How To Get A Woman To Love Sex

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Do you want your woman to be open with her sexual desires? Do you want her to be more responsive to your sexual overtures?


The fact is when comes to sex, women are more concerned about intimacy and passion rather than the physical act itself. In order for women to want sex, it has to be the sex that is worth having. Women love to be entertained and aroused. In order for her to get aroused, she has to feel loved, feel wanted, feel safe and you have to inject some element of excitement and anticipation in a romantic way. If you want her libido to be at a high point tonight, you have to take care of all these. Here are some ways on how you can re-ignite her passion.


(1)   Talk to her


It is said that before marriage, it is the guy that does most of the talking, but after marriage, it is the woman who talks more.  Men like action more than talking. When a guy suddenly has this desire for sex, he will start groping around her woman’s body, but after a while, this will tend to be a big turn-off for her. To a woman, talking is a way to achieve emotional intimacy which is often closely tied to sexual intimacy. It is the glue that holds a relationship together.


Do take a genuine interest in each other’s experiences. Talk with each other, not at each other. Listen attentively without planning what you will say next or impatiently waiting your turn to speak. Pay attention to the tone of voice, body language and eye contact. Ask questions. Validate positive experiences. Offer support and empathy when needed.


During your talking, it is always good to add in some sincere compliments. In order to feel sexy, a woman first has to feel beautiful. Women get intimacy from words. “You look beautiful” is a fine comment. But follow up by complimenting her on something that is unique to her, such as her laugh, her warm smile, her soft skin, the shape, size and feel of her breasts, her silky hair, her melodic voice, her freckles, etc. This assures her that you find her attractive, as opposed to every other woman. And do not wait for sexual moments to trot out such verbal reinforcements. The more often you can convince her that you find her desirable and attractive, the more often she will desire sex.


When couples learn how to improve their communication skills they will naturally feel more comfortable sharing their wants and needs in the bedroom. Straightforward talk will ultimately lead to more satisfying, fulfilling sex.


(2)   Spend time together


If you have kids, after they go to bed, keep the TV off – tell her you want to spend some time with her. Or, you can get someone to baby-sit while the two of you go out on a date. Do something that will allow you to talk, have fun and feel close to each other. Do the things you used to do before you were married. Try something new. Be seductive and flirtatious with each other. Dress up and take the time to look your best. There is only one don’t; avoid talking about the kids, money or work. Tonight is about the two of you.


A good way to spend time together is to work on a project together. Create something. Learn a new language or musical instrument. Play games. Build something for your home. Write a book for your kids. Make a short homemade movie. Take a class. Try making a photo or video scrapbook of old family photos or video footage. Working as a team will naturally bring you closer together. It happens at the workplace all the time. Invite this feeling of accomplishment into your own home. It really works. 

(3)   Be Seductive and playful


Let her know in advance.  Be playful about it.  And exercise tact.  Start in the morning by giving her a really tender and passionate kiss good bye (not deep, just passionate).  Tell her you wish you had time to kiss her more, but you have to go – let her know that you will be thinking about her all day long.  Send her a message via e-mail, cell text or IM chat.  Tell her you keep thinking about that kiss and how you look forward to seeing her tonight.  Tell her you cannot wait for the kids to go to bed. When you get home, give her another passionate kiss hello. Chat, kiss, etc.  Don’t be pushy, take time and get her really warmed up. 


Set a romantic mood first. Be affectionate with each other. Reminisce about your first date. Look at your wedding album. Sexy lingerie, candles, a bottle of wine, silk sheets is all good aphrodisiacs. Read erotic literature to each other in bed. Act out the parts you like best. Be spontaneous, playful and carefree. As the night goes on, she will be getting a little bit horny.


(4)   Spice things up


Boredom in the bedroom is a result of non-communication and lack of intimacy. Sex becomes routine because the rest of the relationship is routine.


You can make sex interesting by sharing with each other sexual fantasies

or secrets no matter how outrageous or silly they may seem. Promise to be non-judgmental. Be open to play out these scenes as long as they are not uncomfortable for you. The intimacy that such a mutual confession produces will be sexually arousing for her. To take things further, when you are kissing and caressing her, spin a storyline that matches her fantasy. Whisper it in her ear and let her chime in with her own details — which you can use to direct your lips and hands. If her mind equates your touch with her deepest fantasies, she will start getting wet at your first caress.


Another option is role-playing which is liberating because it offers options and taps into your creativity. It is an amazingly effective, safe way to get variety into your sex life. Be someone else in the context of a scenario. How about acting as a hero, villain, teacher, student, spy, Casanova, etc.? Wear costumes, wigs and play roles that both you and your partner find fun.


If she is open to trying new things, you can try some mild bondage. Many women secretly yearn to sexually surrender to a powerful male, one who will take control and will absolve them from the responsibility of achieving an orgasm. The thought of giving up responsibility for their sexual satisfaction is a powerful turn-on.


Prepare her by telling her what you will do to her tonight (you can leave her a note or a voice message or send her an e-mail). Demand that she prepare for it by wearing your favorite “slave” outfit and making herself beautiful. When the time comes, order her to get down on her knees and submit to her “master.”


Tie her gently with a soft bondage item, such as the silk bondage sash which can also be used to lightly tease her nipples. You can then proceed to tease her with a feather or a tickler or give her a light spanking with your hand. Sex toys can also be used here.


Use these tips to help you to become the kind of lover and partner that you want to be. This may not happen overnight, but it is okay to learn a bit at a time. You may make some mistakes along the way. But if you learn from your mistakes, you will keep on getting better. For more ideas and tips, click on Better Sex.

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Female Orgasm – How To Turn A Girl On



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If you want to know how to make a girl orgasm, you need to know how to turn her on, arouse her mind and excite her all at once. Great sex is more than just sexual techniques.  Everything starts from the brain. There are many ways to arouse a woman, but there is no doubt that arousing her mind will get her body going. A girl’s arousal starts from within, and as long as you know just how to excite her mind, you’ll definitely be able to get her tingly and wet in no time. Here are some ways you can arouse a woman and make her orgasm easily and quickly.


(1)   Stimulate her mentally


Women like their mind stimulated as well as their sex drive so it is important to say and do things that stimulate her mind as well as her body. You can start by paying her sincere compliments. When you are outside of the bedroom in a quiet, safe zone (e.g. a quite night in front of the TV), tell her how much you enjoy when she does certain things to you. Even if you haven’t had sex yet, you can tell her how much pleasure she’s given you when kissing or playing around. Compliment how she looks and let her know that she turns you on. You might think she already knows this but even if so, she’ll love hearing it. You will boost her sexual self-esteem with you, which is critical to her psychological ability to reach an orgasm.


You can also stimulate her by giving her pleasant surprises.Surprise her with a small gift. Erotic gifts are BEST for this.By buying a gift you are triggering a sexual response not because you are giving her a gift, but because the spontaneous thought you are showing her is that you are thinking of her which makes her “feel” important. By giving an erotic gift you are setting the tone for her mind to wander and it won’t be long before she is begging to try her new toy.


(2)   Start slowly


Take your time to make her feel good. Spend as much time as she needs teasing all over her body to drive her crazy. Start slow, and then gradually build up the intensity. Don’t head straight for the bulls eye. You love her kitty and her breasts, but they aren’t the only places with lots of nice nerve endings.


Begin kissing her slowly at first, keeping your desire to devour her in check.  Women are particularly stimulated when their many erogenous zones are kissed, nibbled, and suckled.  Before removing her clothes you can kiss her mouth without tongue, and then with tongue.  Kiss her neck, ear lobes, shoulders, and upper chest.  The long process of kissing her before removing clothes will continue increasing her arousal.


When you begin undressing a woman, it should be slow and enticing.  Remove her clothes one article at a time.  Keep in mind that sometimes leaving something on can also be erotic.  Begin by teasing her. Remove her blouse but not her bra.  Continue kissing and caressing her through her bra, until she is ready for you to touch her breasts directly.  Use slow, rhythmic back and forth movements to stimulate her breasts.  You can circle the breast with your hands or your mouth.  Slowly her nipples will become erect, indicating her arousal.


After stimulating both breasts like this, you can remove her bra.  Removing a woman’s bra can be quite tricky. If you are not sure how to do this it can be an awkward moment.  The best way to learn how to do this is to practice when you partner is not at home.  Practice fastening and unfastening the clasp so the next time you have the chance the movement is smooth and fluid.


(3)   Tease her down there


As you sense her longing increase, begin to slowly move your hands toward the lower half of her body.  She’s almost naked now but keeps her underwear on for another minute or so. It can be very exciting for a woman if you do not suddenly pull down her panties but instead explores with them on for a while. Instead of taking them off, you can begin touching the inside edge of her panties from front to back.  Exploring her buttocks and then moving back to touch and feel for her wetness before exploring further.  The key is to focus on building anticipation rather than going straight for direct stimulation. This will get her excited, and make her more sensitive.


(4)   Get down to business


Eventually you can remove her panties and explore her inner thighs, circling her whole vulva and eventually touching her clitoris.  Often the clitoris is the most important missed part of a woman’s body. Failing to stimulate the clitoris is like trying to help a man have an orgasm without touching his penis! This is because up to 98% of the orgasms women experience come from direct stimulation to the clitoris. 


Most women reach orgasm after having their clitoris stimulated for 5-20 minutes. Stimulating a woman’s clitoris can happen orally or using your hands; both are effective. Oral and hand stimulation can often provide her with an even greater chance of success of reaching orgasm. Since the clitoris is the most sensitive spot on a woman’s body, it is much better to go with a light touch that isn’t too prolonged and then go back to it sporadically. When touching her clitoris, always make sure that your finger is lubricated by her juices or your saliva. A dry finger on her clit hurts like hell and is a big turn off. Combine light flicks of your finger or tongue on her clit and long strokes in and out with your fingers. Then, alternate by putting your penis back in and then going back to finger and oral stimulation. You’ll both have an explosive sexual experience.


One trick to helping a woman achieve maximum pleasure is to bring her close to orgasm and resist the urge to push her over the edge.  Women experience more intense orgasms when they are stimulated and brought to the edge of orgasm and allowed to relax.  Once this happens one or two times, when she finally does have her orgasm it is much more powerful. Each time she gets close her longing and desire increase, and when she is finally able to release that energy, the built-up desire makes the orgasm even more powerful.


(5)   Go for it and make her come in any position


Due to the position of her clitoris, it is extremely difficult for most women to achieve an orgasm from the standard missionary (man on top) position alone. If you are on top and pumping inside of her, try lightly stimulating her clitoris with a moistened finger at the same time (find out if she prefers to have you play with her clit directly, or from the outside of the hood of her clitoris. Some women are too sensitive down there and it hurts, while others love it) or get her to play with it while you penetrate her with your penis.


One of the easiest ways to make her orgasm is to get her on top, because it will allow her to stimulate her clitoris against your body and control the speed, penetration and length of the strokes to her satisfaction. Her on top is the easiest way for her to orgasm by far, but you need to work out the right rhythm and technique for each woman – not all women are the same.


Some women prefer sex lying side-by-side facing each other (push her head down sometimes to allow her to see you pumping her), doggy style or back to front. Have fun experimenting. Observe how she responds to, but don’t change positions too often and too quickly. She will lose her concentration and that is a big part of how a woman reaches an orgasm. Let her get caught up in the emotion and delve into the feelings, thoughts and sensations that will drive her to orgasm. Help her along by groaning with enjoyment at times, breathing heavily to express your enjoyment and using your masculine facial expressions to show her how into it you are.


Just use these tips on how to turn a girl on and you will definitely be able to arouse her and give her some of the best orgasms she’s ever had! Do you want to make sex more sexy and exciting? Check it out at Hot Sex and /or Dirty Harry’s Secrets.




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