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Penis Size And Female Orgasm


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Does penis size matter? What is the relationship between penis size and female orgasm? Read below to find out more and other sexuality matters.


(1)   Does penis size matter?


Do you ever wish what you see in porn can happen to you too? Are you envious of the male actor’s above average size penis that seem to be able to do a marvelous job in giving the actress screaming orgasm? A big penis is something to be congratulated on, right? Perhaps it is. But from the female perspective, a huge member is not just the only factor a woman looks for in her partner. Indeed, having a big penis facilitates easier access to reach and stimulate the g-spot during intercourse.


So, is it always a very enjoyable experience for a woman to have sex with a guy that is very large? Definitely not for most women! A huge member can cause a woman pain during and after intercourse, and may even cause her to bleed. For sure, performing oral sex to a guy with a big penis is very challenging to a woman if she is not skilled at it. Though the vaginal muscles are flexible enough to accommodate a wide variety of things, this does not make her automatically receptive to a large penis. She needs to be much lubricated first.


This means she is going to need a lot of foreplay to get her highly aroused and even to use lubricant to make penetration easier. This includes giving her oral sex and everything or anything you need to do to get her really aroused. When a woman is aroused enough, the vagina can almost double in length, making it much easier and more comfortable to have sex.


(2)   If it is not size, what matters?


There is a prominent ridge on the underside of the penis where the tip meets the shaft. When the penis is erect, this ridge becomes very swollen, offering greater friction against the g-spot during thrusting. This ridge is more prominent in circumcised men than uncircumcised men, because the foreskin that covers the tip has been removed. But circumcision does not guarantee a guy greater sexual satisfaction.


Actually it is not about the length, but more to do about the breadth. A penis that is fatter or broader offers greater friction against the vaginal wall (and the g-spot is located on the front wall) than a thinner one. The most sensitive area is not located deep inside her. Therefore it is a waste of your energy if you believe pushing deeper and harder inside her can cause a woman to reach orgasm. Actually the area around her vaginal opening is the most sensitive.


Now you should understand why those rabbit style vibrators are fitted with rotating beads – they are designed to massage and stimulate those sensitive nerves at the vaginal opening. Wearing a vibrating cock ring is equally effective in giving a woman the same and right amount of stimulation.


Your sexual technique also counts a lot in whether you can satisfy her enough. What you can do is to thrust your penis in a circular motion instead of the normal in-and-out motion during intercourse. This technique is going to allow you to rub against every side of her vaginal wall, which is very stimulating to both of you.


(3)   Can women still enjoy sex with men who are less endowed?


A woman’s g-spot is located about two inches inside her on the belly side of the vaginal wall. Therefore, it does not need to have a very large (or long) penis to give a woman g-spot orgasm. After all, the average penis is about five to six inches, so in reality, most guys can easily satisfy a woman with the “tool” they have. What a man does not have (large penis), he can compensate for this by choosing those sex positions that offer higher chances of hitting her g-spot, such as the doggie style and the reverse cowgirl position.


(4)   What makes a great difference?


Whether you have a long or thick penis, what matters most to a woman is how a guy carries himself. Most women want to have sex with a guy that is confident in bed, confident about his body and confident that he can please a woman sexually. She gets turned off is her partner is not sure what he is supposed to do and keep asking her permission to do anything.


The foundation of confidence is knowledge. If you have very little knowledge about female anatomy, you will not be able to know where to locate her erogenous zones and how to please a woman by means of oral and manual stimulation. This is definitely the last thing you want it to happen to you.


You can improve your knowledge by reading more from Hot Sex. If you want to guarantee her at least an orgasm, you can also visit Great Lover.


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Her Pleasure – How To Orgasm During Sex

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During sexual intercourse, your girl claimed that she never feel any sensation or tingling feelings, or feeling nothing. She can feel your penis, but that is all. She loves you, but during sex, she feels nothing.  Though you can turn her on, and she can get aroused, but when it comes to actually having sex, she just can’t reach orgasm. This is no surprise considering only 30 percent of women experience orgasms from sex alone. This is because many sex positions do not stimulate the main female hot spots, such as the clitoris and the G-spot. How to help her to reach orgasm during intercourse?


(1)   Focus on emotional intimacy with her


As counterintuitive as it may seem, focus on the idea that you can have ecstatic sex even without orgasm. That means both of you! Sometimes reaching that big “O” can be frustrating, but ironically, the best way to achieve orgasm is often to simply stop trying so hard. Reaching the big finish does take some effort, but if you keep thinking “orgasm, orgasm, orgasm” throughout sex, this will just make you (and your partner) completely stressed out. You will both be left feeling inadequate and disconnected if the big moment does not pan out.


You also have to recognize that women are not all the same when it comes to what can get them aroused. Most guys think that foreplay is kissing and touching a woman’s genitals. But for some women, foreplay is having a nice intimate dinner or connecting emotionally through various situations. Instead, you enjoy the intimacy of being close to your partner, to pay more attention to your partner’s needs and try figuring out what works best for her, and most important you should not assume she wants what you want.


(2)   Experiment and try new ways to please herself


If your girl is not able to orgasm during intercourse, it could be that she has not explored enough of her body and therefore have not found her way of reaching an orgasm via intercourse or internal stimulation. In order to see what works for her, you can get her to try in her own privacy to stimulate herself internally, inside the vagina, with a dildo or vibrator, to find the most sensitive spot for her inside the vagina. This is a form of self-sexual therapy to get your girl comfortable with her genitals and sexual response which can help to increase the chances of having orgasms during intercourse.


Many women find that the most sensitive spot is located on the belly side of the vagina, which is commonly known as the g-spot. It is believed that the reason why the g-spot is sensitive is because there are little ducts hanging off the urinary tract, which have the same make-up as the prostate in males. If a man’s prostate is stimulated, he can orgasm.  It is believed that therefore if she stimulates these little ducts via the vagina she is able to orgasm internally.


In the process of self-discovery, she can also get the help of a sex toy. A battery-operated vibrator can help to “break through” an obstacle to climaxing. Once she has had the experience several times on her own, it will give her the confidence that she “works just fine”. She can then replicate that stimulation on her own or with you.


Once she has found her sensitive spot, try to stimulate it and see what happens. Afterwards both of you can explore various sexual positions and see if it is possible to be able to stimulate that area with the penis. However, if she finds that there is no specific sensitive spot for her, then she should try to masturbate while having sexual intercourse.


(3)   Focus on her pleasure


Ask your girl to guide you by placing her fingers over your fingers or hand, pressing the spots she likes and showing you the motion and frequency that makes her go wild. You cannot count on intercourse alone to provide enough stimulation. Oral sex can be highly pleasurable to many women because of its direct focus on the clitoris. Women experience intense orgasms through oral sex. Manually, orally or with a vibrator, you may need to stimulate her clitoris more directly.


(4)   Try a variety of sex positions where her clitoris and g-spot can be further stimulated.


The woman-on-top position has more potential for clitoral stimulation than the normal missionary position. When she is on top, she can have more control over the amount of stimulation, rhythm, and pacing as she rubs her clitoris against the penis. She can adjust the angle of her hips to reach your pubic bone. This position also allows deep thrusting into the vagina, which can stimulate the g-spot and trigger an orgasm. The technique can be carried out with you lying down on your back or sitting. Either you or your partner can also press a vibrator into the clitoris for a more intense stimulation.


The rear entry position will need her to stand and bend at the waist or kneels on all fours or leaning forward on her elbows and you stand or kneel behind her. Either you or her can caress the clitoris or to press a vibrator against it. After you enter her, get her to squeeze her legs closed while you place your legs outside hers. You can then squeeze her legs further closed with your thighs. It may help if you can shift your pelvis forward to cause pressure and friction on her clitoris.


The missionary position with a full pelvic tilt position enables the penis to reach the G-spot, the part of the clitoris that extends into the vaginal wall. Get her to lie on her back, put one or more pillows beneath her buttocks to tilt her pelvis upward. To achieve a better angle for you to hit her g-spot, you raise her buttocks with your hands. For deeper penetration to hit her g-spot, you can get her to hug her knees to her chest or to rest her legs on your shoulders.


To increase the chances of having a female orgasm during intercourse, these tips and simple variations of the sex positions can help to allow your girl to enjoy a new erotic pleasure. Like with anything else in life, doing the same old thing can get boring and boring does not go well together with orgasm. So mix it up and try new things to increase her arousal.


If you need more fresh ideas and tips on how to be good in bed so that both of you can have a great sex life, you can click on Hot Sex and/or Dirty Harry’s Secrets.


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The Things That A Woman Does Not Normally Tell You

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A lot of guys get most of their knowledge of sex from watching porn. The problem is most of what you see in porn is not a close reflection of the reality, giving you misleading ideas about sex. Here is a list of things that porn does not tell you about sex. Read below if you want to have a greater understanding of female sexuality and learn how to please a woman.


(1)   Do women have certain vagina size?


You often hear about penis size, but what about vagina size? Just like each guy has different penis size, the same applies to women too. If a woman is a virgin, her vagina is definitely smaller than other women who have sexual experience. A virgin has a flap of skin inside the vaginal canal called the hymen which will break when enough force is exerted during penetration, causing light to moderate bleeding. Sometimes the hymen can break unexpectedly when young girls engage in quite vigorous sport activities such as cycling or horseback riding.


Under normal condition, the vagina lays flat and expands when a penis or a vibrator is inserted inside. When she is not aroused, the average vagina size is about three to four inches long. But when she is highly aroused, her vagina may even double in size to accommodate you. If you want to have deeper penetration, make sure you give her about ten to fifteen minutes of foreplay to get her aroused and ready for intercourse.


(2)   How to relieve painful sex?


When a woman is giving birth, her vaginal muscles will be stretched to accommodate the baby during natural delivery. This means her vaginal muscles are very flexible. For a woman who has a partner with above average penis size of six inches, causing her painful sex, she can work on her vaginal muscles to stretch them out and make it more comfortable to accommodate a larger penis. This can be done by experimenting with inserting herself sex toys of different sizes, starting from small and gradually increasing the size of toy. This can be made easier and more comfortable if lubricant is used to prevent accidentally tearing the vaginal muscles.


(3)   How does sex help women?


If something is not used, it will lay waste. If this drags on for too long, it may lose its normal function. You have already known that exercises can strengthen your muscles. The same logic applies to sex. The vaginal muscles need to be regularly exercised or they will become weak. If a woman does not have sex for a very long time, the delicate tissues inside will get thin and can begin to break down. Regular sex can help to keep a woman’s genitals in peak form.


Besides regular sex, she can keep her vagina in good ‘working condition’ by means of Kegel exercises. These are aimed to strengthen her vaginal muscles. She can do this on her own for about ten seconds and two or three times a day by clenching her vaginal muscles, the same way she does when she holds back her urine.


Another option she can consider is to use Ben Wa balls. These are small weighted balls that are inserted into the vagina to strengthen its muscles. She will need all of her vaginal, anal and pelvic floor muscles to keep them inside the vaginal canal. In the beginning, you can get for your woman lighter weight ones that have a strong attached to them. To give her more pleasure, you can get for her those silicone or vibrating ones. As she slowly gets used to them, she can use heavier balls such as metal or glass balls, which will exercise her muscles more and more. Another option is vaginal tightening cream which works in the same way that anti-wrinkel cream does on your face.


(4)   Is it normal that she smells down there?


A normal vagina has an odor, but is usually not very pungent. A yeast or bacterial infection can make it smell more pungent. Her diet can also affect the way she smells down there. It is unnecessary to do anything about this. This is because a woman’s genitals are designed to be self-cleaning. Therefore douching is not needed and can actually do more harm than good. At normal times, a woman has natural vaginal secretions to protect herself against yeast or bacterial infections. Besides this, her once-in-a-month menstruation is another natural cleansing process. If in doubt, get her to see a doctor. It is only after being confirmed by a doctor that this is not life threatening, she can then go to a pharmacy outlet to get some over the counter creams.


Compared to men, a woman’s body is more biologically complicated. It serves your interests and hers to equip yourself with more knowledge if you want to have a better sex life. If you are keen to find out more, click here. For ways to derive more pleasure from sex, you can also visit this place.


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Sex Tips – How To Be Creative In Your Love Life

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Is sex getting more or less the same each time when you have it? Are you looking for ways to bring passion back into sex? Do you miss those good old days when you both newly met and so crazy of each other whether in bed or out of bed? If you are keen to get back or have the sex life you want, read below.


(1)   Taking a break


This may sounds a bit illogical, but giving sex a “short holiday” should help to relieve some of the pressures if both of you are having a hard time to get in the mood. This does not mean both of you should stop being loving to each other. What you can do in the meantime is to strengthen the emotional intimacy with your partner.


Engage in joint activities with your partner such as doing exercises (workouts), cycling together in the park, enrolling in dance classes or yoga lessons, go clubbing, going out with other couples (double dating), watching porn together or reading an erotic story together. You can also give each other a sensual massage without focusing on sex. You can have fun instead of having sex by playing with each other’s bodies such as painting your partner’s body with those glow-in-the-dark paints or edible colors. All these activities should gradually help both of you to get into the mood.


(2)   Create the right atmosphere


Since most of the time you should be having sex in the bedroom, it is certainly helpful to give the place a more sexual feel. You can put full length mirrors alongside your bed to heighten your sexual experience. During intercourse, both of you can have a clear view of yourself in the mirror to give each other an additional visual stimulation.


Install soft lightings, play some sensual music, spray the room with some fragrance and the colors of the curtains and bed sheets should be those that are arousing to both of you. Always dress up in bed with seductive clothes to enhance the sexual aspects of you. You can bring food and drink into the bed. Aphrodisiacal food and drinks can make both of you horny. To add in some excitement, you can bring in some sex toys, lubricants and anything that helps to reinvigorate your senses.


(3)   Focus on pleasuring each other


One of the best ways to have great sex is to take turns giving each other pleasure. A good way to start is by taking a bath together. This gives you ample time to play with each other. Do spend at least fifteen minutes on caressing and complimenting each other’s bodies to make both of you horny before having sex. Take your time to explore and touch the erogenous zones on each other’s bodies.


You can talk dirty to each other. You can describe how and where you want to touch her using which of your body parts. At this stage, while you dirty talk to her, you only touch on the non-sexual areas such as her neck, wrists, inner thighs, lower back and ears but avoiding her breasts and vagina for the time being.


When she is getting more aroused, you can head downwards to her vaginal area. Using your fingertips you rub her outer vaginal lips by spreading them apart and bringing them back together. This should start to make her wet. You can move up along the vaginal opening to her clitoris, where you can rub it in a circular, up-and-down or side-to-side motion.


Some women like you to be gentle with the clitoris, while others like a little bit of vigorous treatment. You act according to her preference using her body language as a guide to what you should do. After a few minutes, you can gently suck on her clitoris to give her some oral pleasure while you continue to use your fingers to stimulate her g-spot.


(4)   Be creative


Pick up a copy of the self-help guide and try some unique sex positions that both of you may enjoy. There are many sexy places to get naughty besides the bed. Have you ever wondered places such as kitchen, car couches, bathroom, backyard or pool can be your “playground” too? If you are always the dominating one in bed, at times, make a switch to ask your partner to take charge.


Nothing beats the excitement of wild and kinky sex. You can talk about your fantasies with your partner and act out your kinky fetishes. You can consider introducing some adult board games to spice things up. Do a search through the Internet to get some games that can cater to all your fantasies or whims and have them delivered to your place at a minimal cost. The idea is to get both of you to open up and start trying things out.


As a starting, try these four tips to get back into the sexy mode and if you are keen for more, you can get hundreds of tips from here. To bring more pleasure and sensation into the bedroom, you can visit this place.       
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