How To Get The Girl You Want In A Sexually Attractive Way





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In order for sex to happen with any girl, you have got to talk to her first, to build the rapport and to get her comfortable with you. While men tend to be physically-oriented (more obsess with getting it as soon as possible), women are more emotionally-driven. You need to work on her brain first (seduce her mind), gradually build up her good-feelings towards you in the process of leading her to the bedroom. So, the next time when you meet the girl you want, you can use the following ideas to get her attention.


(1)   How to start


If the girl you are interested in, is in a group, approach the group and do not throw any hint who is your target. There are various ways to start a conversation. The most effective way to start a conversation is that it should be delivered in an offhand, casual way without conveying any romantic or sexual interest. You can compliment her about something she is wearing.


You can also start by asking something casual about her opinion such as “You girls look like experts…….let me ask you a quick question.” When using a question to start a conversation, never ask for permission to talk to her, or sound apologetic, such as “Pardon me, can I ask you a question?”. This sets the wrong tone, making you look like you are begging for her attention.


Questions about relationships such as jealousy and what constitutes cheating, work very well when you try to “break” into a group, because these are the things that women always have an opinion about. When you ask a question, make sure it is open-ended so that the answer will not be just a yes or no, in order to keep the conversation ongoing. Make sure you have your opinions and stories to share but do not totally contradict her.


(2)   Get to know her


The next step is trying to know her and share with her a few interesting details about your talents, ambitions, passions, etc. To get her to open up, use the indirect approach by way of statements, stories and educated guesses. For example, instead of asking her where she is from, you can say something like, “You come across to me as  someone from a big city, very cool, sophisticated and metropolitan in character. As this is only an educated guess, so it does not matter whether you get it right or wrong. Your purpose is to get her to tell you more about herself.


During your conversation, always be ready to talk about your own positive qualities and those things you are passionate about. When a girl sizes up a guy, she wants to assess his potentials before moving further on. Do not bring out any unhappy topics. Most important, keep the mood positive, fun and relaxed. To make her feel closed to you, it will be best to talk about the things both of you are interested in.


A great way to draw her closer to you and ‘play your game’, is to find out an interest you have got in common, make some ‘vague plan’, tell her she is fun, awesome that she shares the same interest with you (she will try not to contradict the positive image you project on her) and tell her you are going to hang out and enjoy that activity together.


For example, if you want to go to the beach and she expresses how much she loves the beach, you can say something like, “It is awesome that you love the beach. We can go to the beach one of these weekends.” Because you do not mention any specific date, this sounds vague and harmless, making it easier to go along with you. Once you start this on a positive note when she does not turn down your initial suggestion, it will be more likely that she will agree to your future ‘plan’ with her.


It is important to take charge and lead because women like guys who have their ‘stand’ instead of trying to be totally obedient to them. Make some small ‘requests’ that she is unlikely to turn down, to program her to comply with you. Instead of asking her do you want to go to somewhere else, you take her by the hand and say, “Let’s find a place that we can sit and talk.” You will then lead her to the place you have in mind.


(3)   Use reverse psychology


The way to do is to display some confidence about yourself, making her feel it will be a great loss not to be with you. People always have this tendency of trying to prove you are wrong when you ‘persuade’ or ‘force’ them to agree with you. Tell or hint to her she is not suitable for you and if she is keen on you, she will go all her way out to prove you are wrong. Usually girls like to put guys in the Friend Zone; you can do that to her and most likely she will try to make herself more than just a friend to you.


(4)   Bring her close to you


To get her interested in you, you need to show interest first. You will not get anything by trying to act like a gentleman, not showing any interest and waiting for her romantic signals. Most women are afraid of being viewed negatively as been too easy (she does not want to be seen as a ‘slut’). What you should do is to slowly and subtly build physical contact with her. Start with some innocent or casual touch such as putting an arm around her waist or hold her hand when you are walking with her in crowded places or when crossing a road.


(5)   How to keep the conversation a little longer


When you talk to her, listen carefully so that you can latch on something that she mentions about and use this to keep the conversation going on a little longer. Instead of asking her what is her occupation, say something positive about whatever she is doing and you can start talking about your passions and goals. She will be swept up in your enthusiasm and energy and feel that you are a fun guy to be with.


These tips need a little practice. You may not get what you want in your first try. The main thing is not to give up. First, you do not act desperate, make her feel comfortable, take the lead and when things advance to a later stage, show your interest. When you are ready to take this further, you can visit Hot Sex and/or Make Her Horny.

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Female Orgasm – What Irritates Women And What Triggers Orgasms

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This may seems unbelievable and hard to understand for you. Men try to please their women sexually. They make an effort to read articles and books which tell them about the lovemaking techniques that can drive women crazy in the bedroom. After men ‘digest’ these tips they apply them on their women. But women find these recommended sex tips very irritating:


There can be 3 possible reasons for women to be annoyed:


(1)   Women are not sure what kind of lovemaking techniques can turn them on until a skilled lover knows how to use them


(2)   Women are afraid to let men know the actual type of lovemaking techniques that can turn them on because they do not want to be looked upon as weird or freakish if they tell the truth


(3)   Women read the same magazine articles and think they may be good sensible advice but just do not understand why these tips do not work on them


What are the things that men do in bed that irritate women?


(1)   Overly pamper her sexually


Some guys are too anxious to please their lovers. They bother their partners with questions like “What do you want me to do next?”, “What works for you?” or “Did you come yet?”. Besides irritating, women feel these questions put too much pressure on them and are big turn off. It is not that women want men to behave like a big bully in totally disregarding their needs. The main point is women want men to take the lead, to know what they are supposed to do and if they do not know to find out on their own by observing closely what really works on their women. While acting as a real man, women expect their men to be flexible and nice.


(2)   Blindly following those lovemaking techniques


A lot of guys after reading those making love ideas that claim and promise to drive all women wild, slavishly apply all of them on their women. They fail to realize that every woman is different and what turns a woman on can turn the other woman off. Without tailoring the lovemaking ‘trick’ specifically for their women, men indeed will be very successful in driving women crazy in another way – some women may kick the men out of the bed!


A very effective way to overcome this problem is to pay attention to what her body is telling you. Do observe closely her body signals – her breathing pace, her sound, the changes in the color and temperature of her skin, the way her hips rise to meet you when something feels sexy. Let her body do ‘the talking’ and guide you to the right moves.


(3)   Rushing to finish her off


Some men do not understand that women need time to ‘heat up’. The way to overcome this is when you discover the intensity and rhythm of your move working on her and she is moaning and getting closer to orgasm, you only need to continue doing exactly what you have been doing and do not stop or try to ‘get over with it’.


There are lots of other behaviors that men do assuming that women like it but actually irritates them. There are even more essential things – sex techniques, exercises, mental attitudes and ideas – that you are required to learn in order to give her the most mind-bending and transforming orgasmic experiences she ever comes across. You can find them at Hot Sex and Eternal Flame.


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How To Make Love To A Woman – Where To Locate Her Sexually Sensitive Points

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This article lists out the 15 pleasure point areas on a woman’s body that can sexually arouse her when stimulated. Not necessary all these pleasure points will apply to every woman. This needs a little bit more effort and communication with her to get “the areas” right so that you won’t turn her off instead. What is most important is – if you want to turn a woman on and make her orgasm eventually, men have to pay attention to their women and to be connected to them as a total person and not just mechanically focusing on certain parts of her.


Most men remain curious as to what turns a woman on. We all know which female body parts men most frequently like to explore during lovemaking. Do you know she has pleasure sensors all over her body beyond the usual areas (vagina, breasts and butt)? Getting her into the mood may be as easy as stimulating some of these often-neglected pleasure points. Incorporating the act of touching these places into foreplay and sex, or just giving her some pleasure after a hard day, will definitely “add sparks” to your relationship.


Let’s start exploring her from top to bottom:


(1)   Hair

Women take a lot of pride in their hair. They like men to use their hands to stroke their hair. Let your fingers massage circles from her temples to the back of her neck.


(2)   Lips

If you know how to manipulate her lips just through kissing, licking, sucking and biting, it is very possible that a kiss will lead to a lot more than that. Use your lips, tongue and your teeth to play with her top and bottom lip and kiss her with absolute passion.


(3)   Ears

Many women enjoy having their ears licked, sucked or kissed. Touching, kissing and even lightly biting the ear lobes of your woman will make her feel special.


(4)   Back of her neck

Once you can get to this area, place a few light kisses there. There is also a good place to start giving her some sensual massage that she can find it hard to resist.


(5)   Collar bone

When you begin to undress your woman, you should take the time to kiss and lick her collar bone. The reason for this is because it sends the feel good hormones to her brain.




(6)   Wrists

This may comes as a surprise to most guys but women love having their wrists nuzzled and nibbled by their lovers.


(7)   Palms of her hands

Tracing your finger along her palm will give her some delightful shivers. This is a good way to start stimulating her and gradually bring her into the mood when out on the street.


(8)   Breasts

The breasts are very sexually sensitive such that gentle fondling, squeezing, caressing, licking and sucking of the nipples can be extremely arousing. Depending on how sensitive the woman is, after stroking the nipples for a while, you can see them get hardened and erected just like penis.


(9)   Pelvis

Kissing and licking around her pelvis will excite her until she begs for more.


(10) Buttocks

Lots of women like it when you play around with their behinds. A lot of women like mild spanking and squeezing of their buttocks. But some women like having their butts lick and suck.


(11) Behind her knees

Most men don’t know that this area is quite sensitive. Gently caressing the back of the knee under her skirts while both of you are in a public place will make her ready for action once you reach home.


(12) Inner thighs

If you want to tease your girl before having sex, just focus on kissing and rubbing her inner thighs will turn her on.


(13) Feet

Many women enjoy having their feet touched, massaged and some even enjoy having them licked and sucked. Women enjoy it when their men spend time caressing their soles, toes and ankles. Because these zones can be quite ticklish, the sensation of ticklishness can be quite pleasant for her.


(14) Vagina/Clitoris

The clitoris (which is a small protrusion just above the opening of the vagina) can be stimulated by using the tongue or finger. When a woman is aroused, blood will flow to the clitoris, making the protrusion more pronounced. In the vagina, there is the so-called G-spot that can produce intense sexual feelings when stimulated. It is located about 2 inches inside the vagina on the topside (near to the underside of her stomach).


These are the pleasure points on a woman’s body that can turn her on. Not every woman is the same. Some women have some preference areas that they like to be stimulated while others have some no-go areas. As you explore, you will learn which places your touch has the best effect on and which you should avoid.


The critical thing to remember is when it comes to sex, every woman is different. You can do everything right. You can make all the right moves with your fingers, lips and tongue and still not able to drive her crazy.


There are 2 things you should take note:


(1)   Pay attention

When you try to find out about her pleasure points that are applicable to her, you shouldn’t just do it mechanically. You need to listen to changes in her breathing, the way her skin softens and her muscles tighten, the way her blood flushes beneath her skin in her face and breasts, the way she moans.


(2)   Stay connected

She needs to feel connected in order to feel relaxed with you. Look up at her and make eye contact once in a while. Stop and tell her how much you are enjoying it or how hot you think it is. Reach up and stroke the side of her face and hair. Take her hands and give them a gentle squeeze. You don’t have to do all these things and you don’t have to do them all the time. Just give her a few signs every few minutes and watch what happen immediately afterwards. First, her body will relax into what you are doing and then very quickly she will have a much more intense orgasm.


Do you want to find out more on how you can increase the “flame of passion” in your sex life? Do take a look at Hot Sex and Make Her Cum.



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How To Orgasm Women In The Best Way

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It is estimated that about 50% of women rarely or never achieve orgasm during intercourse. If your partner is one of these here are some simple and easy ways to increase the chances of female orgasm. 


Keep Her Relax


Letting go of stress and anxiety is very important and even necessary for women to have an orgasm. This means you need to work on her brain. You should do this consistently and even on those sex-free days. Do everything you can do to make her feel good or feel comfortable about herself whenever she is with you.


Women love hugs and kisses, so you should satisfy her needs. This will help to secrete oxytocin – a kind of hormone that counteracts stress and encourages bonding. Oxytocin production is stimulated after only 20 seconds of hugging. Give specific compliments at every opportunity, such as on her new hairstyle or her newly-bought dress. Be romantic and give her pleasant surprises.


When you are having sex, you should focus on the pleasure of sex and enjoy each other’s body. Do not set any goals, such as she must orgasm, or she must squirt in front of you, just because this had happened to some of your ex-girlfriends. Do not compare her to other women. Don’t make her feel like she is failing you if she can’t come. That would only put more pressure on her, diminishing the chances of having an orgasm.

Keep Things Slow


Start by caressing her entire body.  Touching a woman’s whole body, not just her genitals, for instance, stroking her hair, neck or feet can encourage relaxation and enable your girl to enter a state of relaxation.  When her body is able to enjoy this feeling, it is more likely to receive pleasure and attain orgasm. Women will begin to become aroused when the nerve endings on their bodies feel the stimulation.


You can also pamper her with a full body massage. To make it sensual, have her take your hand and literally show you where and how she wants to be touched. You will notice her starting to relax and squirm around a bit as you slowly stroke her with your big strong hands all over her body. Complimenting her and mixing in some dirty talk as you massage her can really turn a girl on. When you touch certain parts of her body, tell her how sexy and beautiful you think she is.  She will start to feel the sensation a female gets when she is getting close to having an orgasm. 


Give Her Oral


One of the most effective ways to increase the chances of female orgasm is to perform oral sex on your girl. Take your time when going down on her. If she can sense that you are rushing it and not enjoying it, she is unlikely to enjoy it either. Make her feel like it is something you not only enjoy, but also love doing. 


When you are giving her oral pleasure, do not just focus on clitoral stimulation. Women most often reach orgasm from having their clit stimulated, but that does not mean this is the only place you should keep your mouth on. To give a girl oral properly, explore the entire area with your tongue and lips, gently probing her vagina with your tongue, sucking her vaginal lips into your mouth and alternating between her clit and other nooks and crannies she has in this oh-so-wonderful place. If you really want to take it up a notch, you can even tongue her other hole for a bit. This is something that might drive her insane.


Try incorporating fingering into your oral sex. Use your hand to supplement your action by caressing the insides of her thighs, rub her breasts and squeeze her nipples, and of course, gently penetrating her vagina while you lick her. This will give your girl a double-pleasure that will send her overboard. Be prepared for hair-grabbing, leg squeezing, and her trying to squirm away from you. But be firm with her and continue to lick and finger her until she reaches her limit and orgasms.


When you are fingering her, you can also try using toys. Toys can be very fun and kinky. You can try using dildos or other objects to help her reach the ultimate goal: orgasm. Toys will make foreplay more fun for you and her. She will enjoy the satisfaction and it will turn you on as well.


Get Into Position


To increase the chances of female orgasm, you should get into those positions that have the highest probability of stimulating her clitoris and/or g-spot during intercourse.


The Rear Entry position, when done correctly, maximizes potential for a G-spot orgasm because the man’s penis should rub on the upper wall of the woman’s vagina. To do this position correctly, get your girl to kneel on all fours, her legs parted slightly. Keep her back arched slightly, with her elbows bent or her elbows up and locked. The entry angle changes dramatically when the woman leans forward into the bed. As you enter her from behind, the sensation should be one of tight and full penetration. She may feel your penis hitting her cervix as this is often a good position to get full penetration. You can change his penetration to hit the G-spot by pulling up on her hips and thrusting in a more downward motion.  


In this Modified Missionary position, you get your woman to lie on her back and allow you to penetrate her, as in the normal missionary position, but after penetration has been achieved, she then raises her legs up and back, until they are either on your shoulders or on your chest. You can kneel up against her and uses her thighs for support, and she can grab onto your hips to help bring you into her. This position allows for extreme penetration and your pelvic arch is against her clitoral area. It also provides a nice rubbing against the top of the vaginal wall because of her elevated pelvic region.


For more ideas and tips to help her achieve the best orgasm, you can read on more from Give Her Earth-Moving Orgasms and/or Secrets Of Female Orgasm


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Female Orgasm – How To Have More Sex Without Even Asking For It

Inline image 1Make Her Enjoy Sex

Are you looking for ways to make sex great for you and your girl? Are you looking for ways to keep her turned on most of the time? Looking for tips to be better in bed? If you are, try some of these tips and you will have high chances to turn your girl on every time.


Warm Her Up


Women take longer to become aroused. They do not like it when you blatantly want to have sex. Therefore if you want to get lucky later in the evening, start by piquing her interest early. To turn her on, you need to make her horny first. To do this, you should at all times be seducing your woman in some manner. It may be subtle, it may be obvious. But it must always be taking place.

Women absolutely love being seduced. They love the way it feels. They feel beautiful and sexy. They feel desired. They get to feel all the things that women love to feel. And it results in them wanting to celebrate being a sensuous woman.

Even in an ongoing relationship, a woman wants to be seduced by her man. Always keep an air of sensuality. When your woman thinks of you, she must think thoughts of being seduced. You can even do this when you two are apart. A great way to do it is to send text messages.


Sexting can be extremely hot for a woman. Women are much more auditory than men. Therefore reading something sexy like how badly you crave her taste will help to plant the seed of anticipation in her head.


At other times, when you are at home, you can start with an innocent rub on her back gently or a brush against her body with your hands or any part of your body. Then you walk away to do something else. You return after a while to kiss her and at the same time running your hands through her hair. You then stop to do other things and then come back to kiss her neck. You do this a few times a day or continuously do this only without sex for a few days and she may get so aroused and jump onto you.


A seduced woman can be sexually aroused just as quickly as a man. In fact, even faster when you continuously and properly seducing her mind. You do not need to force her to do anything. Instead you bring her sexuality out in her by leading her mentally to want it. Once you lead her mind and her body will follow. Make her hungry for it, and then when you feed her, satisfy her beyond what she even knows she is capable of, thus leaving her even hungrier for the next time. This will get her addicted to you mentally and sexually.


Make Her Orgasm


The more areas you stimulate, the more intense the orgasm will be. Therefore you should try to find out at least ten hot spots on your girl’s body that can drive her wild. The way to do is to take time to kiss every part of her body to see how she responses.


Though touching her breasts is an obvious choice, but you have to make sure you are doing it right. Do not just focus on the nipples; instead you pay attention to the whole breasts. Some research has discovered that the nipples are not the most sensitive part of the breasts.


In fact the degree of sensitivity is at its highest from the area around her areola and as you move closer to the nipple the sensitivity gets lesser. So you should not squeeze and turn the nipple as if it is a door knob.


The proper way is to pay attention to the tops of her breasts first (above the nipple), followed by the bottoms, the sides, and then the nipples. Many people do not realize that the tops of the breasts are actually the most sensitive part of the breast. Lick it. Nibble it. Caress it.


When you get down to between her legs, you do not just focus on the clitoris. You should stimulate the surrounding area as well. You treat the entire pubic region or vulva like a clock with her clitoris at noon position.


Many women are especially sensitive between the areas of 2 and 3 o’clock, so that’s a good place to start, she says. And don’t forget to use your fingers. By incorporating both tongue and manual stimulation, you will give her a variety of different sensations.


If you want her to enjoy oral sex, make sure she knows how crazy you are about her body, by telling her how much you love the way she looks, tastes, and smells. Research has shown that women who are more comfortable with their genitals are not only more open to receiving oral sex, but they enjoy it more and orgasm more.


Now that you have some ideas about how you should do to turn your woman on. You should put these ideas into practice and start having the wild sex life you deserve. For more ideas and tips to have a better sex life, you can click on Make Her Want You In Bed.



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