Pain In Intercourse:Which is The Best Way to Treat Vaginismus?



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There are several options that you can use to cure Vaginismus. However the best method is to use vaginal dilators. Vaginismus is a condition that occurs as a result of nervousness and stress of experiencing pain and discomfort while having sexual intercourse. Vaginal dilators can help to overcome this anxiety by making you comfortable with vaginal insertions. Due to this reason, they are more efficient since they can help you to achieve the ultimate goal of having pain-free sex.

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Vaginal dilators, if used properly, can help you to eliminate Vaginismus completely and quickly. Dilator therapy may also be the simplest and the cheapest approach to cure Vaginismus. It has been, till now, far more successful than almost every other treatment method, as long as you follow the procedure correctly.


Treatment of Vaginismus needs lots of persistent determination and time for you to get Vaginismus cured completely so that you can regain the pleasure of pain-free sex. The therapy of Vaginismus can be tough; but with proper guidance and help, this can become simpler and easier. In the following paragraphs, we are going to look at how you can use vaginal dilators to overcome Vaginismus.

What is Vaginal Dilator?

Vaginal dilator (also known as retrainer) is a therapy device which is inserted into the vagina for treating problems associated with vaginal penetration. There are a range of various sizes of dilators to allow for appropriate size and progression of treatment over time. They can be easily bought on the internet or can also be found at various medical stores or may be given to you by your doctor. They can be of any length and width so you can choose the sizes that suit you to minimize any discomfort when inserting them into your vagina.


Selecting the Best Vaginal Dilators


Choosing vaginal dilators is generally straightforward however; you have to remember that you should always clean them after use. Warm the dilator slightly by wrapping it in a flannel for 5-10 minutes and then apply some water-based lubricant before inserting it into your vagina. A typical dilator kit normally comes in a set of 5-8 completely different lengths and widths along with a pack of water based lubricant. The package may also have a manual on how to makes use of the various lengths and widths, cleaning tools plus an extension holder.

Place and Posture for Dilating

After you purchase the vaginal dilators you can begin with the dilator therapy. What you need to do is to locate a private spot where you can relax and go through the dilating procedure. The next thing will be finding the right position. Usually, picking the best position can vary from woman to woman. You need to select a posture that you find comfortable for you personally.

Gently insert the end of the dilator just into the entrance of the vagina when you feel ready to do so. Gradually insert the dilator to a tolerable depth within your vagina. Keep the level of discomfort minimal and if you feel any discomfort pause for up to a minute at a time, continuing to breathe and relax your pelvic floor.


When discomfort has eased you gradually increase the depth of penetration. Never force the dilator beyond the level of personal comfort.  You massage the vaginal muscles in a circular motion by gently rotating the handle of the dilator.


Next you move the dilator forward and backwards, and left to right motion while maintaining gentle pressure against the vaginal wall. When you have finished, gently withdraw the dilator and allow yourself a minute before getting up. Wash the dilator with warm soapy water, thoroughly dry and store.


Relaxing Your Head Prior to Dilating

Since most of the Vaginismus cases have many mental causes behind them, the treatment method should also include procedures to calm your thoughts and body. You should attempt a few mental relaxing methods prior to dilating. This will help you to eradicate any anxiety and fear with regards to the vaginal insertions.

You can try to relax by focusing on your breathing, using a series of slow deep breaths. Try to breathe with relaxed deep breaths so that your belly rises with the in breath and falls with the outbreath. This is called diaphragmatic breathing. Continue this for up to 5 minutes at the outset of the session.


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How Often Do You Need to Use the Vaginal Dilators?


It really is completely a matter of individual decision of how often in a week you should dilate. There is not any described period of time for the use. Ideally you should dilate at least once per day for a time period of 20 to 30 minutes.


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These are the steps for using the vaginal dilators to cure Vaginismus. The capability to make use of the ideal dilators at the proper time is of utmost importance in getting rid of the pain and discomfort in Vaginismus. For those who dilate effectively you will soon be able to achieve your dream of having pain-free, soulful and pleasurable intercourse with your partner.


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Vaginismus: How to Cure Painful Intercourse





Vaginismus is a sexual disorder in which a woman experiences pain while having sexual intercourse. A lot of women struggling with Vaginismus suffer in silence thinking that there are no adequate Vaginismus treatments in existence which will help them to be able to be free from their own condition.


But this is not so because there are many Vaginismus treatments, which you can undergo to get rid of your condition. Also the success rate of these treatments is high and if a woman dedicates herself towards treating her condition and undergoes a treatment program properly, then she will be able to get rid of Vaginismus completely and resume normal sexual intercourse without experiencing any more pain.


The following are the several types of Vaginismus treatments that will help you to treat the disorder with a 100 per cent rate of success. The Vaginismus treatments are broadly categorized into the following three types.


• Physical Therapy
• Psychological Treatment plan
• Complementary Therapy


Physical treatment


This makes the foundation of the Vaginismus treatment choices. Physical treatment procedures involve the insertion of dilators of growing shapes and sizes gradually straight into your vaginal canal (using a lubricant if needed) until you have the ability to put in them without ever suffering from any sort of pain and discomfort. You may either dilate exclusively on your own or can certainly try to get help of a sex specialist.


This type of physical treatment method provides end results if you in addition include your sex partner within your dilating treatment. This really is due to the fact; as you involve your companion there is definitely more passionate touching among you two which might in the end result into intercourse.


The physical treatment solution for Vaginismus additionally involves a number of physical exercises such as Kegel training along with sensate focus exercises to relieve your pelvic floor tension. With regular practice of these exercises you are able to overcome the involuntary contraction of the vaginal muscles, which lead to closing off of the vaginal opening. Once you are able to control the muscle spasm, you will be able to have painless sexual intercourse.


However, if Vaginismus does not respond to anything else, a unique method referred to as Botox refractory can also be utilized as being a section of physical treatment. Under this treatment method, a physician injects Botox into the vagina to sedate the vaginal area with the help of anesthesia. The injection of Botox helps to ease the muscle spasm that tightens the vagina and cause pain while having intercourse. The easing of the muscles helps a woman to insert a dilator without experiencing pain and prepares her towards the actual activity of having painless sexual intercourse.


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Psychological treatment method


The psychological treatment plan can happen in three settings. These include individual, couple along with a group setting. Throughout individual therapy, the various psychological problems that cause Vaginismus which include fear or stress and anxiety when it comes to sex, prior sexual abuse, unbalanced religious upbringing, adverse perspective towards sexual intercourse and others are generally dealt with. You are coached to view sexual intercourse along with the process of intercourse as healthy and delightful experience instead of distressful. This consequently allows you to recover from your condition of Vaginismus.


With the couples setting, you together with your companion will work together in the process of curing Vaginismus. Both of you will be educated regarding Vaginismus and are generally briefed with regard to the many different exercises you and your lover can easily take part in to get rid of your issue.


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Under the group setting for the psychological treatment of Vaginismus, the individual or even couples encountering identical troubles are brought together to talk about their sexual problems. The main aim is to give encouragement and strength to the couples to ensure that they will be able to discuss their own problems in the open. This team approach simultaneously ‘pushes’ the partners towards taking valuable steps in treating the disorder of Vaginismus without feeling any stress, humiliation or a sense of shame.


Complementary treatment methods


Along with physical and psychological treatments, you can also get numerous complementary Vaginismus treatment options available, which could assist you to heal Vaginismus. Among the most standard complementary therapies used to heal Vaginismus involve Hypnotherapy, Acupressure and 100% natural treatment plans. The complementary therapies are far more suitable for individuals if they are having problems undergoing anything else or need a more sensitive method of handling your dysfunction.


These are the examples of the treatment options available to you for getting over Vaginismus. You will be able to cure your condition successfully if you are able to implement the appropriate mix of Vaginismus treatments. Your success rate will be very much dependent on how fully committed you are on completing the therapy methods. Almost always, it is best to cure Vaginismus in a way that you think that is considered the most suitable for you.


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