6 Best Post Workout Foods

6 Best Post Workout Foods - After a hard workout or taxing sporting event, be sure to have a nutrient-rich snack or meal within 15 minutes to an hour. Read on here to find out what can be the best post workout foods that you can eat to replenish your energy plus a video of the list of post workout foods
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Read on to Discover the Best Post Workout Foods: Top 6


By its very nature, exercise puts stress on your body. This is actually a good type of stress, though, one that will help your muscles to become stronger. However, it’s important to refuel your body properly after a workout in order to replenish lost nutrients and energy stores.


In particular, your body will typically use up the glycogen stores in your muscles for energy during exercise. Most experts recommend eating a healthful snack that contains both protein and carbohydrates within 30 minutes of your workout in order to:


  • Replenish glycogen stores
  • Repair damaged muscle tissue
  • Stimulate the development of new muscle tissues
  • Restore lost fluids and electrolytes
  • Keep your metabolism going strong


A protein-containing post-workout snack is especially important if you’ve engaged in strength training or high-intensity interval sessions, which damage muscle tissue.


According to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics:


“After rigorous physical activity, your body may be lacking energy and nutrients it needs to recover. It is important to replace carbohydrates, sodium and potassium that are lost during exercise. Protein may also be needed to aid in muscle repair.


After a hard workout or taxing sporting event, be sure to have a nutrient-rich snack or meal within 15 minutes to an hour.”


Obviously, there are countless snack ideas that contain both carbs and protein and could be described as a ‘nutrient-rich snack’  … but they’re not all created equal. Following are some of the best foods to eat after exercise to be sure you’re supporting (and not sabotaging) your fitness goals.


Best Post Workout Foods: Top 6


Best Post Workout Foods #1: Chocolate Milk


This one is controversial, as the benefits of milk are debatable. However, if you’re a milk drinker you might be interested to know research has found those who drank chocolate milk after a vigorous workout built more muscles, lost more fat and improved their aerobic power more than those who drank a carbohydrate-only drink.


Best Post Workout Foods #2: Greek Yogurt with Fruit


Greek yogurt is especially high in protein for muscle repair, while adding in some fresh fruit (like berries or a banana) gives you healthful carbs. Opt for plain Greek yogurt and add in your own fruit at home to avoid added sugars.


Best Post Workout Foods #3: Banana and Nut Butter


This satisfying snack is quick and tasty, while providing you with just the right amount of carbs, protein and fat. As stated by the American Council on Exercise (ACE):


“Banana is high in fructose (fruit sugar) and a high—glycemic carbohydrate that the body can quickly convert to energy. When you enjoy it with a small amount (1 tablespoon) of almond butter, you add protein and just a small amount of healthy fat.”


Best Post Workout Foods #4: A Quick Burrito


Grab a whole-wheat pita and stuff it with a small amount of black beans, avocado, salsa and cheese for an optimal mini recovery meal. If you’re watching your carbs, you can also make this in a bowl without the tortilla.


Best Post Workout Foods #5: Half a Turkey Sandwich


Turkey on whole wheat with veggies (red pepper, tomato, spinach) and hummus (if you’re a fan) gives you an energy-boosting combination of protein and carbs.


Best Post Workout Foods #6: Whey Protein Smoothie


Whey protein is an easily digestible, rapidly absorbed protein. Research shows that consuming whey protein within two hours of a workout appears to “maximally stimulate MPS [muscle protein synthesis]”. Plus, it’s easy to add whey protein to a smoothie with berries, water/milk and a couple of handfuls of spinach.


You can also add in coconut water for electrolytes. Many people don’t have much of an appetite following a hard workout, so consuming your snack in liquid form is ideal if this applies to you.


Not Every Workout Requires a Recovery Meal


It’s worth noting that only moderate and high-intensity workouts break down your muscles and deplete your blood sugar levels. Therefore, only these types of workouts actually require a post-workout recovery snack.


If you’ve simply gone out for a walk or done some light activity, you can certainly have a snack afterward … but it isn’t necessary for recovery.

Signs that your workout was intense enough to necessitate a recovery snack, according to ACE, include:


  • You’re sweaty
  • Your heart rate was elevated
  • You had labored breathing


Athletes’ Secret Weapon for Healthy Muscle Repair


Without proper post-workout care, your fitness regimen could lead to muscle breakdown instead of muscle building, which you obviously want to avoid. To help your muscles with their repair process, take Heal-n-Soothe as a regular part of your post-workout recovery.


With a concentrated dose of proteolytic enzymes that eat excess fibrin and scar tissue, Heal-n-Soothe can help muscle tears and strains to heal properly while reducing inflammation, tightness and post-workout pain.


The number of proteolytic enzymes your body creates drops sharply around age 27. Less proteolytic enzymes available mean excess fibrin and internal scar tissue builds up around both major and minor injuries, reducing muscle flexibility, increasing stress on muscles and joints, and perpetuating the cycle of painful inflammatory post-workout effects.


Replenishing your body’s supply of natural proteolytic enzymes with Heal-n-Soothe, which also contains 12 of nature’s BEST anti-inflammatory compounds — including pineapple bromelain, tumeric, ginger extract, and Mojave Yucca — is an essential addition to your optimal post-workout routine and one that athletes in particular value for healthful muscle re-building and repair.


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Popular Doctor Advice Leads to 2X MORE FATAL CANCER (Harvard study!)


Popular Doctor Advice About this Bone Health Supplement Leads to 2X MORE FATAL CANCER (Harvard study!)   -   A popular doctor advice about this bone health supplement has recently been proven wrong by a Harvard Study! Read on to find out more.
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It’s one of the most popular and (blindly) trusted pieces of advice from doctors and other “experts” in healthcare today…


You’ve been told how important calcium is your entire life. You were told to drink milk, eat cheese and you may even be taking calcium supplements right now.


You’ve been told how it builds strong bones and teeth. And how it prevents osteoporosis and fractures.


But major research shows this dangerous recommendation has lead to:


  • An 86% jump in HEART DISEASE
  • An alarming increase in BONE FRACTURES
  • 2X more fatal PROSTATE CANCER
  • Double the incidence of SUDDEN DEATH


Not to mention serious increases in Joint Pain… Alzheimer’s… Stroke… and even Obesity and Kidney Stones!


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Facts About Health Risks Associated With Calcium Supplements


In fact, recent studies and the basic biochemistry that every doctor studies in depth in medical school show calcium supplements taken alone can cause:


  • Increased arterial plaque (which causes heart attacks)
  • Brain cell dysfunction, brain shrinkage and dementia
  • Kidney and gallstones
  • Bone spurs
  • Calcium deposits in tissues other than bones


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Ways That Excess Calcium Can Sabotage Your Health:




Popular Doctor Advice:


Limiting caloric intake and getting frequent exercise is all that is required for effective weight loss.


Now The Calcium Lie 2 reveals:


Excess calcium in the body is an important contributing factor leading to obesity. In fact, obese individuals are “starving” for other essential minerals and nutrients. Even exercising frequently and eating less will not keep weight off permanently. It always comes back unless you change the underlying metabolism.


Type 2 Diabetes


Conventional Wisdom:


Insulin resistance is a hereditary disease that is incurable.


Now The Calcium Lie 2 reveals:


Type 2 diabetes is reversible if the body’s balance of essential minerals is restored and if the disease is caught early enough. It is caused by nutritional mineral deficiencies and imbalances, poor protein digestion, as well as improper eating habits, and nutritionally deficient foods. It is not a hereditary disease


Heart Disease


Popular Doctor Advice:


Following popular nutritional advice – including making certain that your diet is low in saturated fats and cholesterol, and rich in calcium – is the best way to prevent heart disease.


Now The Calcium Lie 2 reveals:


Excess calcium in the body and an imbalance of other essential minerals leads to calcification and a hardening of the arteries (calcific plaque), increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease and hypertension. This condition often leads doctors to prescribe statins and other drugs which very often have dangerous side effects.


Popular Doctor Advice:


Our bones are made of calcium, and adding calcium to our diet through supplements, plenty of milk, and foods to which calcium has been added is the best way to prevent osteoporosis.


Now The Calcium Lie 2 reveals:


Bones are made of at least 12 different minerals, not just calcium – and excess calcium and a lack of other essential minerals can actually lead to an increased risk of fractures. Calcium hardens concrete, not bones. Excess calcium in our bodies has huge metabolic effects leading to a whole host of medical problems.
Type 2 Hypothyroidism


Conventional wisdom says:


Hypothyroidism is not a widespread problem, according to blood tests – the only reliable way to measure hypothyroidism.


Now The Calcium Lie 2 reveals:


An overwhelming majority of people (especially women) exhibits signs of five new kinds of hypothyroidism. The primary one is Type 2 hypothyroidism (resistance to the body’s naturally produced thyroid hormone), which can be diagnosed by measuring basal body temperature and having a hair tissue mineral analysis performed. These are much more accurate indicators than blood tests, which have been skewed to under report the prevalence of this condition.
GERD (Gastro-Esophageal Reflux Disease)


Conventional wisdom says:


Heartburn is a minor problem caused by excess acid production in a person’s stomach, and is easily dealt with by digesting a Tums lozenge or a similar candy-like product. When problem becomes really painful, we “graduate” to proton pump inhibitors like Prilosec or Nexium to curtail excess acid production.


Now The Calcium Lie 2 reveals:


In fact, heartburn is caused when we can’t properly digest our food because of a lack of sufficient stomach acid, and most “anti-heartburn” medications actually worsen the problem by suppressing the production of needed stomach acid.


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Obesity – The hidden link between hunger pains and calcium (how to lose weight without feeling like you are starving).


Memory – How jellyfish can prevent memory decline.


Cancer – How milk DOUBLED the risk of prostate cancer in men.


Sexual health – How you can replace Viagra with this common household food that costs less than $5 per month!


Plus much more…


In The Calcium Lie 2, Dr. Robert Thompson (voted “Best Physician in America” in 1996) explains how he first noticed the dangers of calcium while delivering babies as an OBGYN.


You see, certain women would experience a rash of cavities after childbirth. While researching why, he also learned about two factors that cause over 50% of infant deaths…certain deficiencies that lead to lower IQ scores in babies…and even how a woman’s placenta can reveal her risk for heart disease later in life.


And it was all related to calcium.


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8 Recipes to Make a Homemade Conditioner for Dry and Damaged Hair


8 Recipes to Make a Homemade Conditioner for Dry and Damaged Hair   -        Are you looking for ways to get naturally beautiful hair? Here are 8 recipes you can use to make your own homemade conditioner for dry and damaged hair.
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Dry hair is basically rough and thin. It is more prone to damage, tangles, breakage and split ends. It is thicker near the scalp but thin towards outer end. It is common in both men and women. This happens due to the loss of oil and moisture from hair follicles.


Dry hair can result from many factors such as exposure to harsh chemicals such as; harsh shampoo, hair dye, chlorine in swimming pool and high mineral content in local water supplies. It can also be caused due to illness, overuse of blow dryers, hair perms, shampooing too often and too much exposure to sun.


If your hair is brittle, dry or splitting, you can consider the following recipes for making a homemade conditioner for dry and damaged hair to rehydrate roots and strengthen strands.


DIY Recipe #1


To prepare this homemade conditioner for dry and damaged hair, you can make a smooth paste by mashing 2 ripe bananas and adding half cup beaten curd to it.


This paste is to be applied along the length of the hair from root to tip. The hair may then be piled up to a bun and kept for about 15 minutes. Shampooing is to be done after this. This treatment will definitely make the hair soft.


DIY Recipe #2


This homemade conditioner for dry and damaged hair will require you to beat up an egg in a cup of milk or yoghurt, squeeze the juice of one lemon in to it, add one teaspoon coconut oil or olive oil to the mixture and apply it to the hair.


Then you can wrap a warm, moist towel round the head and keep the hair drenched in the mixture for an hour. After this you can shampoo your hair. This is an effective treatment for dry and damaged hair.


DIY Recipe #3


Banana has also proven to be good for making a homemade conditioner for dry and damaged hair. What you need to do is to just mash two ripe bananas and add half cup of beaten curd to it. Now apply this paste all over your scalp and coat the ends of the hair with it, leave it for fifteen minutes and shampoo your hair as usual. You will see that the texture of your hair has improved. This is one of the popular home remedies for dry and damaged hair.


DIY Recipe #4


Egg tonic helps in retaining vitamin for dry hair. To prepare this homemade conditioner for dry and damaged hair, you just take a cup of milk and beat an egg in it, now add juice of one lemon and a teaspoon of olive oil or coconut oil.


Massage your hair with this mixture and cover with a moist warm towel and leave for almost an hour. Rinse it properly. The final rinse should be with warm water and lime juice. This is one of the effective home remedies for dry hair.


DIY Recipe #5


To create this homemade conditioner for dry and damaged hair, you can mix together half a cup each of aloe vera juice and curd and then apply it on your scalp. Let it be there for about 30 to 40 minutes and then rinse your hair properly by cold water. It is recommended to use this remedy twice a week for better results.


DIY Recipe #6


To prepare this homemade conditioner for dry and damaged hair, you take one mashed avocado and mix it with half a cup of plain mayonnaise.  After you have mixed both of the ingredients well to form a smooth paste, you can apply this mixture on your hair evenly.


You can put on a shower cap after this and then let the mixture stay on your hair for about half an hour before you rinse off. This hair mask will help you to get soft and shiny hair.


DIY Recipe #7


This recipe uses avocado and coconut milk, and coats strands with a thick substance that rejuvenates roots and hydrates hair strands. To create this homemade conditioner for dry and damaged hair, you first need to peel one avocado and mash in a bowl. Next, you will add in a quarter of a cup of coconut milk, and then stir until smooth.


The mixture should be as thick as shampoo. But if it is too thick, you can add in more coconut milk 1 tablespoon at a time. Once the mixture reaches the right consistency, you comb the mixture through wet hair and allow it to stay on your hair for 10 to 15 minutes. Wash as normal.


DIY Recipe #8


Yogurt has natural milk proteins, which strengthens your hair. To prepare this homemade conditioner for dry and damaged hair, you need to mix half a cup of plain yogurt with half a cup of mayonnaise and egg white from one egg. You can use vanilla yogurt if desired for a nicer scent.


You can now apply the mixture all over your hair with extra attention to your tips. Put on a shower cap and leave it in for 30 minutes. Rinse out with warm water and shampoo to reveal your shiny, soft, healthy hair.


You may want to watch a Video HERE on how to prepare your own homemade conditioner for dry and damaged hair.


If you love making your own beauty care products, click on DIY Skin Care Recipes to learn how to make them.


3 Recipes to Make a Mask for Face and Hair


3 Recipes to Make a Mask for Face and Hair -  Are you looking for ways to get a younger look naturally? Here are a few easy organic recipes to create a mask for face and hair to help you achieve this
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Do you want to look younger without the need to go through those expensive plastic surgeries or buying those chemical-laden personal care products? While looking young forever is unrealistic, it is still possible to look younger than your real age by trying the following easy and effective recipes that can take years off your appearance.


Avocado Mask for Face and Hair


To make an avocado face mask, you will need half of a ripe avocado, 1 tablespoon of raw organic honey (or manuka honey) and 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar.


You either blend all the ingredients in a blender or you mash them in a bowl using a fork to form a paste which you can apply on your face. You relax and lie down to let the mask stay on your face up to 15 minutes before you rinse it off with lukewarm. You dry your face and put some moisturizer.


To make an avocado hair mask, you will need 1 banana, 1 ripe avocado and 1 teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil. You blend all the ingredients together to form a paste. Then you massage the paste into your hair from the roots to the ends, covering thoroughly. You let the mask stay on your hair for up to 30 minutes. You shampoo and then rinse off with apple cider vinegar.


Avocado helps to moisturize and rejuvenate your skin and hair. This mask is good for both your hair and body. It closes the cuticles, so that your locks can lay for shinier hair allowing it easy to style. It also acts as an astringent that clears your skin as well.


Strawberry Mask for Face and Hair


To prepare the strawberry face mask, you will need 5 to 6 fresh strawberries and 1 cup of fresh unflavored yogurt. You puree the ingredients in a blender to form a paste which you can apply on your face.

You let the mask remain on your face up to 15 minutes before you rinse it off.  You dry your face and finish off with some moisturizer.


To use strawberries to make a body scrub, you need to have at least 1 cup of fresh strawberries and 1 cup of fresh unflavored yogurt. You mix them well together to form a paste. While showering, you rub the paste all over your body in gentle circular motion. Then you rinse it off after 10 minutes.


For making a hair mask, you will need 10 to 12 fresh strawberries and 1 cup of fresh unflavored yogurt. You blend the ingredients in a blender to form a paste. You will apply the paste on your hair and scalp. Then you let it stay for half an hour before you rinse it off. This will definitely leave your hair clean, soft, silky and dandruff free.


Being rich in Vitamin C, strawberry is a perfect cleanser which can also help to keep your hair silky. Being protein rich, yogurt nourishes your hair and helps you to get rid of dandruff.


Lemon Soda Mask for Face and Hair


To prepare the lemon face mask, you will need 1 tablespoon of baking soda and juice from half of a lemon. You put the baking soda in a small bowl and then add lemon juice a few drops at a time, to make a slightly foamy paste.


You can now apply the paste to your face and neck. The next thing to do is simply to relax and lie down to let the paste stay on your face for up to 15 minutes. Then you rinse it off, dry your face and finish with some moisturizer. If you are having some unpleasant skin problems or just feel like your complexion is a bit dull, you should use this mask for your regular skin care.


To create the lemon hair mask, you will need 1 tablespoon of baking soda, 1 tablespoon of lemon juice and 5 tablespoons of fresh unflavored yogurt. You mix all the ingredients together to form a paste. You rub this paste all over your hair focusing on the roots. You rinse it off after 30 minutes. If you have very oily hair, you should use this mask once a week.


You may want to watch a Video HERE to learn how to make a mask for face and hair


For more ideas to have a glowing skin and healthy hair, simply click on DIY Beauty Recipes


DIY Facial Masks for Glowing Skin


Everyone desires to have that elegant facial look that is emphasized by the facial masks that nourish the skin tones. Using a facial mask on a regular basis has many wonderful benefits for our skin. Do you want to make your own facial mask that can be tailored to your specific needs? Read on how to find out more.
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Everyone desires to have that elegant facial look that is emphasized by the facial masks that nourish the skin tones. Using a facial mask on a regular basis has many wonderful benefits for our skin. This can help revive dull skin back to a healthy glow, eliminate skin problems like pimples and acne, and help us keep a generally healthy skin throughout our lifetime.


However, going to a beauty parlor and getting a facial mask is not always affordable to all of those who desire this. But, you need not worry because there is an easier way to make and apply home facial masks recipes cheaply. This is why they have become the trend to most of the modern women. This technique is cheaper than the cosmetic treatment and it surprisingly replenishes the skin.


The best thing about making your own facial masks is that not only they are cheap and safe for the skin; they’re also easy to put together using ingredients that can be found in your kitchen. Who would ever think that the humble yogurt and the honey that you put in your tea can actually be part of your natural facial masks recipe?


What’s wonderful about making your own facial masks is that you have a wealth of choices — all natural, and all good for you. Apples, oranges, peaches, eggs, milk, oatmeal, strawberries—the list is endless! You can use the ones that work for you. You will surely find a facial mask recipe that will benefit your skin without the allergies.


Not everyone takes well to natural facial masks and other nature-based skin care products, however. Some people may unknowingly be allergic to honey or to yogurt, and putting these ingredients on their faces or skin may make them break out instead of enhancing their complexion.


Therefore, before you try on any facial mask, it is better to do a spot test before applying your natural facial mask to your face always helps. Keep on the mixture there for a few hours. If your skin turns red or itchy, that may be a sign that you are allergic to something in your facial mask.


Generally, when using a facial mask, it should be left on the face for 10 – 20 minutes only. Unless you have very oily skin, do not use your facial mask more than once every 3 days. Otherwise, you run the risk of over-exfoliating, which can cause stress to the facial skin.


Avoid the eye area as the skin there is thin and fragile, and the mask may get into the eye. Other areas to avoid are eyebrows, hairline and any other areas where it will be hard to remove the mask.


You should consider different skin types when preparing your facial mask recipes. For oily skin, Milk of Magnesia best fits such skin. For neutral skin, a mixture of egg, oatmeal, and olive oil and for dry skin, combine egg yolk, honey, olive oil, vitamin E oil. Then, apply all these recipes according to your skin type.


Egg and oatmeal facials are great for firming and toning combination skin. To make this homemade facial mask, mix 1/2 cup of oatmeal and 1 egg white in a small bowl. Add a drop of almond oil and stir the mixture until it’s thoroughly blended. Spread the egg and oatmeal mixture on your face and let it sit for 20 minutes before rinsing it off with warm water.


You can also prepare a yoghurt and strawberry facial mask by mashing some strawberries in yoghurt to make a smooth paste. You then apply the paste on your face for 20-30 minutes. Wash it off with cold water. The science behind using strawberry is that it is rich in salicylic acid which removes the dead skin layer. Yoghurt is an effective moisturizer and anti-aging product. However if you have broken skin or are allergic to berries try other facial masks.


Tomato can also be used for facial mask. Mesh tomatoes and several piece of lemon. Then add in some flour and mix well. Apply to face for a longer time at around 30 minutes. Both tomato and lemon are rich in vitamin C, therefore this mask is exceptionally good for fighting spots. This mask is especially suitable for oily skin. Apply to your face 2 to 3 times a week and you can notice significant skin improvement.


Some helpful tips to enhance the benefits of your face mask:

* Always apply facial mask to freshly cleansed skin.

* Make sure all facial mask is thoroughly removed before moisturising.

* Try to relax during a facial mask treatment. Lying down and listening to calming music is a simple but effective to technique to induce relaxation.

* Never leave a facial mask for more than the specified time.

* Always apply facial mask evenly. If a face mask is applied unevenly it can evaporate too quickly and may cause irritation.

* Do not use a face mask more than once or twice a week.


Here are just some basic ideas to make your own facial mask. Are you hunger for more ideas? If you do, simply click on to DIY Skincare Secrets.


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