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Do you know what turns a woman on? What makes her a bit of a cold fish in bed? How to bring sexy back into your bedroom? How to make her love sex again so that you can have as much as you want to? You can have the sex life you want and bring the pleasure back into lovemaking with these tips.


(1)   Make her feel at ease


One of the reasons she never initiates sex is because of her fear of rejection. For a woman, self-esteem is one of the most important things to have in order to feel at ease when she is in bed with a man. To reduce her anxieties you need to do what women do when they want sex.


You need to show her you are up for it by sending out subtle signals. This will mean creating an atmosphere where she is quite sure she will not be rejected. This can be as simple as lighting a couple of candles, or dimming the lights, playing her favorite sexy music, feeding her chocolate-flavored cream or strawberries and talking dirty to her. The key is in creating a relaxed but suggestive atmosphere conducive for a night of wild sex.


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(2)   Be creative


After a few years, it is easy to find the whole game of sex monotonous if you do not create new ways to enjoy each other in bed. When one of you get bored, you may have trouble getting an erection or she may have difficulty in reaching orgasm. The best way to overcome this is to be opened to each other’s new ideas about the things both of you like to try.


To prevent being knocked back, you can turn your requests into a game. You can alternate weeks of who is responsible for coming up with ideas, fantasies and new positions. This way your partner will not feel pressurized. If she gets stuck, there is wide choice of sex manuals, magazines and videos available for both of you to browse.


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(3)   Give her oral pleasure


If she does not orgasm often, this may be due to insignificant stimulation. No matter how much she wants it, she may be too shy to let you know just how hot it makes her to have your mouth down there. In order to get her off, head south. One study found women who experience multiple orgasms usually have the first orgasm after cunnilingus, rather than intercourse or manual pleasure.


The tongue is the perfect instrument for stimulating the clitoris. Instead of making her beg for oral sex, learn to be best in performing cunnilingus and give it to her without her ever having to ask. To spice things up, you can try different positions for oral sex, such as licking her from behind or letting her sit on your face. You can also get an oral kit to enhance your performance. This will add an element of variety to giving your lover a climax orally, making her want more and more.


(4)    Be romantic


It is easy to take your partner for granted if both of you are too busy with the daily routines. Make an arrangement to set aside some moments for some dirty romancing. Strike a deal with one of the many relatives you are always in contact with: one Saturday a month, they watch your kids for the night while you and your wife go on a date and you return the favor the next Saturday.


Romance her as you would during courtship days. Her identity is more than just wife or mother and she needs the assurance of your love as well. Intimacy is often more important to a woman than sex. Letting her feel important as a woman and person, and helping her feel emotionally close to you, is what that can fuel her drive to have more sex with you.


(5)   Getting fit together


Working out with your woman and treating this activity as fat-burning foreplay can raise her dopamine (good-feeling hormone) levels and ease her anxieties. Besides this, your post-exercise sweat will contain traces of androstadienone, a testerone derivative that spikes her arousal when she smells it.


Use these tips to tune in with each other’s needs and what follows next will be more explosive than both of you ever imagine.


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How Can I Get A Girl Wet





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Have you been wondering what women want from men? Are you looking for ways to increase female sexual desire? If you want to get lucky on a regular basis with females, you need to find out or learn about the ways and things women like. Once you are able to master these, getting her in the mood will be as easy as flicking the switch. When she is aroused, she will be very responsive to your stimulation even before she is naked. Here are some tips that will get her excited to jump into bed with you.


(1)   Make her feel loved


Women sexual response works differently from men. They do not get aroused immediately when you touch her breasts, so you need to take time to get her in the mood. First, you need to put her in the right mind-set that you love her, and that even though you want to have sex with her, you need to appreciate her beyond her sexuality. In fact in trying to get your girl horny, it is not just body contacts, but also the way you treat her in your daily life. Thus, the first step is for you to treat her nicely and respect her as someone you love.


One of the ways you can do is to give sincere and specific compliments. Compliment her feminine side like her kindness, her caring nature, the way she smiles, or the cute thing she does with her hair. Some of the best aspects to compliment a girl are her eyes, hair, lips, her fragrance and her voice. Here are some examples: “I love the way you smell”, “I love the sound of your voice”.


(2)   Set a romantic mood


To start on the right note, you can pamper or surprise her with a gift that touches her heart, not necessary to be expensive stuff. Instead, get her something small that is meaningful to her or your relationship in general.


A romantic mood can be fostered through the use of candles, lightings, music, or soft sheets. Be sure to choose your music wisely because this can make or break the mood. Make an iPod playlist to run throughout the night, something that can fill the background. The music should vary throughout the evening. Start out soft yet upbeat, no dance or rap, and let it continue to mellow out as the night progresses. You can also slow-dance with your girl to get the juices flowing.


(3)   Touch her sensually


Start by kissing gently and touching your tongue against hers. Lean closer to her and press her body against yours while kissing. Run your hand through her hair while you put the other hand on her back. Kiss her passionately on the base of the neck. Give a little nibble on her earlobes as well. Run your hands over your woman’s clothes up and around her breasts. Do not touch her breasts yet. You run your hand right along the underside of her breast where it is more sensitive. At this point, your aim is to heat her up gradually.


You can touch her naturally by way of giving her a sensual massage. Massage can work like magic for getting a woman horny. You start off by gently massaging her shoulders and hands. Try using some massage oil. Use the oil sparingly and all over her body but not on her private areas. Massage her feet, calves, thighs, back and arms. As you are nearing the end of your massage, pay special attention to her thighs. Sensual massage will turn a woman on every time. While touching her, you can talk dirty to her as this can cause her to feel very sensual too.


By now, she should be ready and wanting more of everything from you. Are you willing to do whatever it takes to give her the best sex she ever had? Read on more from Hot Sex and Turn Her On if you want to make sex more exciting.

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How To Get Girlfriend To Enjoy Sex With You




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How to arouse a girl or the woman you love? This can be a challenge to a lot of guys. It is a process of putting her mind at ease and providing stimulation to her senses. Here are some ways to arouse your woman.


How To Arouse Her Mind


Female sexual response is very different from male sexual response. There is one thing that all women can definitely agree on when it comes to female orgasm. A woman’s ability to reach orgasm tends to be more closely tied to her emotional state and feelings of warm towards her partner. If you can seduce her brain, chances are her body will follow.


You can start by complimenting her on something she worked hard on such as her hair or wardrobe. You can also say something good about her body, even if she is a bit overweight. The main thing is to make her feel comfortable when naked. If she does not feel this way she will not get aroused. Counter everything negative she says about her body by letting her know it is those things that make her great and unique. The key is to make her feel good and embrace her flaws, avoiding saying anything negative. Best sex occurs when both of you feel comfortable with each other. If she is not worried about her own flaws, she will be able to concentrate and reach orgasm.


Another way to arouse her mind is to talk dirty to her. This can be incredibly erotic and can give boost to your sex life. To be an effective dirty talker will take a bit of practice and perseverance. There are 2 keys elements for successfully integrating dirty talk into your sex life. The 1st is the content which is supposed to turn her on. The 2nd is the way you talk – your tone and volume. You can start by reading her an erotic story or fiction to get her into the mood. Another way to engage in dirty talk is by way of sexy texts, sextings or emails.


You can arouse her mind by engaging in role play if this can turn her on. Fantasy can be loads of fun and leads to mental arousal as well. You can start by discussing each other’s inner most sexual desires. Once she is comfortable with this, you can incorporate these sexual desires into your sex life. The most important things to have in a role play are what your fantasy consists of, where does it need to occur and what props are needed.


How To Arouse Her Physically


Start slowly to make the arousal last. Do not rush into sex. Maybe you can start caressing her and kissing her. Take the time to give her a back rub, shoulder or foot massage, or other relaxing act to help begin the arousal process.


Touching on those areas of her body that are usually ignored can arouse her a lot more than those usual sex centers. Light kisses and occasional flick of the tongue on her ear lobes can drive her crazy. Her neck is also an area that is highly responsive to touch. You brush your lips from her collarbone to her jaw, then give her neck big, warm kisses will make her body tingle from the sensation. The buttocks are packed with nerve endings. To give her a surprising jolt of pleasure, spread your fingers wide and squeeze both buttocks firmly.


Any foldable parts of the body are great erogenous zones which are often overlooked such as the inner folds between the upper arms and forearms, the back of the knees, the inner folds between the thighs and pubic region. As these areas can be quite ticklish, the pressure of touch on them should be light because too heavy pressure could send her giggling away. If you are able to know the areas of the body that can arouse her easily, concentrate your touching on these areas. If you are unsure, do not be afraid to get her feedback to find out what works best for her.


By now the most private of her parts should get the message from her highly stimulated brain which will trigger the release of more hormones into the blood stream, and make her wet. Blood flow to the lower part of her body increases and the whole area particularly the clitoris becomes super sensitive. So be gentle on the clitoris and give more of your initial attention on the areas around her clitoris using your lips, tongue and even chin to rub against. Steady clitoral contact is essential to female orgasm. But without adequate lubrication, it can become uncomfortable. Apply some lubricant on her clitoris to prevent this area from getting sore as a result of prolonged rubbing.


After you have finished you are still not done. Show her affection after your lovemaking is over. If she likes to cuddle or talk after sex, fulfill her needs. If you can do this, it will always make her look forward to the next intimate moment with you. By then, she could be the one initiating the lovemaking most of the time.


Now that you have some ideas on how to turn her on, so you can practice these methods from today onwards to make sex satisfying for both of you. If you are keen for more ideas on how to pleasure her, you can click on Hot Sex and Naughty Ideas


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How To Have A Sexually Satisfied Girlfriend


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What are the common characteristics of sexually satisfied women? What can you do to give her maximum sexual pleasure? Read on.


The Common Traits Of Women Who Have A Happy Sex Life


(1)   She has a high sexual appetite


The meaning of sex to a woman is more than just intercourse. When a woman craves for more sex, what she actually wants is to feel loved. One of the ways to make her feel wanted is to tell her she is hot, sexy, and gorgeous and that you cannot wait to be alone with her and mean it. Another way is to pay attention to her needs and work to satisfy most of her needs.


(2)   She feels she is a sexy woman


Satisfied women are sexually confident of themselves. They believe their partners find them extremely sexy. How to boost her confidence? The first thing to do is not to criticize her appearance. A woman will not feel sexy and comfortable enough to show you her body if she is worried that you think she is fat, ugly or plump. A woman can even get turn on without you touching her if she gets your sincere compliment.


(3)   She is honest about what she wants


A woman who is both confident and comfortable to ask for what she wants in bed has higher chances of having orgasm. Therefore you should encourage her to be open in talking about sex in non-sexual situations. In addition to this, watch out for her non-verbal cues. For example, if she keeps touching you gently, you can be sure she wants you to do the same to her.


(4)   Her main objective is pleasure


You may not believe this – a woman does not need to achieve orgasm in order for her to feel sexually satisfied. All she wants is pleasure from sex. Therefore you should not put too much pressure on her and yourself during your intimate moments with her. The more relaxed you are, the greater will be the chances of her having orgasm. The more you try to focus on orgasm, the more you are not likely to make a woman climax. Instead you just focus on deriving pleasure from the whole lovemaking process.


(5)   She does not care much about your size


Only 7% of sexually satisfied women believe penis size is critical to their pleasure. Indeed a woman can get orgasm even without penetration by stimulating her clitoris through oral sex and masturbation. She cares more about your passion and sexual chemistry with her.

How Do You Please Her Sexually


(1)   Be flexible


Predictability breeds boredom. If you keep doing the same thing on her she will be less sensitive to your stimulation as time goes on. Experiment and retrace your steps, so that instead of focusing on one particular spot, you can explore some nearby areas regularly. Ask her to give you some signals or get her hand to rest on your hand to guide you on where she wants to be touched. Or, you can get her to squeeze you. For example, if she wants you to apply greater pressure on a particular spot, she can squeeze you harder.


(2)   Let her fantasize


It is only when a woman’s mind is clear of any fears or worries that she can orgasm easily. Fantasy is a way to distract a woman from any fears. Therefore, encourage her mind to wander into fantasy before going into action. You can whisper provocative words to each other in turn, building an erotic fantasy she can get lost in.


(3)   Let her take charge


In order to have a better understanding of what is best for her, let her control the pace and intensity of action. Encourage her to be on top so that she can have more choices of positions (facing you, facing away, sitting cross-legged on you) to use at her free will.


(4)   Pay attention to her clitoris


The clitoris is where most of the stimulation should be applied in order to get her off. Most of the nerve endings that give her that awesome sensation of climax are located in this area. If it is being neglected, it will be difficult for her to achieve orgasm. Performing oral sex is one of the safest bets to get her reach orgasm.


(5)   Pleasure her u-spot


The u-spot is an erogenous zone located between the clitoris and the vaginal opening that can give a woman an unexpected and highly erotic response when stimulated correctly. When you are using fingers to stimulate the u-spot, simply slip your fingers (the 3rd and 4th fingers) gently above the clitoris, at the opening of the vagina. Massage the u-spot by varying your finger motion horizontally and vertically. The best way is to put saliva on your finger tips before stroking it. Saliva allows your fingers to glide on the u-spot and maximizes her chances of having orgasm.


(6)   On and off


When she is near climax, you stop stimulating her sensitive spot for about 5 to 10 minutes and during this lull period, you can kiss her and move to other parts of her body. Then you go back to pleasuring her hot spot again. You can repeat this a few times. This on and off motion can increase her sexual arousal a lot.


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Better Sex – What A Man Wants

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Make His Wildest Dream Come True Tonight!


Wondering how to turn a man on in bed?  Do you want to know how to push all his hot buttons to get him fired up for sex? Do you ever wonder what makes some women great lovers? Here are some of the tips you can use to tease and please a man in bed.


(1)   Be Sexually Confident


There is nothing more putting off than a girl who feels awkward and embarrassed about her own body when making love. If you are trying to turn a man on in bed, you should behave in a confident manner. Because having a girl who can take control and dominate him in bed is a fantasy that all men dream of.


At times, take control; try new things with him to see how it works. An occasional romp where you play the mistress can work wonders in turning him on. Hold him, pin him down, spank him and command him to do your bidding.


(2)   Be Adventurous


You need to do something very, very bad and very bold occasionally. What guys want in bed is willing to experiment a little to spice things up. Variety is what keeps sex life interesting and exciting.


Try one tiny little thing differently each time you have sex. This can be as simple as in the way you kiss, how hard or soft, making love in a public place, changing sex positions, fantasizing about with whom, with what, where and when you are making love (role-playing), introducing sex toys, etc. The payoff of experimenting is it draws you two closer together.


(3)   Surprise Him With Your Wild Side


There is something about the cute and innocent-looking girl that guys like. But when a man is in bed with his supposingly innocent girl and get to see more of her sexual wild side than he could ever imagined, this can keep him hard down there most of the time for many days to come.


Play coy and shy every now and then and break free like a wild horse. Tease and seduce him with blindfolds and feathers like a shy cute anime. Let him take the lead into kissing you and then return his favor more aggressively than him.


Once in a while surprise your man with a few sexy tricks. Open the door for him with nothing on but your sexy lingerie. Strip yourself off for no good reason and ask him to make out with you. Shock him and surprise him and he will find you sexually desirable.


(4)   Give And Take


When he pleasures you, reciprocate his gestures. One of the ways is giving and receiving oral sex. Another way is to take turns to pamper each other with a full-body massage. Make an effort to explore each other’s body to find out both you and your guy’s hot spots and to take turns to work on these hot spots. Not only will this bring the both of you closer, it will also make sex mutually satisfactory.


(5)   Make Some Noises


Most guys dread having sex with a girl who behaves like a ‘dead fish’. She is so quiet that even a mosquito flying past can be easily heard. One of the ways to break the ice is to talk dirty to him. Guys love a girl who knows how to talk so dirty that they can get an erection by just listening to what she says. If you want to please your man in bed, you need to know how to talk dirty to him. Get imaginative and express your thoughts to him. Ask him to do things to you, really dirty things.


Guys feel honored if they see a woman enjoying sex with him. When you are making love with your man, moan softly as he kisses you or gasp when he penetrates you deeper. It will best if you tell him, “I am coming.” This will sure boost his ego and turn him on more.


By using these tips your man will definitely find you a lot more desirable and sexy. Keep things fun, be naughty, seductive and fulfill his needs and egos. That is the secret to making him happy in bed.


Are you ready for more ideas to make sex fun and exciting? Read on more from Hot Sex and Turn Him On.



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