Journal of Nutrition, it was found that black currants have higher levels of total antioxidants than many other fruits, including cranberries, blueberries and grapes.


This is important because one type of antioxidant they contain, anthocyanins, are responsible for some of black currants’ most striking health benefits (as well as their deep purple color). This includes their powerful role in protecting your vision.


Black Currants May Help You See Better in the Dark which is Essential for Perfect Vision


One of the first vision declines that many experience as they hit their 40s and 50s is difficulty seeing in the dark. If you’ve ever been stuck not being able to read the menu in a dimly-lit restaurant, you know what we’re talking about.


When researchers studied the effects of one type of anthocyanin, cyanidin-3-glucoside (C3G), they found people taking it had significant improvements in their ability to see in the darkness.


What made this study especially remarkable, however, was that among those taking a 50-mg dose of black currants, the improvement occurred after just 30 minutes!


You can find C3G in its highest concentration in dark berries like black currants, but this is far from the only vision benefit that these berries offer.


More Black Currant Benefits: Vision-Promoting Properties


The anthocyanins in black currants have been found to increase blood flow to your eyes as well as help prevent oxidation, which is important since your eyes are under constant stress from ultraviolet light, computer screens and other strains, placing them at high risk of oxidative stress.

They’re also known to help reduce eye fatigue and increase visual acuity.


Still more research supports the use of black currant anthocyanins for specific eye conditions, such as glaucoma, cataracts and macular degeneration (a progressive disease of the retina where the light-sensing cells in the central area of vision – the macula – stop functioning and eventually die), as well as promoting night vision and possibly helping nearsightedness.


As written in TotalHealth Magazine:


” … these highly colored plant pigments [anthocyanins] nourish the retina. Night vision depends on the retina’s ability to constantly regenerate visual purple (rhodopsin), and anthocyanins serve as “building blocks” for this important substance … When subjects with normal vision supplemented with either black currant or bilberry extract, it was found the acuity of their nighttime vision improved, as did the speed at which they adjusted to darkness and the rate at which they recovered from blinding glare. However, it is important to bear in mind that positive results in trials required the ingestion of 50 mg or more per day of anthocyanins.


… Another area of benefit involves the inducement of short distance vision and/or its aggravation or exacerbation if already present. Continual close range visual tasking, such as extended viewing of computer screens, leads to the development of tension of the ciliary smooth muscle, which impairs the eye’s refractory adjustment function.


One result is axial length elongation, an aspect of myopia or “nearsightedness.” Bilberry extracts may help counter axial length elongation and at least one in vivo test provides evidence black currant is superior to bilberry in this regard. Related to ciliary smooth muscle tension is visual fatigue. As most computer users know well, the fatigue of the eyes can extend to the neck, head, arms, shoulders and lower back. Anthocyanin ingestion may be helpful.”


50 mg of Black Currants Plus 12 Additional Nutrients for Your Eyes …


Much of the research surrounding black currants’ vision benefits suggest that 50 mg appears to be the “magic number” at which the benefits begin. That’s why we’ve included a full 50 mg of black currants — the same dose used in clinical studies — in our  Healthy Eyes Essentials Kit.


But that’s not all. Healthy Eyes Essentials is a potent vision-saving supplement that contains 13 clinically backed nutrients, at the maximum dose you need to strengthen your vision. It works by feeding your eyes the nutrients they need for genuine eye health and vision support so you can…


  • Prevent age-related vision problems — and ward off cataracts… glaucoma… and macular degeneration — common to older folks


  • Improve your night vision — and feel at ease behind the wheel once again!


  • Shield your eyes from harmful UV rays — nature’s “internal sunglasses” block eye-killing sunlight!


  • Prevent free radicals from attacking your macula — and protect the area of your retina that helps you read fine print!


  • Boost circulation of healthy blood flow for optimal eye health — and keep blood vessels — even the smallest capillaries in your eyes — supple and full of elasticity


  • And enjoy DECADES of sharp, clear vision — well into your 90s and beyond!


These remarkable nutrients include black currants plus:


  • Lutein and zeaxanthin
  • Bilberry extract
  • Vitamins A, C and E
  • Riboflavin (vitamin B2)
  • Copper
  • Selenium
  • Astaxanthin
  • Alpha-lipoic acid (ALA)
  • Grape seed extract


Only the Healthy Eyes Essentials formula gives you these nutrients — at the MAXIMUM dosage required — to experience the same results as clinical studies!


Plus, the second part of the kit contains the See Your Way Clearly audio CD to help you relax your eyes, getting a break from the constant stress they’re under and helping you improve your focus, eliminate eyestrain and ease eye fatigue in just 30 minutes a day.


When used together, you’ll nourish your eyes and relax the overworked muscles in your eyes (and your body) — so you can experience healthy vision once again! If you want to protect your eyesight, black currant is a phenomenal start … but when you combine it with the nutrients and relaxation strategies in the Eye Health Essentials Kit, it becomes truly remarkable…


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By Jesse Cannone – Creator of the International Best-Selling Back Pain Treatment Program “Lose the Back Pain System” and Best-Selling Book “The 7 Day Back Pain Cure”


Unlike most treatments which only deliver temporary relief, if any at all, muscle balance therapy delivers lasting relief to 8 out of 10 people who use it because it addresses the underlying cause of the pain, not just the symptoms.

If you are suffering from any type of back pain, neck pain or sciatica, I urge you to learn more about this breakthrough new treatment. Click HERE to learn more

What is proper scar prevention?



Though reducing the visibility of scars is possible, proper scar prevention is always better. This requires proper treatment of fresh scars to shorten the healing time so that they will not leave behind any permanent marks on your skin.
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Nobody likes to have scars on them. But some people are not so lucky and are quite prone to scarring. Scars are a normal part of healing process for the skin. Scarring is seldom a health concern but it can affect one’s confidence and self-esteem.


Most scars fade or improve within two years of injury, but severe injuries or improper treatment of wounds may leave permanent marks on your skin. Due to this reason, it is better to deal with a fresh cut properly to prevent scars from forming and becoming permanent.


However, what is considered to be proper scar prevention is still hotly debated. So, how then can you know if you are doing the right thing in preventing scars formation? Doing the wrong thing can only slow down the healing process of your wound and worsen the scar.


However, if you want to practise proper scar prevention so that you will have scar-free skin later, here are some tips to follow:


1) Do not over-use hydrogen peroxide. You can use alcohol or hydrogen peroxide to clean your fresh wound. But you can only do this for once, because repeat applying of hydrogen peroxide to a wound will kill the newly forming skin cells. This will slow down the healing process and make your scar much worse in the end. The proper way is to clean the wound once with hydrogen peroxide, then apply an antibacterial ointment such as  Neosporin to keep the wound moist and clean.


2) Cover your wound with some gauze or an adhesive bandage. This is very important to prevent your wound from being infected. During the initial healing stage, you should keep the wound moist by covering it in an antibacterial ointment. This will allow the wound to heal faster and prevent scar from appearing later.


As your wound heals, there is going to be a scab formation. Scabs are meant to shelter a wound while it is still healing. You should not peel away the scab because this will leave you with permanent scar later.


3) Avoid exposing your wound to the sun. Fresh wounds and scars are very sensitive to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. They can get burnt very easily by the sunlight and will ultimately become discoloured, making the scars much more visible. To prevent this from happening, you should apply sun block or sunscreen on the wounds and scars.


4) Avoid using Vitamin E. Recent studies have shown that vitamin E applied to a wound may actually impair healing.


There are many more methods to prevent and treat scarring that can keep you scar-free after skin damage. Proper treatment of fresh scars can shorten the healing time and reduce the visibility of scars.


If you are already beyond this point, do not give up hope yet, because you can still get rid of scars at any age with the proper treatment program.  Natural scar removal is always possible, but preventing it from appearing and becoming permanent is of course better.


To find out more about proper scar prevention and natural scar removal, you can click on The Scar Solution.  It is the most effective scar removal product currently available.  It is all natural and results are guaranteed!


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The role of Alpha Hydroxyl Acids in Treating Brown Spots



Alpha Hydroxyl Acids are good in treating brown spots, but side effects may appear during the exfoliation process or afterwards. If you want a safe, cheap and natural way to remove your brown spots for ever, you can learn how to use natural ingredients to prepare skin whitening recipes which will help you remove brown spots from the skin naturally in a matter of days.
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One of the largest organs in your body is the skin. How you treat your skin will reflect on its appearance. One of the things you need to understand that exposure to sun can heighten the occurrence of dark brown spots significantly.


This is because ultraviolet rays can penetrate into your skin and stimulate extra melanin pigments growth. This excess amount of melanin in your body will eventually turn into brown spots.


Though brown spots don’t cause you any pain or discomfort, still nobody wants to live with them. They are an unsightly appearance on your face and may even hurt your self-confidence.


For this reason, many people who have to cope with such skin imperfections are looking for ways to get rid of brown spots fast and safe without any side effects.


One of the most common methods to remove brown spots is by way of exfoliation of the upper layers of skin using chemical peels or creams containing AHAs or alpha hydroxyl acids.


During exfoliation the dead skin cells and the oil that cause pores to plug and lead to problems like blackheads and whiteheads will be removed, revealing the soft, smooth skin underneath.


What are Alpha Hydroxyl Acids (AHAs) actually? AHAs is basically a group of organic acids derived from various sources such as, grapes, apples, sugar cane, maple, pineapple, papaya, willow bark, lemon, lime, sour milk, blackberries, yoghurt and cider, and play an important role in skin care.


Alpha Hydroxyl Acids can balance overall skin tone and moisturize the skin. However, its greatest benefit is as a topical exfoliating agent. AHAs slough away the dead, dry and unhealthy skin cells at the surface of your skin. This increases cell turnover and ultimately causes newer, fresher, healthier skin to appear more rapidly.


There are actually many different types of Alpha Hydroxyl Acids. Citric Acid is found in citrus fruits. Malic Acid is found in apples. Tartaric Acid is found in grapes. Mandelic acid is found in almonds is more suitable for oily skin.


The two most common Alpha Hydroxyl Acids utilized in skin care products for treating brown spots are Glycolic Acid (found in sugar cane) and Lactic Acid (found in sour milk).  These substances are mainly used in dermatological offices under medical supervision.


In the skin care clinic, the dermatologist will apply creams containing higher or lower concentrations of substance (depending on the severity of the issue) on the skin, to remove the surface layer of the damaged skin. After the treatment, the dead skin peels away, allowing healthier, clearer skin to emerge.


There are also some AHA home-care bleaching creams, although their effectiveness is debatable. Their effectiveness depends on the type and concentration of the AHA, its pH (acidity), and other ingredients in the product.


Alpha Hydroxyl Acids become effective at concentrations of about 7% to 8% with a pH of 3.5 to 4.0. Many AHA-containing cosmetic products have very little skin renewal effects because the AHA concentrations are too low and the pH is too high.


First-time users may notice a slight stinging sensation, which is normal. If irritation appears, do not give up just yet. If redness, dryness, or irritation occurs, cut down the frequency to once a day (preferably at night) for the first few weeks. After prolonged use (4-6 weeks), you can apply the AHA more frequently, and eventually it can be used twice a day.


However, for some people it may only be necessary to use the Alpha Hydroxyl Acids once a day or once every other day. The frequency you should Alpha Hydroxyl Acids (AHAs) is dependent on how your skin reacts so you may have to experiment with this product.


Normal to dry skin benefits most from AHA products. If you have oily skin, you may want to consider treatment with a beta hydroxy acid (BHA) instead. Unlike BHAs, AHAs are water soluble and cannot penetrate pores. The exception is mandelic and malic acids, which have some studies to support their usefulness in managing oily skin problems.


Those with super sensitive skin should be wary of using any sort of acid treatment. Sensitive skin types should begin with a lower concentration and gradually work up to higher percentages to minimize potential skin irritation. Higher concentrations of an AHA product (over 15%) should only be utilized under the supervision of a skin care professional.


A good test to see how skin will react to the alpha hydroxyl acids is to apply some to the wrist. Wait 24 hours and monitor the reaction of the skin. If there is redness which persists for longer than a day or so then this is probably not the right treatment. Common reactions to extra sensitive skin are blistering or persistent redness.


One thing you have to take note is Alpha Hydroxyl Acids can increase the skin’s sensitivity to the sun. For this reason, always use a broad spectrum UVA/UVB blocking sunscreen which has a sun protection factor of at least 30.


Alpha Hydroxyl Acids are good in treating brown spots, but side effects may appear during the exfoliation process or afterwards. If you want a safe, cheap and natural way to remove your brown spots for ever, then click on Safe Effective Spots Removal. You will find out from there all you need to know about skin color and skin whitening, as well as some precious recipes which will help you remove brown spots from the skin naturally in a matter of days.


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What causes Skin Spots on Your Face and Body?



No matter which factor is responsible for your skin spots, you can remove them safely and easily with natural products in just a matter of weeks. You will not experience any side effects and your skin will be white and radiant once again!
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Skin spots are not actually harmful. They are sometimes referred to as age or liver spots. Most of the time, this skin condition becomes an annoying problem only when a person is conscious about the way he or she looks, especially for those who desperately want a clean, spotless skin.


Skin spots that are brown in color can be caused by a multitude of reasons. Freckles, rashes, moles, pregnancy, hormones, age, exposure to the sun, and other factors are cited as some of these factors. In most cases, this type of skin condition is called hyperpigmentation, in which dark spots appear in a certain areas of the skin as a result of a melanin increase.


The good news is that these spots can be treated. Laser technology, bleaching creams and exfoliation are some of the available treatments which you can make use of to get rid of skin spots.


But before actually starting to treat the different types of Skin Spots you will need to figure out how you personally came to have this skin conditions. Perhaps this is due too much time in the sun. Only you will know the answer. Now once you have isolated the cause then you can now move on to treat your skin spots.


Here’s a look at what causes skin spots on the face and body.


Skin spots caused by sun


Sun is the main factor triggering dark skin spots. When your skin is exposed to sun rays the production of melanin increases significantly. Melanin is what determines the pigment of your skin and the more that is present, the darker the skin becomes.


This is the reason you become tan but it also leads to skin discolorations in many people. Most people who develop spots this way will get them in places like the face, arms, back and shoulders.  In some areas the damage is so bad that the brown spots remain permanently on the skin.


For this reason it is highly important to protect the skin from the damaging action of the solar rays. Wear hats to cover your head and face, or apply high SPF (sun protection factor of at least 30) lotions to create a screen between the solar rays and the skin.


Use protection no matter if you are taking a walk in the park, go shopping or lie on the beach. It will be best if you can avoid staying outdoors for too long, at between 10 am to 3 pm, when the sun rays are their strongest.


Skin spots caused by age


As we become older, we will experience some specific signs of aging such as wrinkles, brown spots and loose skin. Nobody like this to happen, but not to worry because you can make the brown skin spots go away or at least diminish their frequency and their intense color by specific treatments (bleaching or exfoliation). Also, drinking about 8 glasses of water and having a balanced diet will postpone the apparition of brown skin spots and will diminish their size and intensity.


Skin spots caused by hormonal imbalances


Not all the factors triggering brown spots are external. Indeed, hormonal imbalances can also cause skin spots. This is especially so for pregnant women and other women who undergo treatments with estrogen. Skin spots appear as your body adjusts to having more hormones being thrown into it.


As you can see, the causes of brown skin spots and hyperpigmentation are multiple. Therefore, you have to know exactly which specific factor triggers your skin problem before you treat it, so that you will know exactly how to approach it.


No matter what factor is responsible for your skin spots, you can remove them safe and easy with natural products. Try learning how to make and use these simple, fast and effective natural recipes by clicking on Skin Whitening Forever and your brown skin spots will be gone in a matter of weeks. You will not experience any side effects and your skin will be white and radiant once again!


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